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Rin, Tongue and Dorner
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Mechanics of Emotion
Mechanics of Emotion
elsiane Feb 14, 2019
Poland 2018 #warsaw #spacebetweenus #dota #elsianetour #soundcheck
elsiane Feb 03, 2019
While coming out of the metro i was stopped by a fan who works with Greenpeace International, so nice to chat and interact 🙌 Thanks Ian for your nice energy and support! Lets make a difference and donate to help our planet🙏🏻
elsiane Jan 31, 2019
At Jerome Prieur’s studio having an art meeting✨
elsiane Jan 24, 2019
Thank you Warsaw for such nice memories😆 Thank you Sergio for taking us on a nice little walk to find souvenirs lol
elsiane Jan 22, 2019
Jagodina-Serbia Kocani-Macedonia
elsiane Jan 10, 2019
Today's soundtrack✨ Thank you Ridu for this nice Remix of The Motive🙏🤗
elsiane Jan 06, 2019
elsiane Jan 04, 2019
Photo by: Jerome Bertrand
elsiane Jan 02, 2019
Thank you Zagreb and Tvornica Kulture for all your Love and support!! 😘🤗
elsiane Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year!! We wish you all an amazing 2019 full of abundance, love and health!! Thank you all for your Love and support!! 🤗😘🌺 Photo by: Dalibor kušenić Croatia - Zagreb
elsiane Dec 25, 2018
Transylvania - Romania
elsiane Dec 23, 2018
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elsiane Dec 19, 2018
Photos from elsiane's post
elsiane Dec 14, 2018
Photos from elsiane's post
elsiane Dec 11, 2018
Photos from elsiane's post
elsiane Dec 08, 2018
Thank you Europe and all the fans for all your love and hospitality🙏🏻❤️ We will share with you our journey through the Balkans🥘🍻🌞
elsiane Dec 05, 2018
Thank you to our fans in Zagreb-Croatia for these nice moments🙏🏻
elsiane Nov 28, 2018
Berlin we are coming back for you!! See you all tonight🎊🙏🏻❤️
elsiane Nov 27, 2018
Dear Fans in Berlin, It's been 6 years since we performed in Berlin, we hope to see you all at the show and celebrate the end of our tour 😍help us pass the word and share the news!! http://
elsiane Nov 27, 2018
Wow it's been six years since we first came to Warsaw, you will always remain the best audience!!! Last night was one of the most memorable moments for us and a highlight of this tour✨ Best B-day ever!!!😍✨❤️😘🌟 We love you so much, Thank you Kuba Rutkowski for making this show possible and living this dream since 2012🙏🏻
elsiane Nov 26, 2018
We are almost in Warsaw!! See you all tonight at 8pm😍
elsiane Nov 24, 2018
Thank you Cluj for such a memorable night🙏🏻🙌✨🌟thanks for so much love and support, so far the best audience😍😍 Today we will be in Timisoara!!