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Electrelane ~ Mar 10, 2017
Thanks to Spotify for including our song "The Valleys" in this week's Weekly Playlist. We're in good company!
Electrelane ~ May 31, 2016
Big thank you to Arcade Fire's Will Butler for choosing Electrelane's cover of "The Partisan" for this playlist. We're honored to be among such incredible company
Electrelane ~ Mar 07, 2015
If you're somewhere where you can watch the TV channel Arte - check out this Riot Grrrl documentary (in French) which has some of our music in it
Electrelane ~ Mar 01, 2015
Some of our songs are in the soundtrack to Appropriate Behavior / Appropriate Behaviour by the brilliant Desiree Akhavan. It comes out in the UK this week! Here's the trailer which features Verity Susman's song To Make You Afraid
Electrelane ~ Aug 10, 2014
Owen Pallett calls "Axes" one of his favorite albums in a recent interview for The Quietus. Thanks, Owen Pallett!
Electrelane ~ May 11, 2014
Deep Throat Choir cover "In Berlin"!
Electrelane ~ May 10, 2014
Mia writes about listening to My Bloody Valentine as a teenager as part of Scott Heim's great "First Time I Heard..." series.
Electrelane ~ Apr 28, 2014
Hello Everyone, We're excited to share a link to Emma's new letterpress business! Be sure to check out her shop- it's full of beautiful handmade cards...Enjoy! x
Electrelane ~ Mar 23, 2014
Last day in the current run to see 'Suzanne,' soundtracked by Verity Susman and Electrelane:
Electrelane ~ Mar 13, 2014
Out in UK cinemas this week, and in April, with a soundtrack featuring Electrelane album tracks and an original score by Verity Susman
Electrelane ~ Jan 23, 2014
From the WIRE magazine archives…check out slide #15. These photos were taken on a blustery morning on Brighton beach.
Electrelane ~ Dec 20, 2013
Hello Everyone, We are very excited to announce that our albums "No Shouts, No Calls" and "The Power Out" have been reissued on vinyl! We know that many of you have been hunting for hard-to-find LP copies, so we hope this makes you happy! Order online from Boomkat, or request from your local record store. We'll post more updates about other online resources over the next few days. Thank you all for supporting the band. Happy Holidays! Electrelane x
Electrelane ~ Dec 05, 2013
Gals Rock is an amazing record shop in Paris that has supported us a lot. Now it's their 4th anniversary and they need some financial support to keep going - - please spread the word!
Electrelane ~ Dec 03, 2013
Does anyone in London know of a soundproofed room/studio that Verity could rent?
Electrelane ~ Nov 26, 2013
Hello London! Verity Susman's rehearsal studio has been broken into and Electrelane's dearly loved Gibson SG guitar has been taken, its been in the band since the beginning, we wrote some of our first songs on it and Mia has been playing it for years, it's on all our albums. Also taken is Verity's pedal board with all her loop pedals and effects - the basis of her solo set-up until now, a Danelectro 12-string, small mixing desk...If anyone sees or hears of anything, let us know!
Electrelane ~ Oct 29, 2013
We're really enjoying this rather lovely cover of "Cut and Run" by two French girls. Thanks, Morgane and Candice! (And to Kenny for drawing our attention to this video):
Electrelane ~ Jun 14, 2013
Electrelane's "The Power Out" named as the album you need to hear from 2004 in Flavorwire's "The 50 Albums Everyone Needs to Own, 1963-2013."
Electrelane ~ May 20, 2013
Electrelane music and an original soundtrack by Verity Susman in the new film by French director Katell Quillévéré - Suzanne - it just opened the Critics Week at Cannes 2013
Electrelane ~ Mar 12, 2013
FREE FILM SCREENING ALERT!!! Queer Cinema from Spain and France project at the University of Manchester presents: Screening and focus group discussion of FOR 80 DAYS (80 Egunean, Jon Garaño and José María Goenaga, Spain 2010) On SUNDAY 17th MARCH at 1100am in the education rooms at BFI, London, during the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. We are looking for a small group of 4 - 8 participants to watch and discuss the film. The screening will be in Basque with subtitles in English. If you would like to participate, please send us an email to reserve your place. The screening is free and we will provide refreshments during the focus group discussion. [email protected] Link to trailer:
Electrelane ~ Jan 13, 2013
Verity has a website with some new tracks on it and a gig in London on 24th Jan
Electrelane ~ Dec 24, 2012
Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Electrelane x
Electrelane ~ Sep 16, 2012
La Route du Rock concert from last summer can be streamed on this French website:
Electrelane ~ Aug 24, 2012
Mia has a great essay in this book where musicians write about the first time they heard Joy Division / New Order... check it out!
Electrelane ~ Aug 17, 2012
"There is art that is never made due to fear, and this just makes that fear even bigger."
Electrelane ~ Jun 18, 2012
update on the LWP situation, if you want to help, sign the petition and donate money to the eviction fund