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Roxanne Emery Feb 11, 2019
Coming out on Friday! The brand new HØLY WATERS single. So excited for this one. Pre-save here
Roxanne Emery Feb 10, 2019
At any given time, we are making decisions based on who is controlling our emotions and thoughts at any given time. There are two leaders alive within us all, and they can be in control of the entire kingdom (our Iives) at any point. One is the animal master. One is the spiritual master. Learning to recognise which master is in control during certain decision making, will really help utilise our rationality and make more impactful, beneficial long term choices. Both masters are strong. Both are capable of making us think “this is absolutely the right decision”. But these two masters are often making very different decisions! It’s important to be aware of who is currently in control. Here is how the animal master likes to live: •acting on sexual desire whenever it is felt •eating whenever and whatever it wants •looks for instant gratification from sex, alcohol, drugs, gossip •using aggression when faced with opposition •words like: impulsive, compulsive, spontaneous apply Here is how the spiritual master likes to live: •recognising when animal desires are at play, and not being controlled by them •being guided by an inner voice of clarity and calm •exercising self control •valuing patience •aiming to add more good into the world •acting from a place of peace and purpose •words like: calm, guided, patience, wisdom apply For a long time I lived purely driven from my animal master. I told myself I was spontaneous, fun, acting out of love, and lived like a bull in a China shop (who had just done a couple of lines of coke). There was always chaos. There was always instability. I was always searching for the next high. Instant gratification was never enough. I always needed it again. Now it is my intention to live under my spiritual master. It can be hard. I can and will get it wrong. But each time I choose my spiritual master, I empower him. His voice becomes clearer. Which master is at work in you today? Can you recognise it and why?
Roxanne Emery Feb 10, 2019
Roxanne Emery
Roxanne Emery Feb 02, 2019
Sacrifice. What does the word mean to you? Possibly it holds some negative connotations... giving things up. Doing things at don’t want to out of fear of guilt. Not of those things sound particularly pleasant. I would like to suggest a different meaning for the word sacrifice. Sacrifice as a “miracle trade up”. Imagine giving somebody £1, and being given £100 in return. The way we define the word, only looks at half of the transaction. It focuses on what we give up. It doesn’t encompass the other side: what we will get in return. It says “I don’t want to give up this £1. It’s mine. I like it. I might need it.” Totally missing the miracle trade up of receiving the £100. Ok, so how does this work in real life? Here are some examples, of sacrifices in my life. These are things I would not have historically wanted to do because they sounded hard, or not very fun because I didn’t know about the miracle trade up! •exercising: going to the gym or commuting to any form of movement is often seen as a sacrifice. Of time, energy, and money. But what’s the miracle trade up? A healthier body, a healthier mind, increased self esteem and self belief, more energy, more vitality, longevity of health. The list is as endless as it is priceless. •cutting down or quitting drugs and alcohol: we sacrifice the freedom to get blackout drunk on a Tuesday and the ‘fun’ of partying. But what’s the miracle trade up? Clarity of mind, no regrets for drunken behaviour, no hangovers, a healthier body and mind, we save a lot of money, we have more time to spend on our goals and with people we love, and we live free of addiction. Again, it’s an endless list of positives. Just a couple of examples... but this really applies everything. To relationships, life goals, spiritual practice. Wherever we are willing to give ourselves up, we allow space for something greater to fill it. Next time something feels like too big of a sacrifice, take a step back, and try and reframe it within the context of a miracle trade up. Make sure you aren’t blocking your £100 by holding tightly to £1.
Roxanne Emery Jan 31, 2019
“To worry is to pray to the devii” Ok, that sounds quite heavy... sorry. But let’s think about it for a second. Worrying is actually a great act of faith. Faith in the worst outcome. Here are some things I worry about: •being gossiped about •returning to drinking •going bankrupt •losing my health •choosing the wrong path •messing up my next relationship What do you worry about? Chances are you can list quite a few things off the top of your head. Worry has become a common state to live in. That means we live in a constant state of faith that the worst will happen. When we worry, we expect the universe to turn out badly. We have great faith in things not working out. This level of faith is actually incredible. It shows we can truly believe in something, and such belief causes things to be. All we have to do is keep the same faith, but replace worry with hope. There is always a hopeful sentence that can replace the worry. Look at all of your worries, and find the hopeful side of it. Here are some examples: •what if it works out? •I will get good news •everything happens in perfect timing •I trust the process •everything works for good •love will find me when I am ready •I am being prepared Sometimes in the middle of a storm, it can be hard to be hopeful. But it is this change of thinking, this new prayer, that will absolutely transform your experience! Have you ever known a storm in nature that does not eventually end? Let’s surrender worry for hope. Let’s trust the process. Let’s trust there is a greater guidance in this world than our human minds are capable of understanding.
Roxanne Emery Jan 30, 2019
My new iPhone monitors my screen time. It’s no surprise I spend A LOT of time on Instagram... Seeing the hours and minutes of my life laid out in a chart really slammed home how important it is to be vigilant about how much time we spend on our phones AND what we do with that time. I’ve got a lot better and using my phone time wisely. Listening to audiobooks, and meditations, and it’s showing in my life. This got me thinking... yes, it’s important to see how much time we spend on certain apps on our phones. But this kind of measurement should come secondary to something fundamentally way more important... The “screen time” we give thoughts in our own minds. We’re far more likely to talk about monitoring our physical phone screen time than we are to look into how much time we spend on certain thought patterns! Let’s get vigilant with our own minds. Let’s notice how much time we are spending on certain thoughts and decide if those thoughts are serving us or not. How many of us are spending HOURS a day of brain screen time stuck in negative story telling that is not serving us? Umm... all of us most likely. Think about your thoughts today... where has your attention been? What would it look like on a graph? Here are some brain screen time thoughts that we want to spend less time on: •negative self talk •replaying a situation from the past •imagining the worst •anger •defensiveness •thoughts of inadequacy •saying mean things about self or others •feeling competitive •thoughts of revenge •violence •imagining an argument •telling stories where we are the victim (Oh yikes... I don’t think my brain screen time is actually very healthy.) Here’s what we can add more of: •gratitude •radical acceptance •positivity •love •patience •joy •creativity •wishing others well •happy memories •ways to live a better life It’s time to take control of our thoughts. And realise, that just like Facebook, we can close certain apps, and actively focus on something better.
Roxanne Emery Jan 28, 2019
Waking up late. And hungover. The sheets haven’t been cleaned for weeks. I don’t want to lie in this bed. It’s disgusting. But I don’t have anywhere else to be today so I don’t have a choice. I crawl to the kitchen to make a coffee. Just to take the edge off my throbbing head. I crawl back into bed. It’s dirty. I feel dirty. In a way we’re a perfect match. I need to eat, the shop feels really far away... maybe I’ll just order something. I tell myself this will be the only thing I eat all day so I can justify spending money I don’t have (It’s a lie... I’ll smoke weed later, get the munchies, and order even more). I can’t face the outside world right now. Uber Eats it is. I lie in bed, mindlessly refreshing my phone, waiting for my food, hoping perhaps for some good news. Some good anything really... but what happens instead is just an endless stream of happiness and success from other people that make me feel even fucking worse. I have a list of things to do. Bills to pay. Friends to connect to. Dreams to follow. But it’s so overwhelming I can’t even take one step. How am I such a loser? How have I thrown my life away in such an epic manner when I had everything. I guess I got the life I deserve. A life of a loser. There’s a knock on the door. I smile at the delivery man, it’s the only bit of real human contact I’ll have all day. For a moment I feel sorry for him. Can you imagine having that job? Then I realise... anything is better than how I feel right now. That was a normal day. Lived over and over again. It feels very far away now, but I never want to forget. What it felt like to be utterly lost and hopeless. This morning I woke up, worked out, and made my bed. Making my bed is a new addition to my life, and it feels amazing. It’s a little gift to myself that’s says “you’re worth it”. If you’re where I was, I promise it gets better. Take a shower. Clean your sheets. If that’s all you do today, I promise it’s enough, and it’s a victory.
Roxanne Emery Jan 26, 2019
The only time we don’t have a shadow, is when we are standing in the dark. Our shadows are most visible when we stand in the light. From a soul perspective that is really interesting... it means that we are either 100% in dark, or a combination of light and shadow. No human being is 100% light. But they can stand 100% in the dark. (And I have certainly lived there, consumed by drink, drugs, chaotic relationships etc.) To stand and to live in the light is not to be without blame, wrongdoing or darkness. But to recognise that darkness exists in us all. To understand it. To love it. And to use it. Spirituality and religion can mistakenly lead us to an “us and them” mentality. With us as the enlightened / the saved / the morally superior etc. and them as the unawake / unholy / wrong. It’s divisive. It’s an ego trick. And it isn’t real. If you find yourself judging someone else for their shadow, it’s highly likely you haven’t come to terms with your own. Your shadow can be a great guide. If we stop running away from it. What we judge most harshly in others, exists in ourselves. Your shadow will be the parts of your personality you are most ashamed of, or have been judged for in the past, that you have repressed and buried within you. For me, and I am still learning, my shadow looks like: •cheating •controlling people •manipulating •laziness / lethargy •being a hypocrite •being judgemental These are all parts of me. I am not ashamed of them. Rather, I look at them and wonder, why are you there? And what will you look like if I love you and allow you into the light? The more time we spend looking at ourselves, rather than others, the more beautiful this world will be.
Roxanne Emery Jan 25, 2019
Imagine you are lost on a long walk. As you are walking it starts to rain. The ground turns to mud. Mud covers your shoes, and as the weather worsens, all of your clothes. You slip on the wet ground, and fall face first into the mud. You cry as it doesn’t feel nice, and you don’t where you are, or how you will get out of this weather. And you feel dirty. You stand to your feet and you keep walking. After many hours, your eyes spot a little house in the distance. The windows light up the dark and act as your guide. You arrive at the house. A friendly lady is already waiting for you, beckoning you inside. “You must be so cold! Here, come inside. You can take a long shower and I will make you a cup of tea”. She is holding a towel and clean clothes. What do you? Please imagine it. You are shivering. Alone. Lost. And covered in mud. And here is warmth, kindness, and cleanliness. I think most of us walk into the house in tears. So grateful to have seen this house, and for the kindness of this lady. If we weren’t so muddy, we would want to hug her. Now imagine replying like this: “I can’t come in. I am too dirty. I will ruin your house. It’s too late for me. I will sleep out here. Eventually I will find my way.” That doesn’t really make sense does it? After such a hard journey, to deny ourselves what we need. To stay in the rain. To stay covered in mud. Feeling it’s too late to get clean. When a shower is right in front of us, offered no strings attached. Imagine this walk in the mud and the rain has been your life so far. Covered in all of the things you are shamed of (for me this includes drugs, alcohol, sleeping with a married man, cheating on partners, lying, manipulating). The lady at the door is the universe. Wanting to help you. And it’s your decision. To accept help, to get warm, to get clean or to reject the kindness and punish yourself more. You are not too dirty. It is not too late. Accept the warm shower, and the cup of tea. Just as we can clean our bodies. We too can clean our souls.
Roxanne Emery Jan 23, 2019
Imagine a person who is really struggling with their physical health. They get out of breath easily, none of their clothes fit as they keep putting on weight, they have really low energy levels. Imagine this person comes to you for advice. What would you tell them? Chances it will be along these lines: •eat more healthily •workout a little more If this person took this advice, over the course of a few moths, their physical health would turnaround. They would gain fitness, new energy, vitality, lose weight etc. Now imagine someone comes to you suffering with poor mental health. They are caught in a loop of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and low self worth. What would you say to this person? It’s a little harder isn’t it? Perhaps we would just offer love and support. Perhaps we would suggest a doctors visit. Maybe medication could help? How about we start seeing mental and physical health as the same thing. Our minds respond to workouts and healthy consumption in the same way our bodies do. So our advice to our friend can be similar. Let’s look at the two parts again. Eat healthier: This means consumption. In the realm of the mind this means to stop consuming junk. Celebrity magazines, advertising, social media accounts that make you feel less than, gossip, mindless TV shows etc. We should advise our friend to start consuming healthier “mind food”. Self development books, spiritual books, podcasts, audiobooks. There is a wealth of information out there! DM me if you want suggestions. Workout more: this means to exercise. To exercise the mind we meditate. Deep healing takes place in a meditative state. You can use the Headspace app, someone deeper like Tara Brach, yoga, journaling, prayer etc. this is how we exercise our mind. If your friend commits to these two things, they would go through a transformation. Not of body. But of mind and spirit. Now imagine that friend is you. Take control today.
Roxanne Emery Jan 22, 2019
Dear body, What an 8 months it has been. I am so, so proud of you. When I look at you there, about to run around the park for the first time, I remember how much you hated yourself. How many times you cried, tasted blood in your mouth, cursed yourself. Even then, when you hated yourself you were beautiful. You were breathing. You kept me alive. You allowed me to do everything I wanted. I said some horrible things to you. And I would like to take them all back. I called you fat, lazy, disgusting. I looked at you in the mirror and cried. That must have been horrible for you. I didn’t realise all you needed was love. A soft touch. And for me to believe in you. You have come on an epic journey with me. I’ve pushed you harder than I should have at times. Called you names when you weren’t perfect. Felt disappointed when you didn’t reach the “goals” I had laid out for you. Tried to make you sick after I chose to binge. But you came with me. You let me do it. You took the punishment. You felt hungry. You felt the discipline of restriction. You felt the pain of the binges. You thanked me when I took a break. And really, it is you who helped me realise how to love you. You love food, you know exactly what you need, if I will just be quiet enough to listen. You don’t like to be forced into things, or called names. And I swear I will never do that again. We’re in this thing for life, and I promise to look after you. To nourish you with amazing food. Rest. And movement that you thrive on. I’m sorry it took me so long to figure out. Thank you for bearing with me. I love you. Mind.
Roxanne Emery Jan 21, 2019
I have never walked slowly through heart break. I’ve sprinted away from it, dived head first into it, crashed through the middle of it, and drowned under it. But I have never walked slowly through it. The single most important thing I have done in the last few weeks is to guard my thoughts. To edit them, all the time. There are two modes I can fall into which can are very harmful to my state: 1. I am disgusting. I deserve to be punished. 2. He/she is disgusting. They deserve to be punished Both mindsets do not lead to peace, happiness, or healing. It’s war mentality, either raging at myself, or someone else. And war, only leads to death. Of course, my ego loves both stories. One would allow me to give up on sobriety, to start sleeping around, to smoke, to self harm, and destroy my life (again). The other makes me want to enter into a fight, to “win”, to prove myself, and for other people’s lives to be difficult. When either of these thought patterns present themselves, I actually say out loud “no thank you. Those thoughts do not serve me”. It works. We’re in control. Learning this is nothing short of a miracle! I have been called weak by some people around me. Questioned as to why I am not angry. Pushed into wanting revenge for those who only see my side. And that’s ok. These are all normal human reactions. This could be World War 3 if I wanted it to be. But I would rather it be something beautiful. Life, and it’s lessons, can always be something beautiful. If we choose it to be. Forgiveness isn’t weak. It’s strong. It reclaims your life and makes every day you practice it more beautiful. It is not my job to punish myself, nor others, for our mistakes. It is my job only to forgive. “Forgiveness does not erase the scar of betrayal, but it does at least close the wound.”
Roxanne Emery Jan 20, 2019
Tidying up. For me it has always been a ball ache. A chore I really couldn’t be bothered with. When I’ve lived in a tidy home, it’s been because the cleaner had been that day, or, someone else had done it. On the rare occasion I would clean up, it would be so overwhelming that I’d only really do half the job, and would be absolutely shattered afterwards. Maintaining a beautiful space always baffled me. How do people actually manage this?! Symptoms of needing some help with tidying include: •anxiety over mess •overwhelm with mess •wanting to hire someone to help •unpacked suitcases •half done washing •a sink full of washing up •unused storage boxes •unhung paintings •piles of letters you’ll “get to later” This was my life for a long time. Towards the end of 2018 I started to make some changes. The desire to honour my space grew, and I found myself waking up early to do a quick apartment clean. That desire has grown and grown. Today I watched possibly the most helpful show on this topic. “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo. It’s available on Netflix and Episode one totally changed my mindset! Her methods are right up my street because they are spiritual (cue thanking your house in meditation before cleaning!), but also very applicable. I’ve spent the day re-organising my room and it feels amazing. Unpacking bags that contained years of clutter. Throwing out what I don’t need. Beautifully housing that which I do. Sacred spaces = more peace and more joy.
Roxanne Emery Jan 19, 2019
Think about somebody you love, but who needs to change in order to live a happier life. It’s perfectly ok to love someone, and desire them to change. I want you to visualise this person. Hold them in your heart with love. And list the things that would make their life happier... For example, the person who I want to make happier would: •drink less •smoke less •work out more •meditate more •read self help books •spend more time in nature •get control over emotions I want you to write out a note to your friend, partner, parent, whoever this person is, and list all of the things that would make them so much happier if they would just change. Please, take 2 minutes now to open Notes on your phone and write this list. Then come back. . . . . . . . . . Welcome back. Now, let us remember that the desire to change other people is an ego trick to take away our focus from changing ourselves. Please also remember that what we are affected by in others, and what we criticise, also exists in ourselves. We are most triggered by our own shadow and repressed nature. So, take the list of changes you would like to see in your loved one, and vigilantly apply that list to yourself. See any areas where you are lacking, or can do better. Changing other people is near on impossible. Changing ourselves is at our very finger tips. The best way to change someone you love is to change yourself. Shine a light. Keep your love on. Lead by example, and not by opinion.
Roxanne Emery Jan 18, 2019
When we speak, we can pour out peace or poison. That’s it really. In a way, it’s quite amazing to recognise this. We can become the editor of our own story, by noticing the words we choose to use. And actively choose peace. Words have power. Our decision to pour out peace or poison affects not only us, but those around us. This world truly has enough poison. Peace sounds like: •grace •forgiveness •mercy •positivity •understanding •calmness •beauty •a new perspective •victory Poison sounds like: •judgement •condemnation •gossip •bullying •negativity •complaining •pain •victim mentality •blame Today, I encourage you to become an editor of your own story. Actively listen to the words that flow from your mouth, and recognise if you are pouring out peace or poison. This same principle applies to the thoughts and stories within our own heads as well...
Roxanne Emery Jan 17, 2019
I am fearful, of fear. I figured it out yesterday. When I see fear in others, it causes a negative reaction in me. I want to beat the fear away. To be mean to it, to disrespect it... We cannot beat fear away. Just as we can’t fight the darkness with a baseball bat. We can only turn on a light. Today I want to say thank you to fear. My fear is a road map for where my love needs to go. Being fearful of anything... an opportunity, a gift, a skill, love, authenticity, our voices, a friend, a conversation, is a sign post that that place needs some more love. Today I commit to leaning into fear, to learning what it is trying to show me, and to heal it with love.
Roxanne Emery Jan 15, 2019
4 months sober today. I owe so much in my life to sobriety, the depth of the spiritual connection it has allowed me, and those around me who help on this journey. I would like to share with you some words I spoke on December 23rd. “I’m going to drink. Leave me the fuck alone. I don’t deserve sobriety. I am disgusting.” It brings a tear to my eye to remember feeling that way. My plan was to drink, to destroy my sobriety, and myself. To show those around me just how deeply I hated myself. And to punish myself. I felt a deep desire to drink, to cut my skin, to put myself in grave danger. I am forever grateful for those around me who got me the help I needed on that day. Self healing is not an easy path. That self hatred is only one crack of weakness away. There’s a reason we talk about H.A.L.T. When we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired, that’s when the demons of the past can see their chance. I believe this applies not only to those on a sobriety journey. But for people on any kind of journey, which is all of us really. Whether you are trying to get healthier physically, mentally, or both. Remember, it’s your mind that can be your own worst enemy. Keep watch over your thoughts. Guard your peace. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. It does make me chuckle to have gone from party girl to recovery girl.
Roxanne Emery Jan 13, 2019
Reading, podcasts, and audiobooks have been a huge part of my life over the last year. I’ve gone from someone who would watch hours of Netflix everyday (some days, I wouldn’t even get out of bed...) to someone who loves consuming self development material. There are so many things which help me lead a happier life, and consuming wisdom of others is a huge part of it. Most of us know what to do to lose weight. We eat less calories, and exercise more. This is exactly the same with losing spiritual weight (or emotional baggage!). Eating less means consuming less that doesn’t serve us, and working out means taking our minds to the gym! Please comment below with books that have changed your life. Let’s share our knowledge and encourage each other on our journey. Here are mine: •The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz •The Mastery of Love by don Miguel Ruiz •A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson •The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
Roxanne Emery Jan 12, 2019
Burying my head in the sand. One of my historical worst habits. And something I am working hard to change. Whether it’s work letters, emails, or even communications with friends, I have a history of poor communication. And it’s tangled up in a few other issues as well. Let me explain... Let’s say a friend sends me a text, I’m in the middle of something so I don’t reply thinking “I’ll get to it later”. I forget to get to it later and so they follow up. At this point I start to feel shame and guilt for not replying, and that actually causes me to withdraw further! Each time they contact me, I get further and further away, carrying so much shame about my lack of contact. Rather than tell the truth, I pretend it isn’t happening. If you have a friend who does this, trust me, they are thinking about you, desperately wanting everything to be ok, but trapped in fear and guilt laden thinking. This behaviour also spilled out into how I handled my finances. Ignoring important letters and missing important deadlines. I’m extraordinarily grateful to be unpacking this behaviour, and healing it. If you are similar to me, and bury your head in the sand, here is my advice to you: •it is never as bad in reality as it is in your head •people are a lot more receptive than you think •if you don’t contact someone, you don’t give them the chance to help you (which often humans will if you tell them you are struggling!) •overwhelm comes from looking at the whole mountain, just look at one thing. One text, one letter. Take it in small steps •the more you bury your head in the sand, the worse the fear becomes. It doesn’t serve you. You are extremely powerful. You can overcome all of your struggles. It’s time to take control, and start taking the steps that serve you, rather than running away.
Roxanne Emery Jan 11, 2019
Is the swan attacking me? Or is this an epic moment caught on camera? The truth is... it could be both. And purely depends on our perception. Every single situation has two sides. A curse can become a great blessing. An attack can hurt you, or make you more resilient. A road block can stop you, or send you on a more exciting journey. A closed door can trap you, or lead you to an open window. A loss can be grieved, or celebrated for the new space it creates. It is UP TO US which side we choose to make out reality. We must accept responsibility for our lives, and circumstances. And if we choose, we can live in a state of peace, joy, and abundance. We just have to let go of our control of how we think our life should be. Peace is always available. It’s one choice away. Let’s stop asking “why me”, but start proclaiming “try me”. Let’s stop re-telling the same old stories with us as the victim. Let’s stop the old patterns and programming. Let’s stop the lack of empowerment. Let’s be grateful for every single thing. Let’s be open to the fact that our plan is not the only plan. “Thank you universe. I know you turn trials into triumph. I trust you. I surrender to you.”
Roxanne Emery Jan 11, 2019
Last year I couldn’t walk up the stairs to my home without getting out of breath. Smoking, drinking, eating junk food, poor mental health, poor body image. I was a melting pot of ill health and I was getting worse by the day. I would sometimes catch myself, not distracted by work, a hangover, or some other drama, and look at myself in the mirror. And I would cry. I was deeply ashamed of how far I had let things go, and I felt helpless. I would cry and think “I hate myself. I am disgusting. This can’t be me”. Those thoughts did nothing but keep me low. Keep me disempowered. I believed I was a failure, lazy, disgusting, naturally fat... the list of shame laden words was endless. I began my journey by “trying go do a little better each day”. That was it. I stopped calling myself horrible words. And I kept the faith that with small action each day I would regain my health. It hasn’t been easy. There have been ups and downs. I’ve quit. Restarted. Become obsessed. Backed off. Tried different foods and diets. Lost weight. Put it in. Gained muscle. Lost it. Missed workouts. Binged. BUT... it has all been worth it. We do not need to be perfect. We just need to try. And if we get it wrong one day. We get back up and try again the next day. Today I managed my first successful crow pose. I fell over, my technique wasn’t great, and there is a long way to go. But I did it. This would have seemed impossible last year. Taking control of your health is so, so empowering. It shows you that transformation is possible. Don’t look at the mountain and think “there is no way I can climb that”. Simply take one step. That’s all you need to do. One step.
Roxanne Emery Jan 10, 2019
What do you do when someone turns up at your door and says “God told me to come and get you”. You get in the car. Two weeks ago, this is what happened to me. Suzanna Storey drove down to my Dad’s house, we went for a long walk, and talk, and I ended up packing my things and driving back with her to stay with her family. I was suffering daily with anxiety and a lot of guilt, and didn’t feel worthy of someone helping me so it was a little tough to say yes. It breaks my heart that when we go through hard times, we can often turn in ourselves, rather than turn to those who can help us out. Suzs has spent hours with me. Helping me unpack my self, have faith in my future, my healing and many other things. She has enabled me to finally get my finances in order, and is also teaching me how to look after a home. I get hugs and cups of tea if I cry (which is actually a lot less than I thought it would be!). And a beautiful, loving family home to work and grow in. So... this is a thank you post. For friendship. For Dan and Suzs who ha e adopted me over this season. I feel like the luckiest person alive, and genuinely don’t know where I would be without them.
Roxanne Emery Jan 08, 2019
“Comparison is the thief of joy”. I love this quote. As someone who struggled for a long time with comparing myself to others, feeling inadequate, and being jealous (even of my friends!) it really resonates. Here are some thoughts that used to consistently be in my mind: -they are so slim, I am disgusting -they are better songwriters, I am a awful -one day everyone will figure out I’m a fake -their Instagram is so cool, mine is rubbish -how do they workout everyday? Ugh. I can’t. -their style is so amazing. I am so past it and frumpy -everyone seems so happy, I am truly hating my life -everyone else has such clear vision, I don’t even know what my purpose in life is Do you know what’s CRAZY about these thoughts regarding other people? “OTHER PEOPLE” ARE THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING! Stop for one second and let that sink in. The majority of people who you believe are crushing it, are struggling daily as well. In a way it’s a nice thought. It shows our feelings of inadequacy aren’t really ours, it’s more like a disease we all suffer from. And the cure for the disease? Self love. It isn’t enough to say “don’t campare yourself to others”. We must look at why we do that, and heal the root cause. If you are suffering from thoughts of inadequacy on a regular basis I have the following challenge for you... everyday for the next week, do these 3 things: -write a gratitude list of your blessings, particularly in areas you feel inadequate -meditate: If you’re new try out @headspace, if you’re more advanced try @tarabrach -use your jealousy as a guide. Next time you are scrolling someone’s feed and feel the familiar “ugh.” at someone else’s perceived successes, ask yourself why? Why is this a trigger? Underneath the trigger will be the knowledge that you too are absolutely able to do the same thing! Your triggers can be guides to undiscovered potential in yourself. You deserve to walk in power and purpose. To be the person you were created to be.
Roxanne Emery Jan 07, 2019
Rome wasn’t built in a day. ⛪ And neither was my mind, and my body. ❤️ I have been building with crumbling bricks for the longest time. Not worrying about the foundations. Not having a blueprint. Not taking care of the details. 🙏🏼 That time is over. ❤️ I choose to build my mind and my body with great honour. 🧘‍♀️ For my body, this means consistent whole food vegan eating. Consistent workouts that I enjoy. Rest when I need it. And words of empowerment and encouragement. 💭 For my mind, that means reprogramming the bad habits I learnt, the negative thinking, the self seeking, the self pity, by consistently consuming wisdom from podcasts and audiobooks, as well as dedicated time in meditation and prayer. 💫 I have a vision for my body and my mind. Do you?
Roxanne Emery Jan 07, 2019
You have a super power. 🤾🏽‍♀️ It’s how you react to situations. 📝 -a traffic jam -someone being rude -a threat -a harsh word -spilling your coffee -missing your alarm -the supermarket being out of Oat Milk -receiving bad news ❤️ The first thing that will always happen is the emotional response. Rage, annoyance, anger, defence, upset. You can recognise when you are in an emotional response because you will not feel calm or peaceful, but streamed. It’s like something else is running you. 🤬 Standard operating procedure is to react from this mode. But there is another way... 🕒 A way that says patience. Acceptance. Calm. And clarity. 🧘‍♀️ Take a moment to breath. Deeply. Ask the universe to help you. Ask for peace. Surrender the situation. Let the highly emotional thoughts leave your mind. Your heart beat will slow. You will feel soothed. ❤️ It is from this energy that we can choose how we react to a given situation, if we react at all. 📝 -enjoy the traffic jam because we get to listen to music -wish someone well who is rude as recognise they are struggling -realising threats have no power if we ignore them -responding to harsh words with love -making another coffee -setting two alarms tomorrow -trying out Almond milk -realising it’s in pain that we grow most 👀 Watch your emotions with vigilance. Realise your incredible power to choose how you react. And start to feel what it’s like to be in control of your life.