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Emmy The Great Dec 01, 2018
The BBC One Christmas ad is out, featuring my song Lost in You in a beautiful new arrangement by Alex Baranowski, featuring the London Metropolitan Orchestra. I am thrilled to be a part of this. As you know, I love Christmas ❤️✨
Emmy The Great Nov 23, 2018
I'm so happy with this documentary about playground clapping games and how these mysterious rhythms travel around the world. Recorded in Hong Kong, London and Iceland, and featuring a brand new clapping game which I am sure I discovered, fresh from the playgrounds of Hong Kong, about eating poop. Listen again on BBC Radio 4
Emmy The Great Nov 19, 2018
If you can't wait til tomorrow to hear the new song, Transmission, on BBC Radio 4, the brilliant Amy Lamé played it on her show yesterday on BBC 6 Music and you can listen again today
Emmy The Great Nov 19, 2018
Tomorrow! Listen in to BBC Radio 4 at 11:30 am (UK time) for A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea, a documentary about playground rhythms and their mysterious journeys around the world. I present the documentary, and I also got to score it and write an end song based on our discoveries. With interviews and clapping games from Hong Kong, Iceland, Hackney, and many more!
Emmy The Great Nov 02, 2018
Hong Kong! Two events as part of Hong Kong International Literary Festival! Tonight - I am taking part in the FREE launch party event at Tai Kwun JC Cube from 7pm. Stories from festival authors and a wee song from meee Tomorrow - I am in conversation with Jenny Zhang, author of Sour Heart aka the best book, also at Tai Kwun's JC Cube. I am so thrilled to welcome her to the city and will also serenade her a teensy bit at the end out of pure love. Please come
Emmy The Great Oct 04, 2018
#ChinaChangingFest is finally here! Join me and my friend & artist Dfu this Saturday 6th October at the Southbank Centre, for a unique performance inspired by my life-changing trip to China last year.
Emmy The Great Sep 24, 2018
My show 'Destiny's Child: a Story of Karma in New China' is touring next week. It's the story of my first trip to China, told through words, music and sound. I'm also excited to be in in conversation with special guests at each show. Come say hi, or 你好. October 3rd - Brighton Duke of Yorks Cinema (w/ Quinta) October 6th - Southbank Centre Chi na Changing Festival (w/ DJ Dfu from Xiamen) October 7th - Dublin The Grand Social (w/ Jessica J. Lee) Tickets -
Emmy The Great Sep 18, 2018
Hello! Here is a trailer for my new show, touring this October <3 Destiny's Child: A Story of Karma in New China October 3rd - Brighton Duke of Yorks Cinema October 6th - Southbank Centre China Changing Festival October 7th - Dublin Grand Royal
Emmy The Great Sep 10, 2018
I am sad to be pulling out of the Economist Open Future festival next weekend in Hong Kong, after finding out that Steve Bannon is speaking in New York, and reading the editor's letter about why he was invited (apologies for my lateness). I understand the paper has its approach and we’ve all got to try different approaches, but I won't share a stage with him, no matter how many thousands of miles apart they are. The team in HK were unbelievably accommodating and I was looking forward to advocating for better rights for domestic workers in the city. It was one of the things I was most excited about in recent weeks. When I read his name, all that happiness just dissipated. I don’t feel I need any more explanation of his views. He’s been interviewed often, and we’ve been living in the shadow of his ideology for almost two years now. It’s all around - it’s reached Asia too. If anything, he’s old news. I disagree with the term ‘echo chamber’, used in the editor's letter, for an event like this - it assumes that you need to go to extremes for the sake of balance. I highly doubt that the speakers would have agreed on everything, there is always debate. I feel as though I am surrounded by extremes, and was looking forward to a modicum of optimism. As well as this, I don’t feel comfortable with participating in Bannon’s waft around the speaking circuit. The fact that two institutions booked him around the same time shows how close he is to respectability, while people still suffer as a direct result of his politics. It also shows that a decision to interview him is neither daring or original. I fully understand that I am not John Mulaney, and the festival will go on fine without me. But on a human, personal level, I can’t do it. I’m so thankful to the Economist for including me in the first place. The Hong Kong event is amazing, and I hope everyone there has a brilliant time.
Emmy The Great Aug 29, 2018
I am performing my new show this October in Brighton, London and Dublin. Please come! It is the very special true story of my first trip to China, and how a magical force followed me all the way home ✨
Emmy The Great Aug 28, 2018
Pleased to be playing Mahal Kita at The Economist Open Future Festival in Hong Kong on September 15th. I'll also be there throughout the discussion session to talk about the song, domestic worker's rights and any other topic you like <3
Emmy The Great Aug 14, 2018
Dani Markham and I are so happy to have made the music for this important, informative, and, crucially, not-boring breast health video by Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan (Vagina Dispatches). TOUCH YOUR TITS! It will keep them healthy and well. I am touching mine xx
Emmy The Great Aug 09, 2018
Edinburgh Book Festival! The process of developing this gorgeous book into a musical will be presented to you on Saturday in the Spiegeltent. I'm not there in person, but I've sent the songs (and a short video tutorial on evoking the emotion of sexual discovery through a wheezy harmonium). The performance is presented by director Ella Hickson, and she'll be joined by writer Isabel Greenberg for a Q&A. Send me photos xx
Emmy The Great Jul 31, 2018
I'm in this The Guardian piece about pregnancy in pop by Lucy Jones, including Beyonce, Cardi B, Sylvia Plath, Lauryn Hill and the roots of the 'female grotesque'.
Emmy The Great Jul 31, 2018
My piece for WIRED UK on how pop fanclubs in the Philippines provide support networks for women in Hong Kong as domestic workers
Emmy The Great Apr 19, 2018
香港🇭🇰! I’m playing a short acoustic set in the new HKU Herb Garden (2 / F outside library entrance) Friday April 20th for Earth Day @ 130pm 🌏 To celebrate, here is me and one of my herbs. I like to let it gaze upon itself in the mirror, to appreciate the wonders of existence 👍🏽
Emmy The Great Feb 20, 2018
Dear friends, I wrote a piece about #metoo and the music industry for British GQ. I hope you can read it. If it resonates with you, or you have reason to say 'me too' as well - you're not alone, there are a lot of us. ❤️
Emmy The Great Feb 14, 2018
A fun thing to do today is read about my life on a Chinese Bride Island after a break-up, and how I went undercover to a matchmaker <3
Emmy The Great Oct 20, 2017
STRANGERS is now online in its entirety for you to binge-watch in one weekend (make it this weekend!). There are no words to describe how astonished and happy I was to find a character with my name in the season finale, played by the one-and-only Jemima Kirke. In Emmy, the season’s final ‘stranger’, Mia has created one of the funniest, most audacious characters I’ve ever seen on screen, who creates the perfect closing story for @zchao's brilliant performance as Isobel. I wrote two songs for Kirke’s character, who is a musician, and you'll hear them in the episode. I sang the songs with her voice in mind, and they are by her in the world of the show. It was one of the most special things I have ever been allowed to do. Please put your eyes all over it (it's facebook then /@strangersseries) Love you @airmia22 ❤️
Emmy The Great Oct 17, 2017
Here is a map and list of ten places in Hong Kong that contribute to the legends of its pop artists, movie stars and kung fu masters, by Doretta Lau and me. We walked around to all the spots and discovered that the Chungking Express apartment is now a hole in the ground, and that the Chungking Express restaurant is now a sex toys shop and a 7-11. To cushion this blow, we have included a link from the archives of Jackie Chan's Cantopop career. Fees for this piece were donated to Mission for Migrant Workers, a charity supporting migrant workers rights in HK. If the photo is good, it's by Doretta. If it's dodgy, it's by me.
Emmy The Great Oct 16, 2017
Dear friends, I will be contributing to this new journal, showcasing writers and artists of colour, by the amazing team behind the Good Immigrant. Two weeks to go! Plz fund, share ♥️
Emmy The Great Oct 12, 2017
Emmy The Great Sep 20, 2017
I wrote an important article about why East Grinstead, the town where I grew up, should be more famous, and Peter Andre is in it. (photos by Alice Zoo)
Emmy The Great Sep 16, 2017
Dear Nottingham friends! It's Saturday night only have nine seats left tonight for our Pride and Prejudice preview!! Come and watch me cry like I did yesterday xxxx