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The Violent Blue
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Electric President Sep 25, 2014
I've talked about this some on the ol' website, but realized I haven't posted anything on this page in years. So time to boot 'er back up. Alex and I are recording again. But since we're now older and fatter and have jobligations, we don't have as much time to get together and work as we used to. So what we're gonna do is release music as we make it. Just put up as a song at a time, and let people download or stream them, instead of waiting until we have a whole record done to show folks. In due time, once we have enough songs up, we'll press some physical stuff (LPs and 7 inches most likely), but until then we'll just have fun with it and show our progress. So yeah, new material coming soon, and then gradually, and continually, after that. This whole thing will have a dedicated website, but I'll be sure to put updates here and on my website as well.
Electric President Sep 25, 2014
Electric President's cover photo
Electric President Sep 25, 2014
Electric President
Electric President Jul 16, 2014
Electric President
Electric President May 08, 2012
Recently did a tour through Japan, and I collected a lot of footage on the video mode of my point and shoot, mostly from the windows of buses, trains and the tour van. I never got to finish making the videos I'd planned for "The Violent Blue", so I decided to cut the footage together for this one. It's a couple years late, but I liked the fit.
Electric President Apr 27, 2012
Bleubird shares a brand new video for the song "Dead Homes" produced by Astronautalis and Ben Cooper !
Electric President Nov 04, 2011
Radical Face aka Ben Cooper on Last Call with Carson Daly Tonight at 1:35am (technically tomorrow morning) on NBC.
Electric President Oct 04, 2011
The new Radical Face record is out today!
Electric President Sep 20, 2011
Hi folks...just wanted to put up a quick note that some friends of mine ceschi and rickoLus are playing in los Angeles tonight at the roxy @ 9 pm. Both are good performers and good people, so if you're free go check them out. - Ben
Electric President Aug 01, 2011
New Radical Face record out Oct.4th!!!
Electric President Mar 21, 2011
J-A-P-A-N: A Fake Four, Inc. Japan Relief Benefit EP featuring Ben Cooper aka Radical Face, sole, Graham Factor and more, all profits go to Relief International's work to help survivors in Japan!
Electric President Sep 16, 2010
Electric President Sep 04, 2010
Electric President Sep 04, 2010
Ben, aka Radical Face, spoke to Girls Gone Child about childhood memories and his involvement with Do Fun Stuff! a collection of kids music with friends Astronautalis, rickoLus and more to benefit Smiths-Magenis Syndrome research!
Electric President Jul 29, 2010
Electric President super friend Rick Colado aka Rickolus released his awesome new album "Youngster" yesterday - pick it up here:
Electric President Jul 06, 2010
The Radical Face "Touch The Sky (welcome home ep)" is available now on itunes! Here's a direct link
Electric President Jul 02, 2010
"Touch the Sky" Radical Face ep will be available next week on itunes. July 6th!
Electric President May 21, 2010
Factor's new record - Lawson Graham - came out this week and features a great collaboration between Radical Face and Sole! Check it out on Factor's myspace!
Electric President Apr 16, 2010 Fake Four Inc. and Circle Into Square have given away an excellent label sampler for download featuring an eclectic mix of tunes from their roster including one from Electric President all for the cost of an email.
Electric President Apr 07, 2010
Want to know more about Ben Cooper?
Electric President Mar 20, 2010
Electric President TONIGHT at Karma Lounge, 119 West 8th Street, Austin, TX 1 AM
Electric President Mar 03, 2010
This may be one of the most interesting reviews to date!