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Rad Science
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And the Land of Fake Believe
eleventyseven Feb 01, 2019
We talk w/ Clifford Stumme about overcoming writer's block, how songs start out, how to know if you're on the right track in your creative process... Grab the full episode here:
eleventyseven Jan 31, 2019
We catch up with Chris Moon of NoiseTrade to talk about his experiences in the music industry and what advice he'd give to up and coming bands...Grab the full episode here:
eleventyseven Dec 14, 2018
It's here! Part two of our talk with SUNBEARS!'s Jonathan Berlin. We find out just how much of a commitment it is to press your own vinyl records, and why it takes immense grit to make it in the music biz... Grab the hwole episode here:
eleventyseven Dec 07, 2018
Super rad hangs with SUNBEARS! on this week's show! We got pretty raw with this one...
eleventyseven Nov 21, 2018
Just a quick heads up...this Black Friday we are super cereal about moving a ton of stuff out of the Rock Candy Store and making way for new designs and merch. We're making it super easy to spread some eleventylove this holiday make sure you grab these before Cyber Monday!
eleventyseven Nov 16, 2018
Insanely rad time with Matt Pusti of Makeup and Vanity Set on this week's show. We talked a lot of synths, and a lot of Up and Vanished. If you're a synthnerd / true crime junkie like we are, this one is for you. Get the full episode here:
eleventyseven Nov 10, 2018
Wishing you all a louder weekend w/ new 'sodes of #eleventylife! 🦄🚀🤤💥🦄
eleventyseven Nov 03, 2018
We had a killer halloween. How about you???
eleventyseven Nov 02, 2018
Rad time today on eleventylife this weekend with Jordan over @ Hardcore Music Studio. Make sure you snag the whole episode!
eleventyseven Nov 02, 2018
eleventylife : Episode #75 - Math, Magic & Hardcore w/ Jordan Valeriote
eleventyseven Oct 26, 2018
This week's episode of eleventylife has Kevin Breuner of CD Baby keepin it real candid about the hustle of the middle class musician. Don't miss it!
eleventyseven Oct 20, 2018
This week's episode has Matt hosting an AMA w/ the official eleventylife Facebook group! #podcast #musicpodcast #eleventylife #bandlife #popmusic #rockcandy #jellyrox
eleventyseven Oct 12, 2018
Here's a clip from today's episode of Eleventylife, where we go in depth with the process of making the new Rad Science version of Appalachian Wine. Make sure you grab the whole episode here! -
eleventyseven Oct 05, 2018
A huge thanks to everyone who is following our B-Sides EP on Spotify. While you're there, snag this latest episode of eleventylife while it's still warm...
eleventyseven Oct 03, 2018
Last few days to finish up your vids for the 2018 Karaoke Competition!
eleventyseven Sep 28, 2018
It's HERE! Our Rad Science: B-Sides EP is out and ready to find love in your favorite playlists. It's all the unicorn glittery goodness you didn't know you needed... Spotify - Apple Music - Google Play -
eleventyseven Sep 25, 2018
Alright eleventyfamily! Tag and tell us what songs/bands we should be adding to our Spotify Eleventymix 🦄🤤💥
eleventyseven Sep 24, 2018
The coveted official trophy for the 2018 karaoke competition. If you've given up on becoming an astronaut/barista, then this baby is totally within your reach...
eleventyseven Sep 23, 2018
5. More. Days...
eleventyseven Sep 21, 2018
What's up eleventyfam! Don't miss this week's episode of eleventylife w/ the man himself, Ryan Earnhardt from Creative Sound Lab.
eleventyseven Sep 21, 2018
eleventylife : Episode #70 - Distortions, Disciplines & Downtime w/ Ryan Earnhardt of Creative Sound Lab
eleventyseven Sep 14, 2018
Today's eleventylife #podcast is slam packed with info about booking shows, and what artists should be thinking about when talking to promoters locally, regionally and nationally... DERP! 🦄🤤💥
eleventyseven Sep 14, 2018
eleventylife : Episode #69 - Booking Shows, Scene Politics & Moral Compasses w/ Wes Gilliam
eleventyseven Sep 12, 2018
Get out your cameras, and unleash your inner unicorn 'cause it's finally here! Our official 2018 KARAOKE COMPETITION. You guys voted on the song "1990 Awesome" so we're giving you the Karaoke version to shoot your best Karoake video to. We're looking for your most inspiringly weird performances of this song, so grab some friends and embarrass yourself till you feel alive again! Deadline is Oct.5th so get on it! Download "1990 Awesome (Karaoke Version)" here:
eleventyseven Sep 07, 2018
Some eleventyfriends got something early in their inbox...