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Rin, Tongue and Dorner
Death of the Artist
Mechanics of Emotion
Mechanics of Emotion
elsiane Aug 17, 2019
Anyone following us on Instagram? Album 5 on the making 👽
elsiane Aug 15, 2019
It's so great to be back at Fast Forward Studios recording the next album! Thank you Mr. Bottrill for being part of this journey and amazing collaboration. Thanks Will Bennett for assisting the session and Stephanie Caplette for the great violin tracks.
elsiane Aug 08, 2019
Back home at Studio Fast Forward recording the next album🙏🏻 Thanks Stéphanie Caplette for the great string session❤️
elsiane Jul 30, 2019
Dear Fans, we are so happy to be back in the studio recording our next album! We have some nice surprises coming up! Thx Studio PM 🙌
elsiane Jul 20, 2019
Getting the charts ready for the album recording🎻
elsiane Jul 18, 2019
Another beautiful artwork by Jerome Prieur Photo: Jean-Sébastien Senécal Photographer Art work by: Jerome Prieur Make up: Joffrey Dumas Hair: Francis-james Hawkins
elsiane Jun 30, 2019
Thank you Adam Goulet for the great acoustic set! Thank you to all the fans that came to support us and Jerome Prieur This expo will still be on until July 2nd don’t Miss it!!!!
elsiane Jun 14, 2019
After so many years of collaboration we are thrilled to be part of this show with Jerome Prieur. This expo will include some of the sculptures from our last album and some new works that will be for sale that night. We will perform an acoustic set at 7:30pm. Looking forward to see you all on June 27th!!!🤗😘
elsiane Jun 13, 2019
Dear Fans, Don't miss this unique expo with Jerome Prieur and our acoustic performance on June 27th! This show will be in support of our new album Your donations are welcome🙏😘 Photo: Jean-Sébastien Senécal Photographer​ Art work by: Jerome Prieur​ Graphic design: Debbie Geltner​ Make up: Joffrey Dumas​ Hair: Francis-james Hawkins
elsiane Jun 04, 2019
Photo: Jean-Sébastien Senécal Photographer Art work by: Jerome Prieur Graphic design: Debbie Geltner Make up: Joffrey Dumas Hair: Francis-james Hawkins
elsiane Jun 01, 2019
Montreal don't miss this special event on June 27th!!!👽 Jerome Prieur
elsiane May 20, 2019
Working around the clock to finish writing the next album😉 Feeling the goosbumps with the new material✨
elsiane May 06, 2019
Already a year since the passing of our dear Elie Sotto. Today on your anniversary we honor you and have you present in our next album. We are now in the process of witting 3 more songs!! Tu nous manque❤️
elsiane May 05, 2019
So nice to run into the fans who sang on "The Motive" at the Anoushka Shankar show😍🤗❤️
elsiane Apr 30, 2019
Enjoying the journey writing the new album👽
elsiane Apr 13, 2019
Dear Fans, Thank you so much for all your beautiful messages and for all your love and support !!!! 🤗🙏😘😍❤️ photo by: Jean-Sébastien Senécal Photographer
elsiane Apr 12, 2019
This is how the process goes when writing and preproducing an elsiane song😬 building the skeleton and layers first with the melody👽
elsiane Apr 07, 2019
Happy Bday Steph!!! 🤗😍🥳🤠 Photo by: Daniel Drack
elsiane Mar 25, 2019
Thank you Jerome Prieur for this beautiful collaboration!! So nice to see the behind the scenes of your work 😍🙏❤️ Photos by: Jean-Sébastien Senécal Photographer
elsiane Mar 20, 2019
Thank you Beloeil, Patrick Chasse and all the fans for such a great night! Special thx to Suleiman for coming all the way from Brazil !😘😘
elsiane Mar 15, 2019
elsiane Mar 14, 2019
elsiane Mar 02, 2019
Playing the role of the Fire Goddess "Tongue" from the science fiction novel "Rin, Tongue and Dorner" by Rich Shapero Live in Porto (Hard Club) Video by: Andres Fouche Costume and head piece by: Natalia Baquero #firegoddness #porto #elsianetour2017
elsiane Feb 28, 2019
elsiane Feb 22, 2019
Dear Fans, We will be in Beloeil on March 14th!!✨