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Mechanics of Emotion
Mechanics of Emotion
elsiane Dec 14, 2018
Photos from elsiane's post
elsiane Dec 11, 2018
Photos from elsiane's post
elsiane Dec 08, 2018
Thank you Europe and all the fans for all your love and hospitality🙏🏻❤️ We will share with you our journey through the Balkans🥘🍻🌞
elsiane Dec 05, 2018
Thank you to our fans in Zagreb-Croatia for these nice moments🙏🏻
elsiane Nov 28, 2018
Berlin we are coming back for you!! See you all tonight🎊🙏🏻❤️
elsiane Nov 27, 2018
Dear Fans in Berlin, It's been 6 years since we performed in Berlin, we hope to see you all at the show and celebrate the end of our tour 😍help us pass the word and share the news!! http://
elsiane Nov 27, 2018
Wow it's been six years since we first came to Warsaw, you will always remain the best audience!!! Last night was one of the most memorable moments for us and a highlight of this tour✨ Best B-day ever!!!😍✨❤️😘🌟 We love you so much, Thank you Kuba Rutkowski for making this show possible and living this dream since 2012🙏🏻
elsiane Nov 26, 2018
We are almost in Warsaw!! See you all tonight at 8pm😍
elsiane Nov 24, 2018
Thank you Cluj for such a memorable night🙏🏻🙌✨🌟thanks for so much love and support, so far the best audience😍😍 Today we will be in Timisoara!!
elsiane Nov 23, 2018
Show time in Cluj-Romania Sold out show😍
elsiane Nov 22, 2018
Amazing night in Sofia, thank you so much to all our fans that came, you were amazing🙏🏻😍✨🙌
elsiane Nov 21, 2018
Sofia we are almost there!!! After all this time we are finally in Bulgaria🙌 see you all at the show tonight😍
elsiane Nov 21, 2018
Welcome to our new crew members for the rest of the tour! Today we are off to Bulgaria see you all tonight!
elsiane Nov 19, 2018
Thank you Serbia for such a great hospitality and team🙏🏻😘💓 Special thanks to our tour manager Dejan and Soundguy Stefan, we will miss you guys🙏🏻 Next stop Macedonia, see you all tomorrow!!
elsiane Nov 18, 2018
Feeling the love in Serbia💓 Thanks to all the fans that came so far, today is our last show in Jagodina, We hope to see you all tonight!! Next country Macedonia 🌞
elsiane Nov 17, 2018
Pančevo, tonight will be a very special show with visuals not like in Belgrade. Tomorrow will be the last show in Serbia in Jagodina, lets be present and enjoy every moment we have together 🙌 we hope to see you all at the show tonight and tomorrow
elsiane Nov 16, 2018
Dear Fans, just a reminder of all the shows left of the tour, we will be recording our next album all of 2019 so we are not sure when we will be back in Europe. Hope to see you all at the shows 🤗😘🌞
elsiane Nov 16, 2018
At Radio Belgrade 1, We will be live on the air at 18h!! #serbia #belgrade #radio #radiointerview #beforetheshow #behindthescenes #elsiane #europetour
elsiane Nov 16, 2018
Thank you so much to all our fans from Zagreb for coming to the show, Special thanks to Tvornica Kulture, Zoran Stajcic and the magazine Ravno Do Dna for this great review!
elsiane Nov 15, 2018
On our way to Serbia to perform today at the Radio Belgrade 1, Pop Karusel from 18:00pm 🙂 See you all tomorrow at the show!!
elsiane Nov 14, 2018
Leaving Bosnia now, tonight we will be in Zagreb, see you all at the show!!🌞
elsiane Nov 13, 2018
In Bosnia getting ready for soundcheck , see you all in a few hours!!🌛
elsiane Nov 13, 2018
On the road again🌞we hope to see you all at the shows during this tour! Tonight we will be performing in Bosnia for the first time!
elsiane Nov 12, 2018