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Falling in Love with Sadness
DREI (Instrumentals & A Cappellas)
Melanfonie (Special Edition)
Melanfonie (Instrumental)
DREI Remixes
DVA (Bonus Track Version)
Emika (Bonus Track Version)
I Mean EP (feat. Emika)
Emika Aug 19, 2019
Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make about this really weird and wonderful electronic record (coming later this year) Since the release of my latest album Falling In Love With Sadness on World Mental Health Day (Oct 2018) I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some very unique and special artists in them making remixes for my album. Pinch a pioneer of UK bass driven music, is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking, explorative producers to emerge from the UK dubstep scene. Julia Govor a rising techno star and an artist doing things differently. Paving her own way with her own label, receiving recognition from the global dance music scene. Rebekah needs no big introduction, pioneering her own intense sound, now entering her 20th year in the business, she is a serious artist with some seriously heavy vibes. Headless Horseman all though shrouded in mystery, is in high demand world wide to perform his unique live sets at some of the best clubs and festivals. I produced the original album material with my dear friend and cult electro icon The Exaltics I can't wait to share the music with you. If you are into experimental bass music, hypnotic & dark techno, and electro, with little glimpses of vocals, then this record is (hopefully) one for you. For the vinyl collectors, we are making a limited first edition with green coloured vinyl. Shout out to 2byWu&Chen for the cover art design and Eero Suojanen for the idea to get us all on the cover! Also thought carefully about equality and what it means for me and I am very happy to have things balanced with this release. Track list: 1.Eternity (Pinch Remix) 2.Run (Julia Govor Remix) 3.Falling In Love With Sadness (Rebekah Remix) 4.Wash It All Away (Headless Horseman Remix) Out on Emika Records / Oct 11 on digital and first edition green coloured vinyl. Distributed by SRD Southern Record Distributors
Emika Aug 18, 2019
Thank you for having me and everyone that came down. So much great music! ♥️ 9am post party photo @griessmuehle @i_r_a_k_l_i_
Emika Aug 15, 2019
Had the pleasure of exploring the sound world of @pablomateooo and we collaborated on a track for his forthcoming debut on @figure_music #cables #vocals #piano #cuts #Berlin
Emika Aug 15, 2019
Playing at a really colour full weird and wonderful techno party tomorrow alongside some of my favorite electronic artists and friends. @i_r_a_k_l_i_ @griessmuehle
Emika Aug 14, 2019
Two of the loveliest people I know in music. James Heather opened doors for me when I was a music tech studio trying to get my music heard, and Jon Moore co founded Ninja Tune which is the label I released my first 2 albums with. Check out James’s new radio show on Soho Radio this month he interviews Jon and they share some of their favorite ambient music. Thanks for including my piano piece ‘Credit Theme’ in such a nice selection!
Emika Aug 10, 2019
I found pleasure in the tears I cry, a sad story and my heart would rise. @djrebekah ❤️ #remix #FallingInLoveWithSadness
Emika Aug 10, 2019
Made music in my sleep, woke up and made more, coffee coffee beats beats. Forest studio giving me vibes.
Emika Aug 09, 2019
making tunes / forest studio giving me vibes
Emika Aug 06, 2019
It’s OFFICIAL! Gig poster from @agmplive. I am being supported by the enigmatic @fifirong, at the iconic @100clublondon on 9 December. This is my sole London date. Doors open from 7.30pm. More UK dates to follow. I look forward to seeing you. Gig info & 'early bird' tickets:- #EMIKA #FifiRong #100ClubLondon #AGMP #London #live #music #electronicmusic #bass #synths #neosoul #pop #RandB #keyboards 🎤🎧🎹🎶
Emika Aug 02, 2019
Emika Aug 02, 2019
Be my eyes be my ears
Emika Jul 31, 2019
Hello to baby Emika, you must be at least 4 years old by now. Wishing you and your family all the best, and I still can’t believe inspired your name in some way ♥️ thank you to my fans for sharing this with me..
Emika Jul 31, 2019
I read your letters and messages, sometimes they are so lovely I just don’t know how to reply. I’ve heard over the years that people have found their true loves connected to my music somehow. Or they found courage and bravery to change something in their lives and pursue their dreams. I always believe music brings people together and can see people free. This is the side to my talent / gift / creativity, how ever you want to label it, which goes so much deeper then a career. So even if I can’t find the words to reply and express how I feel, please know that I get your letters, they inspire me continue what I do and to keep developing as an artist to make better music for you.
Emika Jul 26, 2019
Tonight I am playing in Berlin ♥️
Emika Jul 25, 2019
Technology + nature / voice + algorithms 📷 @yacbln #planetarium #Berlin #liveshow #Emika
Emika Jul 24, 2019
The artist. Can take a lot of shit. Can play by your rules and come up with her own. Can find her own way and help you find yours. The artist makes love to her own freedom in the dark.
Emika Jul 23, 2019
Emika Jul 23, 2019
Emika's cover photo
Emika Jul 23, 2019
I would like to invite everyone to send me any video clips they have made of my shows to be part of a special video: [email protected]
Emika Jul 21, 2019
Take me back @stereoleto2019
Emika Jul 19, 2019
Everyone’s need to make money and to be successful means we are often trashing music.. the thing we love the most.
Emika Jul 17, 2019
Thank you to everyone who listens to my music and has given me an opportunity to work & share what I love, music has brought me so many friendships and collaborations around the world. #vibes
Emika Jul 16, 2019
@privetdashurik 💋
Emika Jul 15, 2019
📷 @l.ateralus
Emika Jul 15, 2019
Thank you for having me @atlasweekend I loved performing for you.. and for the beautiful photos @l.ateralus ♥️ #Emika #Live