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Elm Street Feb 03, 2019
Such a great time in Adelaide for CHURCHES OF STEEL! We live in such a great place where the heavy metal community is always passionate and welcoming. Props to the team for putting on such a great festival. We also had the chance to share our first show in 2019 with Lance who reminded us why we love to play the music we make. More shows coming soon!
Elm Street Feb 02, 2019
It’s a great night for HEAVY METAL! Nothing but hard tunes here at Churches of Steel 🤘 Our VIC mates Eyefear about to hit the stage!
Elm Street Feb 02, 2019
BIG day & night of HEAVY METAL! See you at The Duke for @churchesofsteelfest #elmstreet #heavymetal
Elm Street Feb 02, 2019
We’re back onstage tonight in Adelaide for the annual @churchesofsteelfest ! Non-stop heavy metal throughout the day so get down early and we’ll see you in the pit or bar 🤘🤘#elmstreet #heavymetal
Elm Street Jan 31, 2019
In the meantime @tomislavperkovic prepares his Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) kit for the new album 🤯#heavymetal #elmstreet
Elm Street Jan 29, 2019
@churchesofsteelfest returns to Adelaide this Saturday night! We hit the main stage for our first show of 2019 and’s gonna be HEAVY 🤘Tickets and Merch pre-sales are still available via the link in our IG bio 👉 #elmstreet #heavymetal
Elm Street Jan 22, 2019
@tomislavperkovic breaking in his new Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) kit as we prepare for our return to the stage next week at #ChurchesofSteel in Adelaide! Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) @daddarioausdrums D'Addario and Co. Promark SABIAN Evans Drumheads #elmstreet #drums #drummer #playdrums #drumrack #dwdrums #dw #sabian #sabiancymbals #evans #evansdrumheads #promark #heavymetal #hithard #bigkit #beard #braids #cornrows
Elm Street Jan 20, 2019
It felt good to play together again as we get ready for our first show of 2019! A new album is on its way but in the meantime we’ll be playing a fast and heavy set as we return to one of our favourite cities - Adelaide 🤘We’re also throwing in a special cover from a band that we thought we’d never cover @officialqueenmusic ! This is going to be fun, see you soon CHURCHES OF STEEL 👊 @es.batres #elmstreet #heavymetal
Elm Street Jan 17, 2019
Churches of Steel III t-shirts are looking good! Will you be at our first show of 2019? Get your tickets now!
Elm Street Jan 15, 2019
2019 -> 2009 ...Same Same 🤘
Elm Street Jan 06, 2019
First show of 2019 coming up! Feb 2nd in Adelaide for #ChurchesOfSteel 🤘All Ages - Tickets onsale via @oztix @thedukeofyorkhotel
Elm Street Dec 12, 2018
Thanks to everyone for their support during a BIG year for us! 2018 has been made up of nothing but memories with the tour with DIRKSCHNEIDER across USA + Canada being a highlight. In 2019, we’ll bring you some new tunes! #heavymetal 🤘
Elm Street Nov 27, 2018
We return to the stage in 2019 for Adelaide’s CHURCHES OF STEEL III!
Elm Street Nov 15, 2018
Aaron kicking those SATCH goals! 🎸
Elm Street Nov 10, 2018
Aaron Adie from ELM STREET due to perform with members of Black Majesty Official for a special show with CHITY SOMAPALA (ex. Firewind) Wed 14th November Northcote Social Club Melbourne, AUS 🤘🤘
Elm Street Oct 01, 2018
We’re back VERY soon! This time we’re going our heaviest 👊👊 #elmstreet #newalbum #heavymetal
Elm Street Sep 09, 2018
@nickivka trying to spot the album title for album #3 🤔 #newalbum #comingsoon #heavymetal #elmstreet Photo by @yesterdazenewsmagazine
Elm Street Aug 26, 2018
The writing continues at ES HQ...#elmstreet #heavymetal #newalbum #comingsoon
Elm Street Aug 21, 2018
The writing of album 3 continues at ES HQ....#newalbum #louder #heavier #elmstreet
Elm Street Aug 15, 2018
@aaronadie going for a different sound on album #3 😉 #elmstreet #newalbum #comingsoon #heavymetal
Elm Street Aug 05, 2018
Check out @nickivka getting rocked like a HURRICANRANA on @rylahpodcast! Nick sits down to talk all things metal and wrestling 👊#elmstreet #wrestling #heavymetal
Elm Street Jul 25, 2018
@tomislavperkovic all smiles playing his new @dwdrums kit live for the first time at @wrestlerock last, back to writing this new album 😉#elmstreet #wrestlerock #heavymetal
Elm Street Jul 23, 2018
Thank you @wrestlerock!! One of the highlights of 2018, that’s for sure! A special shout out to @bdjulianjames & the MCW crew for giving us the chance to play 2 completely different sets between some of Australia’s most entertaining wrestlers 👊 #elmstreet #wrestlerock #heavymetal #wrestling
Elm Street Jul 20, 2018
Doors open now at @cornerhotel for @wrestlerock 👊 WRESTLING & METAL! #wrestlerock #heavymetal #wrestling #elmstreet
Elm Street Jul 20, 2018
@nickivka ready to lay the smack down at @wrestlerock tonight! This will be sooooo much fun! #wrestlerock #heavymetal #wrestling #elmstreet