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Shut Down Remixes
Enter to Exit
Machinecode - Stems
Enduser Shares Needles With the Teknoist
Even Weight
The Complexities of Human Interaction
Pushing Back
Form Without Function
Run War
Calling the Vultures
The End
Mashed Up and Beatdown
from zero
The Biography of Libby A. Miller: The Soundtrack
end.user Dec 14, 2018
ritualz - third eye (end.user remix)
end.user Dec 06, 2018
A few things I've done at the end of this year, in case you've missed any of them: resurface EP for Hands enduser podcast for PRSPCT: enduser halloween mix for tripleg
end.user Dec 05, 2018
photo: Ash Schemo / Varispeed @bangface weekender 2018
end.user Nov 28, 2018
european bookings now go through PRSPCT Agency. here's a podcast i did for them:
end.user Oct 28, 2018
i have a new mix out this wednesday for halloween. stay tuned for download info, here's a clip of something exclusive for it
end.user Oct 12, 2018
end.user Oct 04, 2018
end.user Sep 29, 2018
it's been a while since i've done it, but i've put everything at 'name your own price' on bandcamp for the weekend. as i'm locked indoors finalizing my new EP for HANDS, you should get outside and enjoy the weather (blasting this out of your portable speakers disrupting everyone's nice day in the park)
end.user Sep 29, 2018
black light (Scorn remix), by end.user
end.user Sep 16, 2018
maschinenfest is pretty much a month away, can't wait to throw down w/ everybody one last time. (here's part of the set i did w/ the teknoist and needlesharing)
end.user Sep 10, 2018
an album of mine that isn't on my bandcamp, but you can get it here from Hymen Records
end.user Sep 05, 2018
from the ohm resistance 7" subscription series
end.user Aug 27, 2018
my album "Left" is name your own price over at the Ohm Resistance bandcamp for the day - along with everything else:
end.user Aug 03, 2018
in case you missed this the other day, i have some copies of the soundhealer 12" with bonk and patrick currier - up on bandcamp (link has been updated)
end.user Jul 29, 2018
The Sound Healer / Pressure 12" (split with Bonk and Patrick Currier) is now available on the enduser bandcamp
end.user Jul 25, 2018
end.user Jul 19, 2018
Ohm Resistance
end.user Jul 18, 2018
Ohm Resistance 7" series has exclusive music from: End.user, JK Flesh, Regis, SIMM, Fret, Have Demons, Current Value, Homemade Weapons, Masamune, Medium, and others. Limited releases, check the link for more info
end.user Jul 18, 2018
i worked on a track w/ Mathlovsky for his new record on Sonicterror recordings, out next week
end.user Jul 13, 2018
In case you aren't on my email list, happy Friday the 13th. I have set the latest EPs at name-your-own-price for the weekend. If you want to sign up for my email list, just opt-in when getting anything (even for free) at Bandcamp. #getbrutal
end.user Jul 11, 2018
if you are coming to the cincinnati, akron or san francisco gigs this month and want a shirt (tshirt or women's tank), let me know via messenger so i can sort out stock ahead of time. here are what's available (different colors are now available on a higher quality shirt): tshirt: women's tank:
end.user Jul 06, 2018
Queen City (6Blocc Remix), by End.User