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Rad Science
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And the Land of Fake Believe
eleventyseven Aug 18, 2019
Had a killer time with Marthame on his podcast this week. We went through a pretty exhaustive history of the eleventy evolution πŸ™‚ check it out!
eleventyseven Aug 14, 2019
Hey fam! We thought we had sold out of these a while back, but found an extra 4 copies in some merch from our last shows.... and they were all yellooooowwww!!!!!.... - Chris Martin
eleventyseven Jun 12, 2019
What are you hoping for on the next record? πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ’₯πŸš€
eleventyseven Jun 01, 2019
Eleventyfam!!! Snagged this photo from the show at The Radio Room a few weeks ago. We've got a new date on the books we can't wait to tell you about and new podcasts headed your way... try not to pee yourself. πŸ¦„πŸ¦„
eleventyseven Apr 24, 2019
Dear Eleventyfam, This weekend was nothing short of amazing for us. We feel like we just got to meet all our heroes in one place. You all are basically the equivalent of Avengers to us, and it was insanely cool to see all of you in one room. What happened at The Radio Room on 4/20 was something special, and we feel honored to have been a part of it. Seeing people from literally all over the planet singing with us, talking about songs, the Eleventylife podcast - it was surreal. It's hard to describe, but if you were there, you felt it. These are just a few pics of some the gifts/swag that we saw/got this weekend, and if they came from you, then you know who you are already:-) They all have honorary places in the Rock Candy Studios now. You are all the kindest, most radiant people, and the thing that made us the most happy was seeing all of you having fun together, meeting each other, swapping stories, feeling joy.... Thank you all for letting us make this amazing memory that we'll be carrying close with us into this next phase of eleventy... We don't deserve you. Love, Matt & Davey
eleventyseven Apr 17, 2019
2. More. Days.πŸ¦„
eleventyseven Apr 11, 2019
eleventyseven Apr 10, 2019
Eleventyfam! You've been asking for this for years, and we've been working ferverishly hard in the Rock Candy studios to pull this release out of obscurity and finally press more copies of it. Today we are going live with an incredibly rare micro-run of Attack of The Mountain Medley on vinyl. Two things you should know about this release. 1. It is on insanley sweet-looking bright yellow vinyl (we won't be pressing this EP in this color ever again). 2. There are ONLY 100 COPIES of this on the planet, making it the rarest unicorn in our discography! You can get them here: We've got a whole eleventylife podcast full of stories and commentary on the weirdness of this EP that you can grab wherever you download podcasts: Love, Matt & Davey
eleventyseven Apr 05, 2019
Hey fam! We're just a little over two weeks from these new shows and we could not be more pumped to see all of you. We started teasing the idea of doing some lives dates almost two years ago and now we're just DAYS AWAY from being able to do one of our favorite things on the planet at The Radio Room. We've got brand new merch, a special vinyl re-release we haven't even told anyone about yet, and a totally reworked live set that's gonna be a brand new way of interpetting our eleventy tunes live. We can't wait to share all of this with you guys and start making some new memories. Consider this our personal invitation to come be apart of a brand new chapter in eleventyhistory. If the aliens aren't back by now, it's safe to grab tickets here: Love, Mark Twain, and Daniel Radcliffe
eleventyseven Mar 29, 2019
Awesome time with Glenn Black talking about his band Luxury's new documentary coming out. Get the full episode here:
eleventyseven Mar 22, 2019
Amazing memories of this period of eleventylife. Can't wait to make some new ones with all of you at the 4/19 and 4/20 shows coming up!!! J. Stephens's mom actually asked him why we took a photograph in such dangerous conditions, and why we weren't scared of being run over by the traffic... It was a different time then...πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ’₯
eleventyseven Mar 06, 2019
Waddup Unicornz!!! We got this brand spankin' new design up in the Rock Candy store right now. This one is inspired by Microchip from the Rad Science album. You can grab one over at:
eleventyseven Mar 01, 2019
We had an awesome time talking with Andrew Schwab of Project 86 about his new Pioneers Podcast: Finding Your Creative Voice. We also got the chance to ask him why hardcore bands seem so serious all the time...his response was...intense. Grab the full episode here:
eleventyseven Feb 01, 2019
We talk w/ Clifford Stumme about overcoming writer's block, how songs start out, how to know if you're on the right track in your creative process... Grab the full episode here:
eleventyseven Jan 31, 2019
We catch up with Chris Moon of NoiseTrade to talk about his experiences in the music industry and what advice he'd give to up and coming bands...Grab the full episode here:
eleventyseven Dec 14, 2018
It's here! Part two of our talk with SUNBEARS!'s Jonathan Berlin. We find out just how much of a commitment it is to press your own vinyl records, and why it takes immense grit to make it in the music biz... Grab the hwole episode here:
eleventyseven Dec 07, 2018
Super rad hangs with SUNBEARS! on this week's show! We got pretty raw with this one...
eleventyseven Nov 21, 2018
Just a quick heads up...this Black Friday we are super cereal about moving a ton of stuff out of the Rock Candy Store and making way for new designs and merch. We're making it super easy to spread some eleventylove this holiday make sure you grab these before Cyber Monday!
eleventyseven Nov 16, 2018
Insanely rad time with Matt Pusti of Makeup and Vanity Set on this week's show. We talked a lot of synths, and a lot of Up and Vanished. If you're a synthnerd / true crime junkie like we are, this one is for you. Get the full episode here:
eleventyseven Nov 10, 2018
Wishing you all a louder weekend w/ new 'sodes of #eleventylife! πŸ¦„πŸš€πŸ€€πŸ’₯πŸ¦„
eleventyseven Nov 03, 2018
We had a killer halloween. How about you???
eleventyseven Nov 02, 2018
Rad time today on eleventylife this weekend with Jordan over @ Hardcore Music Studio. Make sure you snag the whole episode!
eleventyseven Nov 02, 2018
eleventylife : Episode #75 - Math, Magic & Hardcore w/ Jordan Valeriote
eleventyseven Oct 26, 2018
This week's episode of eleventylife has Kevin Breuner of CD Baby keepin it real candid about the hustle of the middle class musician. Don't miss it!
eleventyseven Oct 20, 2018
This week's episode has Matt hosting an AMA w/ the official eleventylife Facebook group! #podcast #musicpodcast #eleventylife #bandlife #popmusic #rockcandy #jellyrox