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Falling in Love with Sadness
DREI (Instrumentals & A Cappellas)
Melanfonie (Special Edition)
Melanfonie (Instrumental)
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I Mean EP (feat. Emika)
Emika Jun 06, 2019
Mamaa.. ice cream?
Emika Jun 06, 2019
When Kawai invited me to their European showroom to play on some of the best instruments in the world, I of course said yes. So which one should I get? :) To my new friend Philipp, thank you for taking care of us and supporting my work. @kawaipianos #future #sound #new #classical #artist #mum #diaries #Emika
Emika Jun 02, 2019
I am computer music.
Emika May 30, 2019
This Mars was eaten and thrown away the year I was born. 1986. It’s been in the see for 33 years and looks like new. There is no ‘away’ when we throw stuff like this in the bin. Wish this stuff would stop being produced all together. No one needs a mars bar really. Like really.. as in think of the universe Vrs a mars bar.
Emika May 29, 2019
What a journey. Artist life ♥️
Emika May 28, 2019
I’m coming to perform live this summer @atlasweekend ♥️
Emika May 27, 2019
Emika May 23, 2019
Thank you so much Classic Pop Magazine and @wyndham Wallace for your wonderful review of my Zeiss Planetarium visual live show in Berlin. #battlestargalactica #grosszeissplanetarium #liveshow #pianist #visuals 💫 @ Zeiss-Großplanetarium
Emika May 23, 2019
TBT 3 years ago, when I was Laif magazine's cover girl which also included features on Prince and David Bowie <3
Emika May 22, 2019
Dear Turkish fans, I am sorry to say that this festival has been moved to later this year. Here is the statement from the festival regarding the reasons and info on your tickets: Dear All, XJAZZ ANKARA, XJAZZ ANKARA festival is postponed due to reelection, which will be held on Sunday, 23rd June. XJAZZ Ankara is now postponed to September for the music lovers and artists to vote in Istanbul reelection. It is very important for us that our friends from Istanbul to participate in these elections which have more meaning than just choosing the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor. XJAZZ Ankara festival, which is one of the most ambitious events of the year with its musicians coming from different geographies of the world, will now be a 2 day festival and it will be on the 28th and 29th of September. The festival will be open air and the venue will still be the ODTU M.D. Vişnelik Facilities. If you have bought tickets previously, your the tickets will be re-arranged for two days. Detailed program of the festival will be announced very soon. Yours Truly XJazz Team
Emika May 20, 2019
Thank you @djmagofficial for your great live review and feature of my visual @planetarium show in Berlin. I am happy 😊 #composer #liveshow #pianist #berlin @ Zeiss-Großplanetarium
Emika May 17, 2019
Tonight on @bbc6music @nemonemetaxas hi from Berlin ♥️ Really fresh mix of music! Thanks for including Eternity.
Emika May 17, 2019
I am coming to perform live in St Petersberg @stereoleto2019 ❤️
Emika May 16, 2019
Emika May 15, 2019
Baking man, is baking bread
Emika May 14, 2019
Emika May 14, 2019
This violin is is giving me attitude
Emika May 14, 2019
I’m working on it.. will you join me?
Emika May 13, 2019
Finally! It’s out and I can share new music with you. I have had the pleasure of remixing techno Meister Len Faki together with Charlotte de Witte, Benjamin Damage, Jensen Interceptor and Midnight Operator. Oh oh oh! I want to write so many things about this... but I’ll let the music do the talking. Go check it out, it’s available everywhere. (P,S Facebook compression makes it sound horrible here!) Thanks Len and Philipp you guys are making beautiful things happen ♥️ @figure_music #Emika #Remix #Electronic #Vocals #Love #Bass #Berlin
Emika May 11, 2019
When someone breaks through with true musicality I could almost cry. It feels me with so much feeling... like yes!! Please crush all the fake artists trashing the market. Anyways.. she evokes strong feelings, what can I say. This is beautiful on so many levels, can my fans tell me the lyrics please? Rosalía
Emika May 11, 2019
Where’s that friggin headphone adapter!? 🙃 @giuseppe_babilonese
Emika May 09, 2019
I’m with the trees.
Emika May 06, 2019
I'm really happy my track Run has been added to this vibey Spotify collection. You can listen here:
Emika May 05, 2019
My new forest studio. Photo by my sweetheart Karen Vandenberghe
Emika May 03, 2019