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Secrets of the Magick Grimoire
The Night of Nights (Live)
The Pagan Manifesto
Red Silent Tides
Two Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures)
The Scythe
The Winter's Wake
Rage Against Racism Rage Against Racism 2019
Venue: Rage Against Racism (Duisburg, Germany) Find tickets
Rockharz Open Air Rockharz Open Air 2019
Venue: Rockharz Open Air (Osterode am Harz, Germany) Find tickets
Sunstorm Open Air Sunstorm Open Air 2019
Venue: Sunstorm Open Air (Nordheim, Germany) Find tickets
Rock am Stück Rock am Stück 2019
Venue: Rock Am Stück (Fritzlar, Germany) Find tickets
Rock am Stück Rock am Stück 2019
Venue: Rock am Stück Festivalgelände „Am Lohrberg“ (Kassel, Germany) Find tickets
Sabaton Open Air Sabaton Open Air 2019
Venue: Lugnet Arena (Falun, Sweden) Find tickets
PovoRock PovoRock 2019
Venue: Area Festeggiamenti Quarte d’Avost (Udine, Italy) Find tickets
Elvenking Jun 20, 2019
ELVENLEGIONS! Tomorrow we will back to Germany at RAGE AGAINST RACISM together with Destruction and many other cool bands! See you in Duisburg! 🇩🇪 pic by The Discovered Land
Elvenking Jun 19, 2019
NEW ALBUM - Studio Preview #2 A short video collecting moments from the recordings of the upcoming NEW ALBUM, directly from the studios. In this preview: guitars, violin and vocals recordings. READER OF THE RUNES - DIVINATION will be released August 30st on AFM-Records.
Elvenking Jun 17, 2019
Dear ELVENLEGIONS! We feel like we’re about to spit some real wildfire as dragons do, as the first videoclip from the the new album together with some other interesting insight videos are on the way! While waiting, have a great Monday if possible and bear with us..! It’s all coming very soon! The vibes are strong! 🐉 🦖🔥💪🏻 (the pic was taken during the 3 Ways to Magick Tour by - Thanks to our lovely fan for the Dragon! 😜)
Elvenking Jun 13, 2019
Elvenlegions! we are getting ready for the next Summer shows! Will you join us? Next stop is Rage Against Racism festival in Duisburg, Germany together with the mighty thrash legend Destruction! \m/
Elvenking Jun 12, 2019
Today we share with you some memories filmed during last Spring's European Tour! A good way to thank all the people involved and especially you, Elvenlegions! Enjoy the full video here:
Elvenking Jun 11, 2019
Our brand new song "Under the Sign of a Black Star" has been included in Spotify's NEW METAL TRACKS playlist! Check it out for some fine fresh metal plus this first glimpse of our upcoming album! Stay tuned for more!
Elvenking Jun 07, 2019
Elvenlegions! Our new song "Under the Sign of a Black Star" from our upcoming album "READER OF THE RUNES - DIVINATION" is out now! Watch the full Lyric Video here:
Elvenking Jun 05, 2019
FRIDAY 7th JUNE is the day, Elvenlegions - we will finally share with you some new music. The first glimpse of the new album is called "UNDER THE SIGN OF A BLACK STAR" and its notes and magick will be unleashed through a LYRIC VIDEO. You will also find it on all major digital services of course. The runes have been cast.
Elvenking Jun 04, 2019
A picture taken during our show at MetalFest Czech Republic! Thank you so much Plzeň Now onto the next Summer festivals! Next stop: Rage Against Racism - Duisburg - Germany. Pic by
Elvenking Jun 02, 2019
Ci vediamo questa sera a Sentieri Tolkeniani, al Castello di Osasco (TO)!
Elvenking Jun 01, 2019
Always a great time at Metal Fest, Czech Republic 🇨🇿!
Elvenking May 30, 2019
Here it is... the LIMITED BOXSET of our upcoming album "Reader of the Runes - Divination". It really looks amazing and it is something we have never done before. We are happy and proud of the result, we can't wait to have it in our hands and we hope you will enjoy it too! We will talk more about it and about what every item means related to the album concept, but in the meantime you can already pre-order it at AFM Records shop. Here's a detail of what's included: Ltd. Boxset (ltd. to 500 copies) includes: - Digipak-CD - 6 rune stones in velvet pouch - 22 tarot cards (exclusive design) - Story booklet (A5) - Map (A3 folded) - Handsigned autograph card - Certificate of authenticity Grab your boxset now, Elvenlegions! :)
Elvenking May 29, 2019
Getting ready for a flaming weekend! on Saturday, June 1st we’ll be playing at Metal Fest (Czech Republic) 🇨🇿 with a bunch of amazing bands and on Sunday, June 2nd we’ll be back to Italy 🇮🇹 for a special festival dedicated to Tolkien and his works, Sentieri Tolkeniani . What an amazing start of the Summer season! see you there, Elvenlegions!!!
Elvenking May 27, 2019
The first items of ELVENKING apparel inspired by the upcoming album are finally available. Head out to our BigCartel shop and pick up your shirt!
Elvenking May 26, 2019
We wish our mighty fiddler LETHIEN the best of birthdays!
Elvenking May 25, 2019
Sacrifices • Dead trees • Pagan metal • Divinations
Elvenking May 23, 2019
"Reader of the Runes - Divination" is our first real concept album. And since the story is very deep and wide, we have decided to split it in three parts. So this is the first part of the story, the following parts will be developed in the next albums. We will talk more about this in a bunch of insight videoclips we'll publish soon! ...the runes have been cast... "Reader of the Runes - Divination" will be available on August 30th via AFM Records. photo by Andrea Falaschi
Elvenking May 22, 2019
As we have already announced, our New Album "Reader of the Runes - Divination" will be released August 30th on AFM Records and we really can't wait to tell you more about it. But first thing first, we think that you may want to hurry up picking this blue beauty - an exclusive vinyl version from AFM Shop coming along as Clear Blue/White splatter edition and limited to 100 pieces. Make sure to grab your copy soon before they are sold out! ;) Find that treasure here:
Elvenking May 17, 2019
While waiting to unveil more info about the new album, these are all our upcoming festivals! We will start tomorrow in ITALY. Ci vediamo domani a VICENZA PAGANA -Torri di Quartesolo (VI)!
Elvenking May 16, 2019
"Reader of the Runes - Divination" - New album available on August 30th via AFM Records. photo by Andrea Falaschi. - Pre-orders on AFM Store start today at this link: - Pre-orders on other platforms will start soon.
Elvenking May 15, 2019
And here it is... we can officially unveil the artwork and tracklist from our upcoming album "Reader of the Runes - Divination" which will be available on August 30th via AFM Records. 1. Perthro 2. Heathen Divine 3. Divination 4. Silverseal 5. The Misfortune of Virtue 6. Eternal Eleanor 7. Diamonds in the Night 8. Under the Sign of a Black Star 9. Malefica Doctrine 10. Sic Semper Tyrannis 11. Warden of the Bane 12. Reader of the Runes - Book I So this is the answer to our riddle. There was a rune hidden in every profile image we posted in the last days. Hope you had fun playing, but most of all we hope you will enjoy the cover artwork made by artist Zsofia Dankova. For now the runes have been cast but in the next days we will talk more about the album...there are still secrets to be revealed... - Pre-orders on AFM Store start today at this link: - Pre-orders on other platforms will start soon.
Elvenking May 07, 2019
Dear Elvenlegions, as you may already have noticed... a new chapter is about to begin. We want to share some first magickal details with you about what's to come and invite you to have a closer look to the profile pictures we are posting. We have hidden - and in the next days we will keep on hiding - something that may not be recognized at first sight. And that will be the key to unveil the secret of this riddle. That is when you'll be able to read the lines that no one reads, and the runes will speak a clear language. Keep on following us, and everything shall be revealed...
Elvenking May 02, 2019
Elvenking May 01, 2019
New Italian dates announced 🇮🇹 18/05 - VICENZA PAGANA - Torri Di Quartesolo (VI) 02/06 - SENTIERI TOLKENIANI - Osasco (TO) 23/08 - POVOROCK - Povoletto (UD)
Elvenking Apr 30, 2019
The 3 Ways to Magick Tour has ended. We thank the European Elvenlegions for turning this tour successful and memorable. We are definitely nothing without you. We also thank Frozen Crown and Desert for being amazing companions and of course our incredible staff (Alex, Federico and Gabriele) for making it possible. A new chapter is about to begin...