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By Order of the Moose
El Goodo Jul 04, 2019
Here is the new album from friends of ours Tristan and the strange words. Check it out!! Thanks for letting us stay at your place Tristan Niklaus.
El Goodo Jun 02, 2019
To the millions (and millions) of El Goodo fans out there who may be interested in such a thing, there is a bit of a “side project” going on here. If you wanna smeeeeeeeellllllll...What the Walrus is cookin’. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
El Goodo May 25, 2019
About to go onstage in Clwb Ifor Bach. #HUNKS
El Goodo Mar 16, 2019
We’re ROLLIIIIING! Mixing the album for the next few days.
El Goodo Mar 06, 2019
El Goodo Feb 17, 2019
Cello, Trombone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and some spectacular visuals.
El Goodo Feb 16, 2019
Good old Sweet Babs laying down a wide range of woodwind instruments on the album today. Here he is utilising a clarinet. 👇🏻 Sweet.
El Goodo Feb 10, 2019
Mixing has begun! 🎉
El Goodo Jan 14, 2019
Oh My!
El Goodo Jan 12, 2019
Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️ I don’t suppose any of you Edders has got a decent quality image of our first album cover?(UK version, not the pwp US version please) Believe you me, I’ve looked myself. Can’t find it on my computer, tried doing an iTunes get artwork - nothing. Looked on internet - only a shitty 100x100 version. Company that designed it no longer exist. For such a HUGELY successful album (jokes) it’s very elusive, even to its creators! * Basically, the iTunes album artwork file, should you have it, would be perfect. Thanks in advance. 😬 Ps, our new album is almost finished.
El Goodo Jan 10, 2019
The strength of strings.🎻
El Goodo Jan 06, 2019
A little bit of country today..🎸🎻
El Goodo Jan 02, 2019
Back in the studio for a week 🎉
El Goodo Dec 01, 2018
At last nights show, Pix tried to re-enact Marty Mcfly in back to the future, by lying on his back on the floor whilst playing guitar. Hopefully the more he does it, the better he will get at it!
El Goodo Dec 01, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came to see us at The Arch last night. Can’t remember much of it but I’m sure it was fun! ✊🏻
El Goodo Nov 30, 2018 Catch us live tonight at the Arch in Neath with support from Shes got spies and The good companions. Doors 8:00pm
El Goodo Nov 29, 2018 Catch us tomorrow live at The Arch in Neath, with support from She’s got Spies and The Good Companions. Doors at 8:00
El Goodo Nov 28, 2018
El Goodo will be playing upstairs at the Arch in Neath this coming Friday night. Unfortunately one of the support bands have had to pull out due to illness, so we just wanted to see if there are any original local bands that would like to open the show on the night.🎸 Please feel free to share this post Please send a private message to us on our page. Thanks, El Goodo.
El Goodo Oct 07, 2018
We had a great week in France with The Necessary Separations. A fantastic band and great people! Thanks to them for being tres super 👌🏻 and thanks to everyone who came along to any of the shows and to anyone who put us up for the night, or cooked us food, or bought an album or tshirt, etc etc etc. Here are a couple of pics from the last 24 hours.
El Goodo Oct 05, 2018
Last gig of our French tour tonight in Nantes. Here are a few pics from the past 24 hours in Le Mans.
El Goodo Oct 04, 2018
🤘🏻SHOWS🤘🏻UPDATE🤘🏻 Le Mans tonight! A wretched cold is wreaking havoc on the health of the touring party, but we will fight back with the healing powers of sweet, sweet music. *sneezes *blows nose *coughs up a generous dollop of lung butter. *cracks open a cold bierre
El Goodo Oct 03, 2018
Helleaux Bordeaux 😀
El Goodo Oct 02, 2018
Here’s a few non-descript pics from the past 48 hours or so.
El Goodo Oct 01, 2018