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The Radio One Sessions (BBC) [Live]
The Menace
Elastica Dec 14, 2018 fun in Justine's basement, circa 2002
Elastica Nov 27, 2018 you gotta love Donna's short films accompanying her improvised songs
Elastica Nov 27, 2018
to the folks who contacted me in private about this; there was only one serious chance of Elastica reforming, and that was due to MIA's curating of Meltdown festival of last year, 2017. Crystal Castles were included in the line up too, how cool would that have been?
Elastica Nov 24, 2018
Piroshka private gig at Sailing Club Sessions #3, November 23rd, 2018 with Mew guesting on keyz & percussion - photo by Essypunk.
Elastica Nov 23, 2018
εχει κανεις την πρωιμη αφισα του ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL OFFICIAL 2000 που περιλαμβανε τους Elastica στο λαιν απ της 2ης μερας; (θα παιζαν πριν τους Apollo 440 και τελικα αντικαταστηθηκαν απο τους Gomez) φχαριστω!
Elastica Nov 16, 2018 an interesting conversation here via Midem feat. Mr. Shag too
Elastica Nov 14, 2018
Suede's new documentary film ''The Insatiable Ones'' premieres on Sky Arts in 10 nights from now, November 24th, at 9pm
Elastica Nov 11, 2018
Justine Frischmann's two new paintings (on the right) currently on display part of 'Works on paper curated by Andrea Belag'' art painting exhibition at George Lawson Gallery from October 18 - November 24, 2018.
Elastica Nov 09, 2018
does the guitar riff sound familiar? uh-uh-uh #FridayVibes cheers to Maximum Rocknroll for the article, been reading you guys since the 90s, good old 80s punk has always been relevant to Elastica anyway.
Elastica Nov 08, 2018
''I need someone else to motivate me, and in this case it was Justin,” Berenyi recalled. “He sent drum tracks with guitar parts and odd words, so I wrote some vocals and lyrics, which became ‘This Must Be Bedlam’ and ‘Never Enough.’ When Mick added bass, it sounded great. When Moose added guitar and keyboards — I’d never written like that before, it was such good fun.” much press follows Piroshka's 1st new song revealed recently, as well as interviews with all members of the band and more! follow the band on social media to get more news in time! some useful links here:
Elastica Nov 07, 2018 Justine was interviewed for it too, enjoy! #TheInsatiableOnes #Suede Suede Mike Christie
Elastica Nov 04, 2018
Donna vibes #Sunday
Elastica Nov 03, 2018 hello to Indonesia! we love you too!
Elastica Nov 03, 2018
#20YearsAgo November 1998; Elastica start low key rehearsals at Justine's home basement studio as a 4 piece again, under the assistance of Marc Waterman, with Justine on vox/guitar, Paul on lead guitar, Justin on drums and either Dave or Marc, filling in on bass duties. #Elastica #20thAnniversary #Mk3
Elastica Nov 01, 2018
Justin working it at the recent Sailing Club Sessions #2. Tickets for part #3 are already sold out and scheduled for November 23rd
Elastica Oct 31, 2018
have a good one #Halloween 🎃
Elastica Oct 26, 2018 probably, the best live version of it ever captured on tape. at the legendary Umeda Club Quattro 梅田 クラブ クワトロ, Osaka, Japan #Elastica
Elastica Oct 25, 2018
Donna Matthews for Dazed and Confused Magazine 1996 🖤 photo by Rankin. hair: Adam Bryant make up: Sharon Dowsett styling: Katy England
Elastica Oct 25, 2018
Donna Matthews (pictured left) at Sydenham High School recent pupils' & staff talent event party guesting as a talent judge follwing the school's end of a long half term timeline. Sydenham High is an independent school offering a first-class education for girls aged 4-18, enabling them to reach their full potential and exceed expectations. More here:
Elastica Oct 25, 2018
post Elastica 2002 & onwards.. Justine Frischmann gained prominence as a rocker in her early 20s with her band, Elastica. She turned her back on that realm to enroll in the Buddhist curriculum at Naropa Institute, and emerged with a disciplined painting practice. She straddles quite polarized worlds with the light she explores, having traversed the spotlight, the urban glare of media scrutiny, to the coastal light of the rural North Bay’s fog-mitigated ambience. Deploying a kind of light refraction through the use of oil paint, acrylic spray enamel, and repurposed photography, she balances urban and natural inferences, and captures an aura somewhere between limelight and inner light in the process. The sublimation print process involves heating the aluminum plate and embedding the inks within the grain of the surface, hence starting the image back behind the plane, and imbuing the overall picture with a somewhat holographic effect. Frischmann juxtaposes gesture and architecture, mass tone and translucence, improvisation and a considered physicality, all in the service of an art of threshold states. Rather than simply stacking the three media she employs, she shuffles them, with the fluorescent spray acting as an arbitrator between the origami folds of her photo-based imagery and a fatty layer of high-valued oil paint. In the energy and immediacy of her gesture she achieves visual equivalencies for the punk ethic of London of the ‘90s, but she captures more than a simple equivalent of the tropes of an alternative social scene. The deep memory of painting as a medium pushes her work past fashion into the realm of what is perennial in the human condition. The equivalencies she sets up mirror such basic building blocks as vulnerability and adaptation, loss and recovery, growth and discovery, and forgiveness. Painting and the life of a painter seem to accommodate the scope of Frischmann’s ambition more readily than the music scene she left behind, not only in sheer expression, but in her reach for an organizing principle, a position taken both in and out of the light, in response to things as they are, readily shifting as they do from brightness to shadow and back again. (paintings, installations)
Elastica Oct 24, 2018
Paul Jones from Rough Trade Records in conversation with Jim Carroll at the Hard Working Class Heroes Music Conference. Photos by the Ruthless Imagery team - Ruth Medjber, Ciara McMullan and Ciara Brennan. Listen to the full podcast here:
Elastica Oct 12, 2018
Justine Frischmann for Alternative Press mag in the US - fashion story - photo by David Titlow
Elastica Oct 06, 2018
up to this day Elastica related stuff by the press & the fans!