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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Behind the Musical
Fight Like a Girl
The Opheliac Companion
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody EP
Your Sugar Sits Untouched
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Emilie Autumn: Live At the El Rey, Los Angeles, 2012 (The Videos)
Emilie Autumn May 10, 2019
Asylum Shoutout to Inmate W36J who doesn’t even know that she is W36J yet!! 🐀 That has been one of my favorite parts of creating the Custom Inmate Necklaces...when I am asked to assign the number...because I get to know the Inmate’s new identity before they do, and I feel as though I am holding this precious secret, like a clam with a pearl...thank you, Inmates, for giving me this beautiful experience!! 🖤 ~W14A 🥄 . #plagueratsrule #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumemporium
Emilie Autumn May 09, 2019
Inmate W14A reporting for duty! 🥄 Who is spreading the Plague with me today?? Role call! 🐀 . . . . #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumarmy #asylumemporium
Emilie Autumn May 08, 2019
It is 🐀Writing Back To Plague Rats Day🐀 here in the Asylum, and I am having a most magical time of it! ☕️ But it reminds me to tell you that I will publicize my new NYC Asylum HQ mailing address in about 2 weeks, so if you were about to pop a note to me in the post, just wait a bit for the word;)! Loving you all beyond, ~W14A 🥄 . #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn May 07, 2019
Can we just take this in for a second??? This. Is. AMAZING!!! My dearest Inmate, you have my soul. 🐀 ~W14A 🥄 . #Repost ・・・ Finally I got my #opheliac tattoo 💗✨ Thank you @shonetattoo for that! #crewlove This means a lot to me! A little remember that the gates of the asylum are always open to us #plaguerats 💗 Love you @emilieautumnofficial Can't wait to see you again, hopefully I am able to come to another show in the future 💗 #asylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #fingertattoo #emilieautumntattoo
Emilie Autumn May 07, 2019
When you go to pop your honored Inmates’ packages in the post to find that the drop box is locked, and it totally breaks your brain... 🐀 P.S. Don’t worry, I found another way, they shipped;) . #asylumemporium #canthandle
Emilie Autumn May 06, 2019
Still packing for #nyc, I am blessed to have come across this photo of a precious post-show moment given to me by this adorably gorgeous Ratty, Geoff Durham. Geoff, I hope you are here, and if you do not see this, I know you will feel my gratitude enter your heart tonight. I love you beyond. To all the Plague Rats 🐀 who have given me souvenirs of our times together, I beg you to know that they mean absolutely as much to me as they do to you... ~W14A 🥄 . #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn May 06, 2019
An extra biscuit for anyone who can tell me whose voice it is featured in the “Best Safety...” show intro. Go!! ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn May 05, 2019
In packing, I’ve just come across one of my greatest treasures, every single one of the Rat signs 🐀 held up at the 1st chorus of “One Foot In Front Of The Other” as a surprise for me by the cherished Plague Rats of my beloved Argentina! This is one of the most magical memories of my existence. I will never part with these... ~W14A 🥄 . #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #plagueratsrule #argentina
Emilie Autumn May 05, 2019
Saying goodbye to the former Sunset Blvd. mailing address of the Asylum HQ, which is, incidentally where the pilot for “I Love Lucy” was shot!! 🖤 Lucille Ball = Spirit Animal. 🐀 Tell me...who are some of YOUR spirit animals?? ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn May 05, 2019
My Fellow Inmates! 🐀 I have opened up only *5* slots in May for Custom Inmate Number Necklaces (benefiting the Trevor Project),so for those Inmates who did not snag one in time last month, this is your chance! I am honored to have the opportunity to create these for you. 🐀 If they are sold out again by the time you see this post, don’t fret, for I will open up another round of a few slots next month if time permits. ☕️ And of course, as I’ve said before, when offering custom and therefore pricier items, I always like to add that you don’t need a necklace or anything else to prove that you are an #asyluminmate, for you will always be an Inmate as long as the Asylum is in your 🖤!!! ~W14A🥄 . Find them here: . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn May 04, 2019
This box is definitely not mine. Definitely, definitely not. 🐀🔮🥄☕️ 🕯
Emilie Autumn May 03, 2019
Gee, I wonder whose this might be... 🐀 🔮 #witchesofinstagram
Emilie Autumn May 03, 2019
These authentic 19th century Victorian radio frequency transmitters packed for #nyc? CHECK! 🥄 And yes, we wear these in our corsets, just like they totally did in 1845. 🐀
Emilie Autumn May 03, 2019
The Bloody Crumpets’ authentic 19th century Victorian sound projection devices packed for #nyc? Check!! 🥄
Emilie Autumn May 03, 2019
One of the many amazing things about relocating the Asylum HQ to #newyork is the opportunity to cherish anew each #plaguerat gift as I pack. 🐀 This astounding work of art is by Alexandre Rogala and was given to me whilst on tour. I pray this artistic Ratty feels my awe and gratitude today!!! ☕️🖤 ~W14A 🥄 . #plagueratsrule #asylumart #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls @ Hollywood
Emilie Autumn May 01, 2019
Whose is whose? Which tea is mine, and which is W14BB’s (@marcsenter)??? Go!! . . . . . #plagueratsrule #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn Apr 29, 2019
Plague Rats, Fellow Inmates! 🐀 please join me in a very special #plagueratsalute to this wild one, @veronicavarlow, on her blessed birthday, one of the Asylum’s greatest holidays (along with @maggieroselally’s of course)!!!! 🖤 Veevers, Inmate W14B, the most beautiful song I ever wrote (From the Gutter to the Stars) was because of *you*. I love you... P.S. See you in 2 weeks, neighbor!!! #newyork
Emilie Autumn Apr 27, 2019
A million thanks to my fellow Inmate W24S, @post_halloween.depression, for posting this footage of a beautiful moment on one of the most amazing nights of my life, celebrating unity with the Plague Rats of my beloved Argentina!!! 🐀 With my sister Inmates @maggieroselally & @veronicavarlow obvs;) 🖤 . #Repost @post_halloween.depression ・・・ Emilie Autumn related post: this is when I went to see her for the first time he in Argentina back in 2012, travelled from my city with a teddy bear for her and some beautiful soul captured the moment in video 💕💕💕 Then there is the picture of the Anxiety Leech I made up of polymer clay as a symbol for myself and then the tattoo of my inmate number W24S💖💖 I love you so much EA, thanks forever for existing 🐁🐁 #emilieautumn #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #fightlikeagirl
Emilie Autumn Apr 23, 2019
Going through all my #PlagueRat 🐀 gifts from over the years in prep for the Asylum HQ’s relocation to NYC, I’ve come across this incredible pillow treasure from a very skillful and generous Ratty, and I will be snuggling with it tonight! ☕️ Wishing Ratties and Inmates throughout the Universe a lovely and peaceful night... I love you dearly. ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn Apr 19, 2019
When I opened this gorgeous handmade gift from New Zealand Plague Rat 🐀 and fellow Inmate Allie, I felt such love and power emanating from the envelope that I cried. Then I read her letter, and I cried more. Then I read her poetry, and I totally lost it:)🖤. My precious one, I am wearing your magical necklace every day, and using it to chant with. Your poetry was legitimately masterful. Please never stop creating and sharing yourself!!!! ☕️ To ALL Ratties everywhere, I am holding you all in my arms so tightly right now you are incorporated into my body, I hope that’s alright with you:). I adore you all... ~W14A 🥄 . #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn Apr 16, 2019
This beautiful painting by @karabelle_w19k made me very teary tonight, I was overwhelmed by the pure soul of her creation. What a gift!!! Thank you eternally! ~W14A 🥄 . #Repost @karabelle_w19k ・・・ I’ve titled this painting- “Emily with a ‘y’”. Sir Edward sits upon her shoulder, the Ward Key in his paw. A gentle kiss is pressed against his fury head, while his twisted tail tangles through her red locks. #asylumarmy #plaguerat
Emilie Autumn Apr 15, 2019
YES! You know that posting Plague Rat #asylumart is my best thing ever, and this stunning piece really moved me tonight! There is powerful magic going on inside you, @snowywalls, and I am so grateful to you for sharing with me and your #asylumarmy!! 🐀 P.S. I have never seen melted crayon art, this is fabulous! More please! ~W14A 🥄 . #Repost @snowywalls ・・・ Okay so I haven’t painted in ages, and I’m so happy with how this turned out. This is almost some kind of redo for me, my first crayon melting painting being inspired by the absolutely amazing and beautiful @emilieautumnofficial . I’m totally in love with her music and she’s definitely the one who got me so interested in heavy theatrics (and, of course, asylums). This was an absolute delight to make, and I hope that I have done my glorious rat queen justice.
Emilie Autumn Apr 14, 2019
Look what I found! 🐀 In my hand I hold 1 of the last 4 Laced/Unlaced album sets in the Asylum, from the original 2007 printing. ☕️ Looking through this booklet, I was overcome with memories, and also the lack of memories...I have memory of putting together this gorgeous packaging, of sending the files off to Germany, of managing to get ahold of my teenage classical violin recordings to include as secret tracks on Laced...but I have NO memory whatsoever of writing or recording a *single note* of Unlaced. I know I had only a laptop, a tiny keyboard, and my violin, and that I made the whole album within a couple of weeks, sitting on the edge of a shoddy bed in Los Angeles after a massive trauma. I don’t remember where the intricate music came from, how I managed to play it, or how it came out so fast. This is of course because I was not properly medicated at the time, had been put on what I still suspect were horse tranquilizers, and was in fact in the throes of some kind of mania which I even now do not remotely understand. 🥄 The point is, it came from somewhere, and that somewhere was not my conscious mind. I am telling you this because, once I became stable and healthy, I realized that I had no memory of how a great deal of my music had been created. I had written and even programmed most of my best work in a similar manic state, and, when stark raving sane, I didn’t know how to do it anymore, because the part of me that really composes never needed to know how to do it, it just *did*. Without that part being easily accessible through, essentially, madness, how could I create? 🐀 But I did create again. I poked around the inside of my mind for years, pressing on every door I could find, looking for a crack in the healthy me that might let me back into that magical place where the music comes from, and I finally found it. 🐀 Someday, I would like to write about how to find your way back to that magical realm once you become too healthy to live there all the time. But for now, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, any of you who are struggling with regaining your wild creativity after becoming healthy, it is still there. YOU are still there. ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn Apr 10, 2019
What a magical talent is @dirigible_maz !!! Dearest Ratty🐀, I am holding you so deeply in my heart today. Thank you for sharing your talent with your #asylumarmy and the whole world! ~W14A 🥄 . #Repost @dirigible_maz ・・・ If I am unsure as to whether I like a painting I photograph it from a silly angle. I tried to paint without doing any drawing first. One foot in front of the other! #watercolour #painting #emilieautumn
Emilie Autumn Apr 10, 2019
Just look at this incredible #asylumtattoo on sweet Inmate @thegraveyardcynic! I don’t think I will ever be able to articulately express how it feels to see things like’s like a shock that becomes a joy that transforms into pride that melts into grateful humility that makes me really dizzy and then I have to sit down for a moment. 🖤 Thank you for posting this, dear Ratty 🐀, it’s just what I needed to see tonight, truly... ~W14A 🥄 . #Repost @thegraveyardcynic ・・・ @emilieautumnofficial my tribute tattoo, featuring some of your artwork, a decorative "Emilie" in my hand with the E designed after your old autograph with the clef in it. "Are you suffering?" And then "Start at the beginning, finish at the end, everything you'll tell them is true" around the rat. #plaguerat #plagueratsofinstagram #plagueratsalute #emilieautumn