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Unreal (International Edition)
End of You Jul 24, 2019
Day 5 - Great boogie going on 🎸🤘#makingnewsongs #anotherhitsong 😅
End of You Jul 23, 2019
Today was a bit too hot to come up with anything decent, but I think we got some good shit done yesterday 🎸
End of You Jul 19, 2019
Boys making some new tunes 🤘😎
End of You Jun 28, 2019
End of You Jun 28, 2019
End of You's cover photo
End of You Jun 28, 2019
Hello folks! New single "Tyhjä maa" is out! Check out what End of You sounds like in Finnish. Let us know, what you think :) -------- YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play: SoundCloud:
End of You Jun 20, 2019
So much fun to make acoustic versions of our songs for private summer party 🎉 Which End of You’s song would you like to hear the acoustic version? Maybe we can arrange Facebook live or something 😀
End of You Apr 17, 2019
End of You arrived on Mars or new music video on making? 😀
End of You Jan 22, 2019
Layerin tons of background vocals one new song what is definitely going to surprise you folks 😂😂 Can’t wait to share it.
End of You Jan 15, 2019
I just released new single "Dirty Money" under my solo project NFORE. Enjoy! Spotify: iTunes: SoundCloud: Mixed & mastered by Joni Borodavkin @ House Of Boom studios. p.s. new End of You single coming soon. -Jami
End of You Jan 01, 2019
Howdy folks and happy new year from us too! New year started great. I have been in the studio all day, wondering about lyrics for one new song we are working on. Can’t wait to start tracking the vocals. So what is going to be your first End of You track for this awesome year 2019? -Jami
End of You Nov 11, 2018
New music coming soon? 🤔😀
End of You Sep 06, 2018
You Deserve More - Live at John Smith Rock Festival 2018. Thanks for the video: Tuomas Piispanen & Erno Talvitie.
End of You Sep 05, 2018
Upside Down at surprise birthday party, enjoy! Video by Tiina Ahde. #dressupparty #20sparty #ontherockshelsinki
End of You Sep 02, 2018
Walking with no one #20sparty
End of You Sep 02, 2018
End of You playing some Paradise Lost at surprise birthday party yesterday 😀🤘Dang we had a Great time!!! #paradiselost #surpriseparty #20sparty #dressupparty
End of You Jul 23, 2018
Couple photos from the John Smith Rock Festival 🤘 Photos by @ajjohanssonphotoandvideo
End of You Jul 21, 2018
#Repost @kaaoszine with @get_repost ・・・ End Of You John Smith Rock Festivaaleilla! 😎 #endofyou @endofyou #johnsmithrockfestival @johnsmithrockfestival #kaaoszine 📷@aj_johansson
End of You Jul 21, 2018
End of You Jul 21, 2018
Good morning, next stop John Smith Rock Festival 🤘😎
End of You Jul 17, 2018
Check out End of You interview on Northern Rock Religion 🤘
End of You Jul 16, 2018
Check out how well these guitar tones work together 😎🤘
End of You Jul 13, 2018
What's a best way to start Friday the 13th? Maybe with another epic End of You track, Bird on the Wire? Enjoy! Spotify: iTunes: SoundCloud: YouTube: Special thanx to: - Kai Jaakkola for helping with the video concept. - Asko Rantanen for giving his art to our single cover (cover photo). - John Smith Rock Festival for getting us back on the road again. - And of course everyone in the video!
End of You Jul 10, 2018
Short clip from the On the Rocks shöy 🤘
End of You Jul 07, 2018
We love you! Thanks for partying with us ❤️❤️❤️