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Enshine Jan 22, 2019
Our single Brighter is now available on most platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc. Check it out -
Enshine May 31, 2018
Jari made a solo on the new Fractal Gates album, another band of Enshine singer. Check the song here:
Enshine May 20, 2018 Another scifi metal track, featuring a Geth Prime. /Seb
Enshine May 12, 2018
Today is the release date of Enshine singer's other band, Fractal Gates, for their new album The Light That Shines:
Enshine Mar 12, 2018
Recently both members of Enshine have been involved with the release of the new MONOLITHE album Nebula Septem. Jari for the mix master and Seb for the studio session growls on most songs. Feel free to check it out
Enshine Oct 24, 2017
Only a handful of cd copies of Singularity left at , get one while you can!
Enshine Oct 15, 2017
Found back old pics taken during the recordings of Enshine and Cold Insight debut albums. Quite amazing memories!
Enshine Oct 03, 2017
Many of you are probably here with an interest in science and space. Seeing our kinda space metal community growing, it's always tempting to ask : what's your favourite scifi series ? Inspiration sometimes arises with a single movie / series sequence, with the perfect audiovisual combination. Lately I'd say Stranger Things, The Expanse, and Man in the High Castle. Share yours! S.
Enshine Sep 12, 2017
Cold Insight
Enshine Jul 03, 2017
's cover photo
Enshine Apr 26, 2017
Our singer Sebastiens solo project Cold Insight just released the first single from his upcoming debut album. Pre-orders are also available online. Check it out!
Enshine Oct 15, 2016 Ivan Reactor just released another immersive video. Fallout and Stalker vibes. He is also an active admin of the Slumber, Atoma and Enshine page on the social network VK. , posting various similar bands that most of you should check to discover new gems.
Enshine Oct 04, 2016 Very nice fanmade music video by Ivan Reactor It manages to catch the spirit of the song. He made several other fanmade music videos that are also worth checking on his channel.
Enshine Sep 08, 2016 Made a track that sci fi lovers could check. Seb
Enshine Jun 28, 2016 Added some Enshine artwork breakdown in my demo reel, at the end of it. S.
Enshine Jun 02, 2016
Recent interview in Taste Of Khaos:
Enshine Apr 21, 2016
Cd´s are available again from Naturmacht Productions and will shortly be available at bandcamp also.
Enshine Mar 22, 2016
Jari with Fredrik Widigs who lended his drumming skills for the "Singularity" album.
Enshine Mar 03, 2016 And here's Metal Storm nice review on Singularity : 9.1/10
Enshine Mar 03, 2016
Enshine voted second 2015 best gothic metal album
Enshine Feb 25, 2016
A nice review from Metal Invader:
Enshine Feb 24, 2016