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Emilie Autumn: Live At the El Rey, Los Angeles, 2012 (The Videos)
Emilie Autumn Feb 21, 2019
Moving the Asylum Headquarters to New York where they belong, I just met this guy who says he has a huge apartment underground...should I check it out? 🐀
Emilie Autumn Feb 15, 2019
Precious Plague Rats, tonight, I want to share with you ❤️The Heart❤️ from the upcoming #AsylumOracle, and, just this once, I will give you the FULL text for this card from the Oracle Guidebook in advance! This is because I would like us to get a jump start on what the Oracle is all about, and we don't have to wait 2 months to do that—we can start right now. Shall we?⠀ ***⠀ THE HEART⠀ Element: Spirit⠀ Keywords: Vulnerability, healing, unconditional love⠀ Journey: To truly love someone is to allow them to be exactly as they are, without conditions, requirements, or demands for change. Whom amongst us can say that we love ourselves in this way? But what if we could? It is almost unimaginable, for when was the last time you looked in the mirror and did not pass judgement—did not search for fault and find it? When was the last time you pictured yourself in your mind’s eye and did not critique some aspect of your being, your thoughts, your very soul? The Heart comes to challenge you to journey beyond self acceptance, and into the realm of pure self love. ❤️ As you close your eyes, a golden light is cast over you from above, covering your entire body like a protective cocoon. Now, speak these words aloud: I love my vulnerability. I love my scars. I love my sensitivity. I love my intuition. I love my creativity. I love my courage. I love my strength. I love my individualism. I love my voice. I love my present. I love my future. I love my spirit. I love myself. Add anything else that you love, and repeat this multiple times during the day, feeling your Heart growing stronger each time.⠀ ***⠀ Let me know in the comments if you go on this journey and how it makes you feel, and tag a friend who you think could benefit from some love tonight! 🐀⠀ Adoring each and every one of you with all my heart,⠀ ~W14A🥄 P.S. You can still reserve your signed Oracle deck at 🖤!⠀ .⠀ #asylumoracle #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn Feb 14, 2019
A million thanks to the brilliant Dani Sumner, @ghost.mangaka Inmate W29A, for sending me this artwork, so full of love and heart rending emotion, absolutely perfect for Valentines! ❤️ I fell in love with this creation when it was first posted, but I never imagined having a copy for my very own. It will occupy a most prized place in the Asylum, my love. You are a rare and magical talent, and I can’t wait to see what you do next… I know the entire #AsylumArmy feels the same! ~W14A🥄 P.S. Inmate W29A, I am sending you a letter by snail mail to respond to the beautiful letter you sent me along with this gift, to make absolutely certain you realize that you are perfect. . #TheAsylumForWaywardVictorianGirls #AsylumArt
Emilie Autumn Feb 14, 2019
Guess where I’m going to be tomorrow? Obvs. Learning from @veronicavarlow at the launch of her Love Witch Academy (go to her profile if you haven’t yet heard of this), because I will reveal to you, my darling Ratties, I need what this Witch is serving up in her brand new epic online course like I can’t even tell you. ❤️ But what I can say is that, while I am so grateful for every blessing in my life, which are so, so many, and which I absolutely do not take for granted, these last few years of not being able to see you, not being able to perform, only being able to sing sporadically when braces are temporarily off and rushing to make the most of it, the psychological stress and physical toll of a major surgery on my flipping face, all of this and much more than I can bring myself to talk about has contributed to a greatly decreased sense of self. ☕️ I have been feeling insane love for all of YOU, but to say that I feel love for myself would be a bold faced and shameful lie. In the upcoming #AsylumOracle, several cards are designed to tackle the issue of self love, self respect, and true wholeness in order to be more able to help others and truly enchant the world and make it so much more magical with you in it. 🐀 I believe that the Love Witch’s new teachings are in perfect alignment with that, and I’m so proud that we are on the same journey together at the same time, but not surprised, because haven’t we always been? We travelled the world together for a decade and will do so again, and I learned at least half of what I know from this most magical human, if she even is human, I’m still not entirely convinced. (The other half I obviously learned from Captain Maggots @maggieroselally.) ✨ I am so proud of Veevers, and the truly revolutionary teacher and guide that she has become to not only me but to the whole world. I know I will see many of you there tomorrow, and if you are already registered for the #LoveWitchAcademy, I would love if you shared in the comments below what made you absolutely *need* to sign up, as I have shared my reason with you, though I felt afraid to say it;) ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Feb 13, 2019
There are really no words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for this gift created and sent to me by Miss Louisa Jones, Inmate W08G, @GhormiBear. 🐀 Just look at the insane intricacy, detailing, every little thing that makes this character special from her hair to her tattoo to the key hiding beneath her striped stocking, my love, you have captured it all so expertly, and I know how much work and time this took you. 🖤 She is just beautiful, as was your letter, which touched me so very deeply. I will express my thanks to you in a letter of my own, so check your snail mail soon! Love you dearly... ~W14A🥄 . #AsylumArt #TheAsylumForWaywardVictorianGirls
Emilie Autumn Feb 13, 2019
Holy tea trays! Thank you ALL for your gorgeous responses to the announcement of the Asylum Oracle deck!! 🐀 Would you like to get to know her better? Fabulous! Whilst the Oracle is being printed, I will post a new card every couple of days and let you in on just a few key words that are part of the card's much lengthier meaning/journey that will be included in the Oracle Guidebook. 🐀 What I would 🖤LOVE🖤 to see if for all of YOU to go deep and tell me in the comments what your intuition is picking up with this card. It may be along the lines of my keywords, or the complete opposite! There is no wrong way to use the Oracle, and I would love for you to get to know her card by card, starting tonight! Let the magic begin!!! The first card in the Asylum Oracle is: ☕️ The Boot Element: Earth Keywords: Grounded, active, treading confidently ☕️ What's YOUR take on the Boot? How does she make you feel? ~W14A🥄 P.S. You can still reserve your signed Oracle deck at! . #asylumoracle #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn Feb 12, 2019
My Fellow Inmates! My Precious Plague Rats! Announcing: THE ASYLUM ORACLE!!! 🔮 I could go on and on about this gorgeous epic oracle deck, but I'd rather let you go and have a look at the artwork for yourself, so scurry over to where you can reserve your own autographed deck at no cost whatever. ☕️ The Oracle is off to the printers now and will be available for purchase after May 1st, but I wanted you to know what I've been working on for you as I recovered. 🐀 I will pop back in tomorrow to highlight a card and talk about its meaning so we can all get to know our Oracles before they even arrive! Loving you all madly, ~W14A🥄 . #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylumoracle
Emilie Autumn Feb 11, 2019
Good night, sweet Plague Rats, goodnight! 🐀 I’ve been working on something super secret for YOU, and it’s almost done! Shall we have an announcement tomorrow?? ☕️ Loving each of you dearly, and thanking you for your patience as I quietly recover (all is well!!), ~W14A🥄 . #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn Jan 25, 2019
Going through old journals today, I’ve come upon the notebooks in which many of my older songs were first sketched out. This one is my heart, written longer ago than I can even date but at some point in my mid teens, and every time I got to sing it to you was a privilege I could scarcely comprehend, but hope someday that I will. ☕️ Some things are just too miraculous to even accept as a reality, and sharing something from my younger years that came to be so apt later in life is one of those. 🐀 Thank you all for singing along and crying when I said, “Maybe someday...” ~W14A🥄 . #madgirl #opheliac
Emilie Autumn Jan 22, 2019
I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude having just opened this beautiful gift of treasures and a gorgeous letter from Plague Rat Kayleigh, Inmate W29G!!! @kayz_w29g 🖤 @marcsenter adores his W14BB keychain!!! And I’m obsessed with mine and will use it every single day! I want to write back to you but couldn’t find a return address, so if you see this, please send an email to [email protected] and let me know where to send my thanks:)! Love you dearly!! ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Jan 18, 2019
Precious Plague Rats! 🐀 Oh have I got something magical in store for you... Let me know in the comments if you’re ready for this! ~W14A 🥄
Emilie Autumn Jan 09, 2019
Who wants to be very tiny and live on this selenite tower with me? (Thank you again, @wingostarr!!)
Emilie Autumn Jan 09, 2019
Ahh!! How is such kindness even possible!! I’m feeling insanely lucky and grateful having just opened the after-surgery care package of all care packages from the glorious Ratty and Inmate W08U @wingostarr!!! Along with her most exquisite teas from her own company, Enchant Tea & Body, I just had my mind blown by a lovely teacup, the prettiest pink scarf, and this massive selenite crystal! Whaaaat?!?!! But even more precious is the note that came with this gift that moved me to tears. 🐀 Amber, thank you beyond words. I am sending you a letter to tell you about TMJ surgery and what you can expect, because you are so doing it someday soon, you will live pain free, you WILL!! I love you dearly, fellow Inmate, and also, for all of my #asylumarmy keeping the Asylum warm and running when I’m silent, I love you too!!! With the happiest of hearts, ~W14A🥄🖤☕️ . #plagueratsrule #gratitude
Emilie Autumn Jan 08, 2019
Plague Rats!!! A million thanks for all your jaw surgery well wishes!! 🐀 today is the first time I’ve felt even remotely comfortable being seen without my face wrapped up (until last week my face was the size of three faces, you would have been terrified). Here I am trying to cover the remaining swelling with my hand, nearly successful. Also, I spoke my first words today after three weeks of complete silence. The wires came off, but I can barely open my mouth, or I would thank you with my voice. Soon. 🐀 I am so grateful for all of your support, and I firmly believe that my recovery has gone unusually well because I am surrounded by the strength of each of your spirits. 🐀 You are all the magic in the world. I love you dearly, each and every gorgeous one of you🖤. ~W14A🥄 . #plagueratsrule #gratitude
Emilie Autumn Jan 03, 2019
Don’t ask me why I’m drawing a strait waistcoat today—ask yourself why you’re not. 🐀 Something magical coming soon... ~W14A🐀 . #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls
Emilie Autumn Jan 01, 2019
Ratties of the Universe! As you know, 10% of the proceeds from the Asylum Handmade Treasures offered this past Holiday Season were to go to the Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention to LGBTQ youth, something I know that you are as passionate about as I am. 🐀 Today, on the eve of the new year (a VERY important day in the Asylum), I made a substantial donation in your name to the Trevor Project, and I thank you with my whole heart for being on this mission with me to illuminate the darkest of corners with our gaslights and to serve those we may find there, for many of us have been there too, and in serving them we serve ourselves. 🐀 As all who have read #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls are aware, I have personal experience calling into suicide prevention hotlines, and I can tell you that the volunteers who work there are doing some of of the best and truest work on this planet. In this current trying time, call centers are receiving more calls than ever, and they are extremely understaffed. Your purchases of the Asylum Treasures helped more volunteers to be trained, and for these life-saving organizations to keep running. Because everyone needs someone to talk to, and one shouldn’t have to be on the verge of death to do so. 🐀 Music may have brought us together, but it is our collective mission that has bound us all these years, and I know it will continue to do so for many, many more to come. 🐀 Mad, passionate love to you all!!!! ~W14A🥄 . P. S. I put a great deal of time and personal magic ✨ into each of these little necklaces, and I dearly want to hear how they make you feel when you wear them, so if you have received your treasure, please write to me in the comments and let me know everything! ☕️ P. P. S. The few remaining necklaces can be found at the 🖤 . . . . . #asylumemporium #asylumbook #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn Dec 26, 2018
Whatever this day means to you, the Asylum wishes you all the love your heart can hold, and we will always keep a cell warm for you should you need it. 🐀🖤☕️ ~W14A🥄 P.S. Photo is the first stages of something I am working on for YOU soon to come in the new year, and it is going to bring magic into your life like never before...can’t wait to share more!!!
Emilie Autumn Dec 23, 2018
Reposting this from @steinbergmedia!!! I’m so proud to be a part of the “I Choose Cubase” campaign, and SO excited that I can FINALLY talk about the brand new #cubase10 out now! 🐀 As most of you know, I have always programmed all of my music myself, engineered, mixed, and mastered most my own work, in locations ranging from a tour bus in Poland to a kitchen in Germany to my bedroom, and THIS is the software that has allowed me to do all of that. 🐀 You also know that I never speak openly about or promote a product that I am not emotionally attached to (yes, I AM super emotionally attached to @jovialfoods einkorn flour, you bet, and not sponsored). Having been able to meet the team of software creators and hang out with the core of the Steinberg family in person, I can tell you why I am absolutely emotionally attached to this software, and this company from my beloved Germany: Virtually everything I create, from music to books, is made in complete isolation. As an introvert, this is, for me, a perk (can work well with others, strongly prefers not to). However, there are moments when I definitely feel this “alone-ness.” I think most writers/composers feel this. But, having met the passionate team behind this software (and loads of other incredible products), I realize that I have never been alone in my creative solitude at all. I have had this team of friends who legitimately CARE on my side, helping me express every manic detail I stuff into my music, being there if I need help, and truly having my back. 🐀 If you are an established pro, you probably already use @steinbergmedia products. If you are just starting out with recording/programming and are in the initial stages of getting your magic out to the world, I recommend #Cubase even more!!! I taught myself the software over a decade ago in one day—it is extremely intuitive and user friendly. At the @steinbergmedia site, you can download a FREE TRIAL, and I think you’ll see very quickly exactly why I CHOOSE CUBASE!!! Now go and make some music!! ~W14A🥄 . #yamahahs #yamahaproaudio @yamahamusicusa @yamaha_proaudio_official #dorico2 #wavelab95 #absolutevst
Emilie Autumn Dec 19, 2018
This is as much of an “after” shot as I’m going to be sharing for a while. I look like a Picasso underneath this scarf.
Emilie Autumn Dec 19, 2018
This was me checking into the hospital two days ago, representing the Striped Stocking Society with all my heart! Thank you for all of your gorgeous well wishes—the surgery was a massive success! ☕️ I do look absolutely terrifying and won’t be speaking for a while, but that is as it should be. 🐀 The 4 hours I was unconscious my soul traveled to @veronicavarlow ‘s parlor where she took care of my spirit until my body was ready to receive it back (she put spiritual glitter eyebrows on me!!, thanks gurl!). 🐀 I’m going to go take some lovely painkillers now! Absolute love and insane gratitude to you ALL!!! ~W14A🥄
Emilie Autumn Dec 15, 2018
🐀 Last night’s Asylum Newsletter was all about gratitude for you, the Plague Rats, but, for those of you who don’t subscribe, I am here sharing the text so that I can THANK YOU as well❤️: Tomorrow morning, I will be wearing my black striped tour pajamas that I've been snuggling up in for 10 years, wrapped in a pink and silver scarf gifted by a generous Plague Rat, and walking into the hospital to undergo surgery on my problematic (i.e. super messed up from birth looks fine from the outside but is actually totally dislocated) jaw. And I will be thinking of YOU, because the few years spent prepping my teeth for this surgery have prevented me from performing and being able to see you in person, and that physical distance between you and I has been excruciating. But! This period of isolation is coming to a close, and I want to say THANK YOU to you and to all Plague Rats, Inmates, our entire Asylum Community for staying close by my side during this period, interacting with me online or in any way we could, listening to the new music (because when I had a month without a metal device blocking my mouth I recorded an album) and telling me what it made you dream of, and, most importantly of all, being there for EACHOTHER, in person, on Instagram, in the Striped Stocking Society, at your meetups... Indeed, whilst I have been off stage, I have watched as you tended our Asylum, looked out for each other, made new Inmate friends, shared your own art (I love re-posting you!), and made our exquisitely precious world grow in a thousand ways. And to see that if I can't sing for a minute the Plague will continue to spread without me and all will be well...this means more to me than you could possibly imagine. And it tells me that what I always, always wanted for you to know has been truly realized: 🐀The Asylum belongs to YOU.🐀 Finally, please believe me when I tell you that my last thought before going unconscious for 4 hours at noon tomorrow will be of you and the entire #AsylumArmy. You have given me life, love, and hope, and I remain eternally devoted. ~W14A🥄 #plagueratsrule
Emilie Autumn Dec 14, 2018
Finally. A place I feel comfortable shopping.
Emilie Autumn Dec 11, 2018
Was just prepping these to ship, then, upon watching this back, I noticed something in the bottom left hand corner... . #W14BB @marcsenter #asylumemporium
Emilie Autumn Dec 11, 2018
'Four o'clock,' I said. 'Teatime.' ☕️ And if you know the rather graphic line that follows this one in #theasylumbook, then THIS is the Asylum Treasure for you! 🐀 This Limited Edition of *20* "Teatime" Handcrafted Necklaces at #asylumemporium are the first to be offered with your choice of ribbon color or chain, and also come with their own wearable vial of tea AND a magical TEA SPELL!!! Visit ☕️️ to read the complete spell right away (those whom I have had the honor of Skype Tea Partying with will recognize this spell as the way that we bind our energies before we begin:). 🐀 Of course, the BEST part is that 10% of proceeds from the sale of this item are being donated to *The Trevor Project*, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention services to LGBTQ youth, something that is particularly crucial during the challenging holiday season. 🖤⠀⠀ With only 5 more days until the super glamorous surgery that is going to knock me out for the next month or so, this is one of the last Limited Edition Holiday Treasures I will be able to offer, so if you'd like something magical, personal, and handmade delivered to you before the holiday season has passed, this is your moment! And now, it's time...for...tea... 🐀⠀⠀ ~W14A🥄⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #theasylumforwaywardvictoriangirls #asylummusical #asylumbook
Emilie Autumn Dec 10, 2018
Have I lost my mind entirely, or does this parking lot stain look rather like Sir Edward, our Rat Logo? 🐀