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Falling in Love with Sadness
DREI (Instrumentals & A Cappellas)
Melanfonie (Special Edition)
Melanfonie (Instrumental)
DREI Remixes
DVA (Bonus Track Version)
Emika (Bonus Track Version)
I Mean EP (feat. Emika)
Emika Apr 22, 2019
When you have a day that all your ideas fall into place and years spent trying to put something together, don’t feel for nothing anymore.
Emika Apr 21, 2019
She is a real artist, she is over rated, she is under rated, she is not as good as the guys, she is only rated because she’s a girl. 900 comments all relating to my gender and whether that makes me special or not talented. Sexism in music technology: hello!
Emika Apr 20, 2019
If you don’t care about music tech, I hear ya. But if you do.. I’m sure you won’t mind me feeling mega proud with myself after 9 straight hours of midi and 7 different manuals.. I have become the midi king. All my instruments and devices are working! The matrix I made is so dope!!! #studio #electronic #piano Thank you Jeff the Mio is cool. So happy happy happy. Midi midi midi. This is why I have no friends.. #music #tech
Emika Apr 20, 2019
Listening to new test presses. My first 10” still to come later this year.
Emika Apr 17, 2019
Hello to the future..
Emika Apr 16, 2019
I remixed one of my favourite techno artists Len Faki. I have loved his label since I moved to Berlin 10 years ago. 'Robot Evolution Remixes' out next month on FIGURE •. #lenfaki #newmusic #emika #techno #electronicmusc
Emika Apr 15, 2019
I've been on a huge soul searching adventure the past few years.. and I am transitioning into somewhere new. Cars, plastic, the planet, the future, the past. It's all catching up with me and I'm trying to work out how to create the lifestyle I want to have in harmony with the planet. It feels like an impossible task. So many old systems that need breaking. But all of these things are mixed into my work now. Thank you for 10,000 views. I see many things online with massive numbers and this popularity business is really making me confused about what is actually good and what is simply just bought attention. I am very grateful to have such interesting and open minded people as my audience and I hope my new work continues to inspire..
Emika Apr 15, 2019
As a freelancer, I always have a Monday like a Sunday. I am still in my night time mood.. even though I should be doing my record label admin. I just discovered some beautiful piano music and added it to my Dark Piano Playlist on Spotify Here's the link below..
Emika Apr 14, 2019
Klavirni wax. Photo @hipnoninja #Emika #Piano #Solo #Experimental
Emika Apr 14, 2019
Backstage Berlin selfies, a split second on her recent world tour @kellymoran__
Emika Apr 14, 2019
The beautiful talented @kellymoran__ preparing piano before her recent concert in Berlin. I have been so inspired by her debut solo album on @warprecords her sound world, visuals, everything is just so enchanting and beautiful. It’s been many many years since I have fallen in love with a new artist like this! Check out her album vinyl, I have it on repeat at home. So lovely. Full support Kelly ♥️
Emika Apr 14, 2019
A look inside my mic collection. Photo @hipnoninja
Emika Apr 13, 2019
My favorite party in Berlin, thank you for having me. #Staub #Emika #Live #Berlin
Emika Apr 11, 2019
Crazy! Special thanks for the amazing photos my friend 📸 jacob chakarji 🌒 visuals by Bordos.ArtWorks✨#zeissgrossplanetarium #emika #berlin #liveperformance #pianist #electronicmusic Zeiss-Großplanetarium
Emika Apr 11, 2019
A day of filming. New things coming. #studio #emika
Emika Apr 10, 2019
Thank you for coming to Planetarium and for your kind words Be-At TV! I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did ✨ Repost from @be_at_tv @emikarecords new Planetarium live show 'If We Disappear' debuted in March. The show took the audience on a journey through @emikarecords incredible live performance, pumped through crisp surround sound accompanied by 360 dome visuals by @bordos.artworks 🌐 Photo credit: Jacob Chakarj . . .#planetarienkunst #planetarium #360 #360show #digitalart #arts #liveperformance #dome #visuals #artvisual #live #femaleartist #femaledj
Emika Apr 09, 2019
Filmed while 8 months pregnant, filmed after my baby was born, this music video came together over several years with my artist friends. Past, future, and present self. Being an artist, having a baby, my creativity has gone wild. Directing myself has been such a challenge the past year because my visions are bigger and brighter and deeper than before. I have never been so grateful to be an artist as I am today. Thank you for tuning in and watching. Share it with your friends :) Thank you to my co producer The Exaltics director and photographer Bet Orten creative director @ruppert.veronika mastering engineer @huejafink video editor @lukas.masner make-up & hair @evasvobodova assistant krisreznikova
Emika Apr 08, 2019
Prague live. Thank you for capturing this moment @michaelakavcova
Emika Apr 06, 2019
The world is strange and beautiful. I try to figure it out every day.
Emika Apr 04, 2019
It never ends, Eternity... 'Eternity' (Earth Version) is a brand new version of ‘Eternity’, taken from my recent album ‘Falling In Love With Sadness’. Both versions are co-produced by myself and The Exaltics. Listen and buy #newmusic #emika #electronic #filws #eternity #theexaltics
Emika Apr 01, 2019
My new video for ‘Eternity’ is live. Thank you to for the premier. I hope you like it 💙 #emika #eternity #newvideo #newmusic
Emika Mar 29, 2019
Out now, my new single 'Eternity' (Earth Version). Listen and buy here -- > #emika #newmusic #emikarecords #eternity
Emika Mar 28, 2019
I have a new song coming tomorrow.. Photo Bet Orten
Emika Mar 28, 2019