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The Biography of Libby A. Miller: The Soundtrack
end.user Apr 23, 2019
I'll be playing at this year's Dominator Festival in Holland - July 20th, check out the details & line-up here:
end.user Apr 20, 2019
A track for your hazy Saturday, now yours to own 😉
end.user Apr 04, 2019
a remix of a track from the upcoming Vertigo EP on Sonicterror recordings. it's taken a while to wrap up, but finally going to see the light of day very soon
end.user Apr 03, 2019
My most recent from hands productions:
end.user Mar 01, 2019
a tune that was done for the forms of hands 18 fest / compilation that was otherwise unreleased
end.user Mar 01, 2019
i was supposed to be in an airport today headed to bristol for the 10 Years of Jungle Syndicate show, but sometimes life happens. much love to everyone who's headed out there and big thanks to Stazma The Junglechrist for filling in for me. i'll see everyone in a couple of weeks at BangFace Weekender 2019 and PRSPCT Presents Thrashbash. I'm wrapping up a few releases now and really excited to share them with you soon - in the meantime, once again I've just got a shit ton of download credits from bandcamp - so get what you want for whatever price, even free for the next few days. Have a great weekend, be safe & mega huge love to you all!
end.user Feb 27, 2019
one of my good friends and long-time collaborators, Aaron Bianchi, has just released a really personal EP on our very own sonicterror records. i'm really into this one. dark, cold and heavy. the mood is perfect and drums are sharp. it was the perfect soundtrack for my 2 mile walk in the frozen DC tundra this morning.
end.user Feb 10, 2019
well, well! you guys have used over 1,100 free downloads (which is all i had) so far in 2 days - so today (last day of 'free') - everything is a minimum of 1$ - back to normal price tomorrow. thanks for downloading, and extra thanks to everyone who paid something - anything - for the music. i can't do this too often anymore because the credits run out quickly for the free downloads, so it's appreciated when you guys throw a little cash in to help preserve the download credits for everyone else who may be low on cash. enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy the tunes!
end.user Feb 08, 2019
I've re-up'd my free download credits, this weekend you can get a bunch of stuff for free / name your own price. this includes recent releases - only thing not included is anything on hands productions or sample kits. have a great weekend! (see comments)
end.user Feb 07, 2019
next month at thrasher's 40th in rotterdam, guaranteed to destroy your faith in humanity (if you have any left)
end.user Feb 06, 2019
my album 'form without function' from hymen records is now available for the first time on my bandcamp:
end.user Jan 28, 2019
these are available for the first time on my bandcamp. some industrial breakcore-jungle / dnb to start your week
end.user Jan 27, 2019
time for another remix comp. looking for a little inspiration on this one - which track would you like to remix from any of these records? also this time around i'll be including the renoise file :)
end.user Jan 27, 2019
my first full length, from zero (2004) - name your own price. go
end.user Jan 25, 2019
i've got a new tune on the ohm resistance 7" series - now available as digital. amazing compilation series featuring artists like jk flesh, regis, current value, monolog, scorn, submerged, and tons more. the full series purchase also comes with some live sets, including an end.user set live in brooklyn 2017.
end.user Jan 25, 2019
take this music and do your weekend (name your own price or take it for free)
end.user Jan 25, 2019
product of chaos (feat. Counterstrike)
end.user Jan 24, 2019
the 'shut down' EP is name your own price until friday.
end.user Jan 21, 2019
Thrashbash, March 23 in Rotterdam ;)
end.user Jan 19, 2019
back in 2005 i was asked to make some more 'straightforward' drum and bass tracks by the label outbreak, which i had listened to and respected for years. i was given a few guidelines and did my thing. 2 x 12"s and 1 compilation track were the result, they're up on my bandcamp if you want to check them out :)
end.user Jan 18, 2019
Happy Friday, heathens!
end.user Jan 06, 2019
working on a sinister souls remix today. amazing weather outside but it's hard to walk away from these kick drums. fucking beastly!
end.user Jan 05, 2019
weekend greets from the dysfunctional land of washington dc. fuck this government, fuck crybaby bullies, and fuck people who can't take responsibility for their own actions. a bit heavy for an afternoon snack, but the sooner we realize we can't be pushed around by people who only have their own best interest in mind - the sooner we can start to make our punches count.
end.user Dec 31, 2018
another end, another beginning. keep it grimey in 2019!