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Electric Guest Jun 11, 2019
just put everything up for sale on our merch store: …going to have new music to you soon ✨✨
Electric Guest May 17, 2019
So happy to have met this person & collaborated with her. The first day she came over & was belting high notes at 11am I was like, “damn, this person is legit.” It’s rare you meet a public person who’s kind & humble but Carly Rae Jepsen is just that. Hope ya’ll like it & don’t worry, we’re close to finishing our 3rd album too! We LOVE all of the support you guys have given us. Thank you endlessly. 🌺🌷♥️😘
Electric Guest Jan 23, 2019
come see us Sunday, May 5th at Shaky Knees Music Festival… we’ll have some new tunes ready for you. tix at
Electric Guest Dec 10, 2018
Power crouch. We're close to finishing our album. Stay with us. 😘
Electric Guest Dec 07, 2018
thank you so much to all of our sisters & brethren who listened to our music this year. next year we’ll have a new album for youuu. we wouldn’t be anything without all of the love. thanks
Electric Guest Nov 19, 2018
holiday merch sale starts todayyy… check it out at
Electric Guest Nov 14, 2018
Atlanta… see you May 3-5, 2019 for Shaky Knees Music Festival ... first festival in a while… going to play some new tunes for u 💞💞 tickets on sale now:
Electric Guest Oct 29, 2018
🧡Luv u people. Tell us what city we should play next. 💛thanks U.M.🌸
Electric Guest Oct 29, 2018
🧡Luv u people. Tell us what city we should play next. 💛thanks U.M.🌸 @ University of Michigan
Electric Guest Oct 17, 2018
heyyyy people. Come to our show in Michigan w/ A R I Z O N A and Mikky Ekko? It’s on Oct 27thhhhhh. Love uuu 😘😘 tix:
Electric Guest Oct 17, 2018
heyyyy people. Come to our show in Michigan w/ A R I Z O N A and Mikky Ekko? It’s on Oct 27thhhhhh. Love uuu 😘😘 tix:
Electric Guest Sep 19, 2018
Hello internet. We’re playing shows again. Here’s one from last week. Just wanted to say we really appreciate all the love you guys are constantly showing us w DM’s etc. I know we rarely post so thank u🌸❤️😘. @tylersams 4 the 📹 & @slobrewlive 4 the show.
Electric Guest Sep 11, 2018
University of Michigan.. come thru on October 27th. tix avail starting 9/14 at the Michigan Union Ticket Office or
Electric Guest Aug 08, 2018
here’s a new playlist of disparate songs for the summer... 😘😘
Electric Guest Jul 20, 2018
come see ussssss Californiaaaaa. tickets on sale now:
Electric Guest Jul 16, 2018
While we’re working on new tracks we’re playing another California show in San Luis Obispo to warm up. Come see us. We love you. Tickets on sale 10am PT this Friday:
Electric Guest Apr 06, 2018
Produced a few songs with Aminé. Honestly, this was one of the most natural fits I've had with someone. In the first hour of us sitting down together we had like, 5 skeletal ideas for songs. He's a beast. Here's one of them. And don't worry, we're currently working on new Electric Guest stuff.
Electric Guest Mar 26, 2018
This was from our show on Saturday in LA. Shout out to everyone who came. We’re working on new songs but will be playing shows intermittently....🌷🌸♥️ Thank u Sheva Kafai 4 the 📷
Electric Guest Feb 16, 2018
Shout out to Melvv.. We wrote a few songs together for his coming release, this being one of them. I've never really sung on stuff like this so it was fun for me to try something diff. He came over to my place a handful of times last summer to record. I had one small ac unit which I put in the room he was working in (cause I'm a hella gracious host) and I would fill the bathtub up with cold water & go in it whenever I got too hot. Anyways, check it herrreee:
Electric Guest Feb 11, 2018
In these latter day, Degenerate times, Cherry-blossoms everywhere! #Theseareoddtimesbutlifeisstillworth living
Electric Guest Jan 29, 2018
YESSSSSS. We did it. Love you boys, Portugal. The Man. So glad to be a part of this song!!!!!
Electric Guest Dec 12, 2017
So happy to have played “Oh Devil” last night. The vibe at this show is particularly friendly & relaxed. I could see Conan watching us really close to the stage in the shadows for the whole song & afterwards he was so cool & remembered us from 5 years ago. That dude is a king. ♥️🌸🌷
Electric Guest Dec 11, 2017
Ayyyyyyyy. We finna play Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco tonight. Please watch it at 11pm/10c on TBS & pray for us🙏🏽🍀🌷🌺
Electric Guest Dec 08, 2017
We’re playing “Oh Devil” for the first time on TV this Monday on Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco. Tune in at 11pm/10pm ya’ll. Shout out to Christine Colors for the 📸
Electric Guest Dec 08, 2017
Another Devil remixxxxxx. Our boy Epic B handled this one. Straight dancehall. 🌸😂🌺