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Live in Kosmos
Stardust Rituals
Theory of Mind
The Doomsday Machine
Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge
Flaming Lake (Live at Open Air in Battenberg 2011)
Sidéral Bordeaux Psych Fest Sidéral Bordeaux Psych Fest 2019
Venue: La Salle Des Fêtes (Bordeaux, France) Find tickets
Sonic Whip - Nijmegen Sonic Whip - Nijmegen 2019
Venue: Doornroosje (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Find tickets
Electric Moon with Enos at The Lexington (July 26, 2019)
Venue: The Lexington (London, UK) Find tickets
Electric Moon Feb 12, 2019
Lulu Artwork
Electric Moon Feb 07, 2019
Uleåborg Festival Of Psychedelia
Electric Moon Feb 06, 2019
Electric Moon Feb 02, 2019
a little gift for you all, ZONE SIX debut album from 1997, download for FREE! with Dave/Sula Bassana on bass and keyboards.
Electric Moon Jan 24, 2019
aaahhhh, this looks great!
Electric Moon Jan 20, 2019
Electric Moon Jan 09, 2019
Electric Moon Dec 31, 2018
Electric Moon wish you a wonderful 2019!
Electric Moon Dec 29, 2018
Electric Moon Dec 20, 2018
For all who didn't know: This 22 min sonic spaceride is done exactly by the Electric Moon crew! :) Lulu, Pablo and Sula. And mastered by Eroc!
Electric Moon Dec 14, 2018
Electric Moon Dec 12, 2018
Oh, next year some anniversaries again! 10 years of Electric Moon! 15 years of Sulatron! 22 years of Zone Six! ;)
Electric Moon Dec 11, 2018
OK, NOW we know the dates for our next deep space experience at Planetarium Bochum!!!! Plus some more, here the so far confirmed dates for 2019: 04.05. NL-Nijmegen, Doornroosje, Sonic Whip Festival 20.-22.06. GER-Netphen, Freak Valley Festival 09.08. BE-Geel, Yellowstock Festival 18.10. GER-Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium 19.10. GER-Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
Electric Moon Nov 22, 2018
Electric Moon Nov 14, 2018
Electric Moon Nov 11, 2018
hi friends! have a nice sunday!!!
Electric Moon Nov 10, 2018
Do you remember the guy with the Synthesizer, who played with us at Høstsabbat? That was Burt Rocket from the great band SEID from Oslo! Look, here is their new killer psychedelicrock album! Released on our label Sulatron Records!!! Please take a look and listen!
Electric Moon Nov 07, 2018
Electric Moon Oct 28, 2018
HEUTE 28.10. PLANETARIUM: Es wird ca. 10 Tickets an der Abendkasse geben. Außerdem kommen evtl auch einige Leute mit bisher unverkauften Tickets! Also, falls ihr spontan kommen wollt, nur zu! Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
Electric Moon Oct 19, 2018
Nazis go home (if you have one...) or just explode into your void! (edit: NOOOO LEAVE THE VOID ALONE! Better implode!) :D OK - this will be the only Electric Moon statement in one decade :D
Electric Moon Oct 18, 2018
liverezi von unserem Gig im DasBach in Wien!
Electric Moon Oct 17, 2018
cooool, we're part of this! as well as Föllakzoid, our friends Buddha Sentenza and some more!
Electric Moon Oct 16, 2018
In the pressingplant right now: ELECTRIC MOON - Inferno 2-LP re-issue with new cover artwork! Will be available in December! YEAH!
Electric Moon Oct 15, 2018
more pix from our Oslo show! Featuring Burt Rocket from Seid on Synthesizer!