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Emilie Autumn: Live At the El Rey, Los Angeles, 2012 (The Videos)
Emilie Autumn Aug 18, 2019
Where am I??? 🐀 (This shouldn’t be too challenging to sort out—I’m pretty predictable.) ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Aug 12, 2019
Today’s Asylum Community draw is THE CARRIAGE!!! (☕️ For new Inmates, the #AsylumOracle is at 🐀 Your Key Words: 🗝 A New Journey 🗝 Lightness 🗝 Moving On 🐀 The Carriage is a ✨SPIRIT✨ element card. 🐀 My fellow Inmates, the Carriage asks you to consider the luggage that you carry with you each day, encouraging you to examine whether you really need to be hauling around quite so much. . Aren’t your arms tired yet? Doesn’t your back ache from the sheer weight of the baggage you haven’t yet realized you could have left behind several miles back? . The Carriage has come to take you on an incredibly exciting ride, but she doesn’t have room inside for all of the rubbish you’ve been holding onto from the past, all of those memories (both negative and positive) that you have clung to because they give you a sense of identity (we especially love to be defined by the things that have hurt us, and hold on to those for dear life, because who on earth would we be without them), but are in fact only blocking your ability to discover who you really are. 🐀 Ratties, what will you decide, this very day, to leave behind and give yourself some much-needed legroom, once and for all? Do share🖤. I can’t wait to read! ~W14A🥄 . . . . . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Aug 10, 2019
Today’s Asylum Community draw is THE TEACUP!!! (☕️ For new Inmates, the #AsylumOracle is at ✨ Your Key Words: 🗝 Ritual 🗝 Enchantment 🗝 Symbols 🗝 Sacred Space ✨ The Teacup is a 💦WATER💦 element card. ✨ My fellow Inmates, the Teacup asks you to consider how you might invite more ritual into your life. What practices can you establish that will allow you to escape the clutter and frustrations of the ordinary and devote time to your magical development, becoming whole, or simply bringing yourself back to centre? ✨ Ratties, tell me in the comments how you can incorporate the Teacup into your day. 🐀 I can’t wait to read! ~W14A🥄 . . . . . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Aug 09, 2019
Oh, my fellow magic minded souls (virtually all of you I suspect), quick news!! @veronicavarlow and I were just plotting world domination (aka an enchanted road trip) and I found out that tomorrow is the LAST DAY that she is accepting sign-ups for Virtual Witch Camp!! I had no idea, and so I wanted to make sure that anyone who had intended to learn from the #LoveWitch herself got the chance before enrollment closed! 🔮 Get the full details on what Witch Camp is all about at Veevers’ profile or at ✨ ✨! A blessed and beautiful night to all!! ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Aug 09, 2019
Ratties 🐀, there’s a game I made up, and which I’d be very glad if you made your own, where we sit in our favorite coffee shop and ask internal questions, deep and personal and private ones that we don’t say out loud, and then blindly choose a record from the shelf, and whatever the record is is the answer to the question. It’s just like the #asylumoracle but not! 🔮 Today, I picked this beauty! A Little Night Music by Sondheim!! 🌙 And it was the PERFECT answer to my question. ✨ What do you think my question was??? ~W14A🥄 . #stephensondheim #halprince #alittlenightmusic @marcsenter
Emilie Autumn Aug 07, 2019
Ratties! Inmates! If you didn’t get your Asylum Oracle reading for the month of August directly into your mailbox, that means you’ve not yet subscribed to my Asylum Newsletter!! 🐀 Sir Edward isn’t happy about that. . Hop over to ✨ ✨ to join me (just look for the signup box), and I’ll make certain the August Oracle reading is in your mailbox within seconds! Maybe less!! . Oh! And when you subscribe, you can look forward to monthly Oracle readings, more magical content, and all the Asylum updates you may not see on the social medias as the algorithms prevent thousands of Ratties from ever seeing these posts at all! . Now! Are you ready to learn what to focus on this month in order to take your journey to the next level? ☕️ Of course you are! . Let’s make magic together, ~W14A🥄 . . . . . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumoracle
Emilie Autumn Aug 03, 2019
A million thanks to the magical @officialsierraboggess for a beautiful, inspiring, hilarious evening at my home away from home, @54below! ✨ Sierra, I hope you enjoy your #AsylumOracle 🔮 I am working with my new #lightlessonsbysierraboggess already~thank you!! ✨ 📸 by the also hilarious @marcsenter. ✨ ~W14A🥄 . . . . . #ratclaw #sierraboggess #youareenough #lightlessonsbysierra #lightlessons #nyc
Emilie Autumn Aug 01, 2019
Just a couple of Plague Cats! 🐈 We may never make it back to NY (still delayed), but we had a grand time getting to Chicago to begin with. And yes, we did dress as 🐈 the entire time. And super yes, @catsbroadway was beyond all expectation, so beyond, I need to go again and again and is this not forever on Bway? ~W14A🥄 @marcsenter 🐱
Emilie Autumn Aug 01, 2019
I’d like to thank #asylumoracle, #multiplebadcroissants, and The Teapot for getting me through hours of delays at the airport (took W14BB @marcsenter to see @catsbroadway in Chicago for his birthday 🐈🐀), and very special thanks indeed to @54below for very kindly moving my seats to see @officialsierraboggess tonight to tomorrow as this airplane has no intentions whatsoever of getting us back to NYC tonight. ❤️ Let’s go get more croissants!!! 🥐 ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Jul 29, 2019
Today’s Asylum Community draw is THE ROSEMARY!!! (🐀 For new Inmates, the #AsylumOracle is at ✨but only 80 decks left!✨) . Your Key Words: 🗝 Memory 🗝 Loyalty 🗝 Devotion 🗝Invigoration . The Rosemary is an 🍃EARTH🍃 element card. . My fellow Inmates, Rosemary has long represented memory, as referenced so beautifully by our fair Ophelia in her mad scene (“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember...”). 🐀 Today, the Rosemary asks us to remember someone from our past, human or animal, who taught us something that helped to make us who we are. Meditate on what you learned from them, and how you can pass this lesson on to another! Then give thanks to this teacher, ✨pranam✨ to them, and, in your mind’s eye, lay the Rosemary at their feet. 🐀 Ratties, tell me in the comments who the Rosemary is making you think of today! Who is your greatest teacher? ~W14A🥄 . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook @ Manhattan, New York
Emilie Autumn Jul 27, 2019
Today’s Asylum Community draw is THE GATE!!! (🐀 For new Inmates, the #AsylumOracle is at . Your Key Words: 🗝 Setting Boundaries 🗝 Giving Space 🗝 Mutual Respect . The Gate is an✨AIR✨ element card, suggesting already that she is a bit more than just a barricade. . Ratties, the Guidebook tells us, “Whereas a wall makes either side blind, those on opposite sides of the Gate can clearly see one another, making it easier to understand those one is at odds with, whether this be other people or an aspect of yourself.” ✨ It is so very easy to shut ourselves away at the first sign of adversity. Sometimes we fear being attacked, and others we fear that we will attack the person we disagree with. But what if we could hold our ground whilst maintaining a rational calm? What if we didn’t have to take everything so personally (or personally at all, because it isn’t)? What if we didn’t buy into the emotions of another and multiply them with our own? 🐀 This has never been my strong point (my claws come out very easily), and the Gate is certainly a challenge for me personally. But I am committed to evolving by practicing ✨letting adversity pass through me✨ without allowing it into my body, thereby creating an emotional reaction that is then MY problem—a problem I may end up carrying with me for literal decades. And that’s on me. ✨ So! Let’s practice setting boundaries while letting the air flow through, allowing any negativity to flow through with it and leave us in beautiful peace!🖤 Inmates, tell me in the comments how you can put The Gate into practice today! How can you protect yourself without building a barricade so solid that you can’t see out? ~W14A🥄 . . . . . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Jul 26, 2019
Today’s Asylum Community draw is THE KEY🗝!!! (🐀 For new Inmates, the #AsylumOracle is at . Your Key Words: 🗝 Unlocking Opportunity 🗝 Belief In Yourself . The Key is a 🔥FIRE🔥 element card, our third in a row!! I swear I shuffled, so I’m going to assume that the Universe realllly wants us to take action this week. Very well then, we shall! . Ratties, the Guidebook tells us, “The Key comes to ask you to trust that you are enough. In fact, you are more than enough.” ✨ Ok. Why is this so often impossible to accept? I am enough...for what? And anyway, what I do makes me enough? No. Not what you do, what you are. But what am I if not what I do, the things I’ve made, the things I’ve accomplished or not accomplished? You are you. You are a perfect spirit, because all spirit is perfect—you have no say in this matter. You are unlimited potential. You were all of these things the moment you were born, and nothing and no one can alter that. ✨ And when you recognize this, you come just a bit closer to the truth: YOU are the Key. But not just any key, you are the Master Key! 🗝 And like Emily in the Asylum, you may find your true power when everything is stripped away, when you trip and the key you were holding slides under the gate and out of your reach. Because this is when you get up, brush off your stockings, and bust through that gate without any key at all Because. You. Can. ✨ YOU are the Key. And, like Emily, you always were. 🗝 So, what are you *enough* for? You are enough to unlock any gate in your path. And you are definitely enough to make the Universe very glad she made you.✨ . Inmates, tell me in the comments how you can put The Key into practice today! How can you open a new door? ~W14A🥄 . . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Jul 26, 2019
🐀 Ratties! The #asylumoracle now ships in new and improved (less likely to be damaged by a careless post person) packaging, with sparkly crinkly stuff ™ !!! Which is really more for me, because I get to play with it, making shipping out your Oracles even more fun than it already was!!! It’s a party in every box!! 🎉 In other news, W14BB @marcsenter is up to his old tricks again, something of a disappointment, I legitimately thought he was coming over to help me...ah well... ~W14A🥄 . #sparklycrinklystuff #asylumemporium #makeahatoutofit
Emilie Autumn Jul 25, 2019
🐀 Today’s Asylum draw is THE GASLIGHT from #AsylumOracle ( for new Inmates)! . Your Key Words: 🗝 Illumination 🗝 A Burst of Life 🗝 A Beacon of Hope . The Gaslight is a 🔥FIRE🔥 element card (fire for the second day in a row? very interesting!). This card is all about reclaiming your flame! . Now, the thing about this is that, so often, when we see statements like “gurl, get your power back,” etc., there is an automatically negative implication, usually making us think of OTHER PEOPLE whom we *believe* have stolen something from us, crushed our spirit, dimmed our light. ✨ But in the entire Asylum Oracle, we are taking responsibility for ourselves, and acknowledging this incredibly empowering truth: Anything that has caused us to stray from our own glory, from our destiny as a blinding beacon to others, has done so only because we allowed it to stay inside of ourselves, rather than letting it pass through us and leave us in peace. ✨ This is HARD. Sometimes it can feel impossible to believe that we could possibly fix the damage, let it go. Perhaps we have even made our pain part of our identity, which is the most damaging thing of all! I actively work on this every damned day. ✨ And it is important to remember that we had no conscious choice in this—perhaps we were children, perhaps we have been protecting ourselves, perhaps perhaps perhaps. If this message is speaking to you, know that 🖤you did the best you could with what you knew at the time🖤. I know you did. But we do have a choice NOW. Reclaim your flame, Inmates. Not from someone else, beacause *no one* has that kind of power over you. Reclaim your flame from yourself. . In the Oracle Guidebook that comes with the deck, there is a meditation on how to do this. But even in this moment, you can visualize yourself glowing from the inside out, radiating golden light, igniting, and I promise you, you will see that reflected in your life. You can do this. . Tell me in the comments what the Gaslight means to you. Is your interpretation different? (Yours is just as valid as mine!) How can you reclaim your flame today? ~W14A🥄 . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Jul 24, 2019
Ok, so here’s what I’m thinking...I might be figuring this out...the rubbish bins aren’t displaying these messages for US. No. They’re communicating with each other. Oh god... What are they planning... 🐀#terrified #rubbish #godhelpusall
Emilie Autumn Jul 24, 2019
Was kind of nailing it in Elevator Photo Shoot this afternoon. Decent perspective. Managing a bit of an S-curve pose. Classic. Chic. Then, I saw the floors counting down. Panicked. As usual. Began waving the parasol around. As usual. Completely fell apart by the time I hit the lobby. But we must stay strong. Tomorrow is another day. 🐀 #elevatorphotoshoot #40thfloor #stillnotlongenough @ Manhattan, New York
Emilie Autumn Jul 23, 2019
Can I still drink this? ☕️ 🌱
Emilie Autumn Jul 23, 2019
🐀 Today’s 4 o’clock Asylum draw is THE SPOON 🥄 from #AsylumOracle (☕️at for new Inmates)! . Your Key Words: 🗝 Finding True Power 🗝 Resourcefulness 🗝 Secret Strength . The Spoon is a 🔥FIRE🔥 element card. Why? Because she is all about action! The Spoon shows us that the tools we need are within us already, though perhaps not in a form we yet recognize. Emily and the Inmates collected spoons for years before they realized the common utensil's ultimate purpose, didn’t they? (With a little help from Silent Sarah, of course—credit where it’s due, if you don’t mind.) . Plague Rats, what in your life can you transform into a strength? Something seemingly common? Something you might have perceived as a negative? Something you might even have been criticized or mocked for in the past? ☕️ Using myself as an example, here is what the Spoon has made me realize: Being bipolar? That’s a definite, epic strength. Being a hypersensitive empath? Strength. Being an introvert? Strength. Being a girl? You guessed it. Massive strength. . Inmates, tell me in the comments what the Spoon is showing you. ✨ What is your secret weapon, your magic wand? If you’re not sure, close your eyes and meditate on the Spoon until insight comes to you, then report back! ~W14A🥄 . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook . @ Theater District, Manhattan
Emilie Autumn Jul 22, 2019
Today’s Asylum draw is THE VEIL from #AsylumOracle (☕️link at the bottom for new Inmates)! . Today's Key Words: ☆ Secrecy ☆ Evolution ☆ Glamour ☆ Revealment . The Veil is a ✨SPIRIT✨ element card (the deck is split into the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit), and her origins are found in none other than Madam Mournington’s dark gray veil, pulled down mysteriously when she enters the prison to meet Emily for the first time. Incidentally, that bit, Emily's description of Mournington where she talks about the sharpness of her nose, the tightness of her skin, is one of my absolute favorite passages in the book, which is why it was quite a shock when my former agent edited the whole thing out (it went right back in, thank you very much—Mournington is an ICON and she WILL be Described. In. Full). . Now! The Veil has many lessons for us, but one that I’m feeling today is the reminder to cherish the time leading up to the big reveal AS MUCH AS the big reveal itself. ☕️ Any burlesque dancer worth her pasties has this programmed into her DNA, but I’ve struggled with loosening my grip on the goal in service to the NOW. And I don’t mean just deal with the wait and try not to stress to the point of apoplexy, I mean really, really delight in it. Delight in what you’ve got brewing under the surface, what no one else knows about just yet, and use this Veiled time to evolve, to build, to grow, for the joy it brings ☆now☆. Not for the someday. For now. For now is ALL there ever has been, all there is, and all there will ever be, isn’t it? . Today, I send you the gift of mystery. The gift of The Veil. Whatever stage you are at in the development of your dreams, the dream is now. Don’t wait to enjoy it, my fellow Inmates, my dearest Ratties! 🐀 ~W14A🥄 . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumbook .
Emilie Autumn Jul 21, 2019
Today’s card is The Corset from #AsylumOracle (☕️link below)! . She is an Air element card (the deck is split into the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit), and she is quite clearly inspired by my original Asylum stage corset, the white one with the red crystal heart that really started it all. . What is so interesting is that, at that time, I was singing all of this incredibly challenging material live, one night after the next, all around the world, and yet I didn’t know how to breathe. Not in my life, and certainly not in my voice. As a singer, I had no actual technique (breathe IS singing), but was running off pure emotion, and it worked for a while, but then my throat would hurt and close up, and I would be terribly compromised for the next show, creating a great deal of stress, and, worse, a lack of confidence. In addition, I was wearing very tight corsets on stage, which prevented proper technique from even occurring naturally. . However, the corsets also gave me a strong sense of protection—they were my armor. I have learned so much since my beginnings as a singer, but also in my life, beginning with the fact that breath is everything, and that I don’t actually need armor at all. Armor is an illusion, useful psychologically for a time, indeed, but in order to become truly strong, we MUST let it fall away at some point. And only when we do can we wear the corset for all the healthy reasons (and there are many, because corsets are fabulous and fun, and I love them forever and ever). . Today, I send you the gift of breath. The gift of The Corset. And remember that unlacing her is just as pleasurable as lacing her up in the first place. Enjoy, my fellow Inmates, my beloved plague Rats! 🐀 ~W14A🥄 . #asylumemporium #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #oracledeck .
Emilie Autumn Jul 21, 2019
Ratties 🐀, Do NOT play this at full volume because I seem to be shrieking live and uncontrollably to this new bridge in “I Love” from #asylummusical. You’ve been warned. ☕️ I know I’ll be mortified that I posted this in about two minutes because I haven’t actually sung since my jaw surgery and I’ve certainly never sung this bit before as I just wrote it, but I wanted to share with you my new favorite line, “But a blade in my hand is just as sharp as his,“ which is a hopefully poetic way of saying that no matter your challenge, how not up for it you may feel, there is some level on which you are absolutely equal to the task, so let’s find that bit, use that to start, and build from there. 🐀 After all, if #EmilyWithaY can do it with a spoon, imagine what ✨you✨ are capable of! ~W14A 🥄 . #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn Jul 20, 2019
To the post with #AsylumOracle! 🔮But regarding this unpostworthy photo, so I have this game that I play with myself where I get to the elevator where there is a full length mirror (haven’t got one in Asylum HQ so this is quite exciting), and I try to think of something really quickly to do for a photo before the elevator stops and other people pop in. As Asylum HQ is on the 40th floor, there’s always somebody who joins me on the way down, and one never knows when it’s going to happen! Oh what fun! What’s funny is that the tension of not knowing always causes me to freak out and do something completely ridiculous and un-photogenic, hence my gigantic claw which I didn’t have time to correct the perspective on. For example, am I raising Excalibar or preparing to beat someone to death with this parasol? We’ll never know… ~W14A 🥄 @ Manhattan, New York
Emilie Autumn Jul 19, 2019
New dragonfly lamp for Asylum HQ, bringing me enough joy to justify a post! She brings me back a bit to my faerie spirit, the days (years) when I literally would NOT leave the house without wings...whatever it was I needed to prove, I hope I did it;). (The wings are still with me, just not visible to everyone, though some do see them.) 🧚‍♀️ Wishing you all a day infused with magic (and judging from the hundreds of ✨#AsylumOracle✨ posts I’ve been seeing, you’re already having it;). ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn Jul 19, 2019
4 o’clock...4 o’clock...🐀 . . . . . #asylummusical #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #ilove @steinbergmedia
Emilie Autumn Jul 19, 2019
Happy Birthday to my Scorpion, our W14BB, the lovely and ridiculously talented @marcsenter!!! 🎂 I will celebrate Scorpy‘s birthday every year beginning with this photo for probably ever, because it just can’t be topped, can it? ✨ Fun fact: Did you know that we had met approximately one hour before this picture was taken? ✨ Another fun fact: I bit Scorps so hard in the kissing scene that I wrote him to apologize the next day. Turns out he didn’t hold a grudge. ❤️ Scorps, we love you~the Ratties, the Inmates, and your Doll!! @ Manhattan, New York