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A Dark Forgotten Past
The Force of the Ancient Land
Eldamar Jan 01, 2019
Hey! So this is our second Askheimr practice. We just became a full groupe. Ola (Bass), Karelius (Drums), Erlend (Guitar), Astor (Keyboard), and Me (Guitar, Vocal). This is far from the best... But I just have to show you my update in this project, as it have been a hell of a time since last time I wrote to you...! At the moment we just try to get to know each other and try to work together. I hope I will get in contact with the right record companies soon! But for now, I will thank you for all the support.Thank you for buying my albums! You have been awesome! I might start to look into an another full length of Eldamar again. I really want to do this! But for now, hope you have had a great yule, and happy new year to you!
Eldamar Nov 02, 2018
Hey again! Here is a small teaser of the last song (demo version) and outro I will have on my album of Askheimr. Much simular to Eldamar material in my opinion, thats why the song seemed great as the last song on the album. I am currently working on Ambient tracks if I can make it fit in to the rest. Enjoy! PS: I am still looking for a Keyboard player. If anyone of you who play keyboard/piano that live around my area like Oslo Norway, just shout out!
Eldamar Oct 28, 2018
Soon done with lyrics for Askheimr ✌ Follow my instagram account; eldamarofficial ;)
Eldamar Oct 28, 2018
Hey! For some weeks ago I was making a music vodeo with Gaia Epicus. I have been making guitar solos for their new album. We were transporting eight cabinets on a trailer and used this Fight Club to shoot. Great fun! The band has a lot of albums. Trash and Power Metal. This is their new single for the new album "Alpha & Omega".
Eldamar Sep 06, 2018
Hello! Here is an update. Im about finished with all the music for Askheimr. So now im working on the lyrical part of the album. Otherwhise, nothing have really changed. I still have three guys that is possibly future members. I hope we will soon do some rehersals of the songs. I still need a keyboard player... I am thinking about doing another album of Eldamar when I have gotten things under control. I have been wanting to do that for a while now. I have no idea about how it will sound. I only know that I will do something very different. Even the most signature sound and atmosphere will be different. That might fly in the face for some of you. But I grow, and so do the music and the world around me. I just have to see what i will make of it. But im sure it will turn out great in the end! I made some videos of Askheimr a while ago that is uploaded on instagram. Hope you like it! Instagram; eldamarofficial
Eldamar Aug 20, 2018
Eldamar Jul 10, 2018
Hey! Long time since I wrote to you. But I dont write unless I have something to write about :P We have printed more t-shirts. It is the same design as last time of the "A Dark Forgotten Past" album. I hope for a new design next time! But now we have more sizes to choose from. We made just a few in S and XXL for the ones who want that. Things are going pretty well for my part. I am still working with the Askheimr project. I have soon completed all the music for an album. Then I have a lot of lyrics to write. I really hope for a proper recording at the end of the year. Then I have to find the right record label. As members goes, I have a guitarist and possibly a bassist and a guy on drums. I have of course not found a keyboard player yet as it is unfortunantly a difficult task. I am very happy with the songs so far. Allso, very good that the Atmospheric Black Metal Albums is back on track! For more videos and pictures of what I am doing with my projects and life, you can follow me on Instagram. @eldamarofficial
Eldamar Apr 29, 2018 Visited Fossum Bridge Defence Galleries at the border of my hometown Askim and Spydeberg. I did my vocals for A Dark Forgotten Past in that Bunker. This is a small fortress that was used during WWII. The German soldiers came with busses over the bridge. The busses was totally destroyed by the norwegian firestorm. They tried to cross the river on the ice. But we opened the hydropower plant at Solbergfoss and most of the soldiers drowned by the flood. The bridge were rebuilt first in 1961 and 1992 because of the damage after the atempt to blow the bridge.
Eldamar Mar 22, 2018
Hey! It as been a while since I have been writing anything. But here I am again ;) First of all, I must thank all of you who have ordered my albums and supported Eldamar so far! I hope the shipping went well. Therefore, I think you deserve to know what I've been doing the lately. As some of you know, I am doing a new project called Askheimr. This will be my main project forward if it goes well. I still have a lot of work to do before recording an album. My main reason why I do this is to sort of "get out there", play live and really do what I was ment to do. And with Eldamar i dont think that is the greatest option. Things are going very slowly, but better slowly then too fast I guess. I really want to make something great! I guess the genere of the project is melodic death/black. We are currently two members, two guitarists. And we need a drumer, bassist and a keyboard-player. Follow my Instagram profile for more videos and updates regarding Askheimr and Eldamar! eldamarofficial
Eldamar Jan 22, 2018
Hey! Now I have added the Vinyls for sale at Bandcamp. I will start signing as soon as possible. Due to a hand injure, I hope I will be able to pack and ship the orders within time. Hope it will heal by the time ;)
Eldamar Jan 18, 2018
Hey! I have good news! Finally i have recieved my Vinyls of the A Dark Forgotten Past album! (Or more for a week ago..) but anyway, i have desided not to release this ones for sale before next week for personal reasons and buisy times. Then I am going to prepare the signing in time for packiging. So my plan is that I will release the Vinyls on Bandcamp at monday in the(my) morning. So here it is; Release: Monday 22/1 6AM (ish) "Norwegian time" Clear Vinyl 30x at this time, 50x in total Dark Green 17x SIGNED Gold Vinyl 16x SIGNED
Eldamar Dec 02, 2017
Hey! So finaly I have got my merch! I have added everything to bandcamp. Vinyl is expected at the end of December ;) - SIGNED package with A Dark Forgotten Past album in Digipack and Jewel case including a T-Shirt. Limited to 40x, so be quick ;) - A Dark Forgotten Past edition in Digipack. - A Dark Forgotten Past edition comes in Jewel case. - T-Shirts with the cover art on the front and all the song titles on the back.
Eldamar Nov 30, 2017
's cover photo
Eldamar Nov 27, 2017
Hey! Now you can pre-order the digital files on Bandcamp ;)
Eldamar Nov 19, 2017
Hey! Now the whole album has been released on youtube! Release date for the CDs, Digipacks and T-shirts will happen 1. December. Vinyl out a bit later!
Eldamar Oct 19, 2017
Hello! Here is a preview of the last song "New Understanding" on my new album A Dark Forgotten Past! As far as I know it will be released 1. desember this year. I guess this song is the one that is quite different from what I have done before. The rythim and key changes, as well as the brutal part at the end is what makes this song a fine ending of the album. Here are the rest of the titles of the songs. It might look like a history when reading them in a row, but thats because it is ;) I am very exited for the release of this album. And i hope you are too. Enjoy! ;)
Eldamar Sep 14, 2017
Hello! Here is the artwork of my new album "A Dark Forgotten Past"! The name of the tracks will be published soon!
Eldamar Jul 27, 2017
Hello again! I must say thanks to you all for reaching my Facebook site to over 10k likes! Now, when I first started out for 1 and a half year ago, I had no idea that Eldamar would come this far. And I have to thank Lightfox177 and Atmospheric Black Metal Albums for working with me and promote my project. He is doing a very honorable deed. So I have a little reward for you guys. I just released a teaser on Youtube of my new song that will end up on my new album. This is a clip in the middle of the song. I am curently mixing the album. Hopefully I will be happy enough so I can soon start mastering the tracks. Enjoy ;)
Eldamar Jul 02, 2017
I have now added my share of the cassettes on Bandcamp. I have only a few to sell. Therefore I will sign all I send out. You better hurry! 😉
Eldamar Jun 07, 2017
Hello! Sorry for my long absence, im not gone :P I must say that the Vinyl release was quite popular. I sold most of the albums I got within 3 days in easter. I thank you for your support! I have some merch to sell. I ordered some patches, the first ever Eldamar patches with the cover-art of my Force album. I have 110 in stock at the moment. I also got 10 more T-Shirts that is the same as last. I should be getting a few cassettes soon as well. You will also be happy to hear that I am working on new material! This will be a whole full length studio album. In my ears so far, it will have a lot more heavier sound to it than the Force album. And when I say "heavy", I mean a heavy weight to it, not faster or anything. Especially in the verses. but at the same time just as beautiful as the last album. The pure ambient pieces has the same sound. I dont think I will do Celtic style songs, as it is not the right feeling for me at this point. But they felt right to do at the time. Like, Travel in Woods is a nice piece I always enjoy. You will hear many simularities with this album and my Split release Hagalaz. Only with some more rhythm and key changes ;) I hope for a release at the end of this year, but I cant say anything for certain.
Eldamar May 08, 2017
Something for you who still listen to cassettes ;)
Eldamar Apr 09, 2017
Hello! Finaly I have recieved my Vinyls! This is yet an Limited Edition release. I have recieved x50 clear and x17 blue. Therefore I will sign them before sending! There are 2 LPs with 2 tracks on each side. You can order now at And do not hesitate. This release will run out fast!
Eldamar Apr 01, 2017
Hello! Good news everyone. The LPs are on the way to me from Northern Silence Productions. So I guess it will take a week or so until I recieve them. Here are some photos taken by NSP.
Eldamar Mar 11, 2017
Hey, my new song Hagalaz is now on Spotify!
Eldamar Mar 01, 2017
Hey, the split album "Eldamar / Dreams of Nature" will come to spotify on March the 10th. The vinyls of the Force album is right around the corner. The total printing is 144 blue and 411 clear ones.