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Murder in the French Quarter
White Rabbit
Egypt Central
Egypt Central Dec 20, 2018
Thank you to Spotify and its listeners for years of support, in the past, present and.... future. We can’t wait for you to hear what we are up to.........🤓😎😜 #egyptcentral
Egypt Central Sep 07, 2018
#whiterabbit :)
Egypt Central Aug 16, 2018
You’re allowed to love both 😉 #egyptcentral #devourtheday
Egypt Central Aug 13, 2018
New music from EC’s primary song writing duo! Coming soon! #youcanlikeboth :)
Egypt Central Nov 30, 2017
Would any of you be interested in a new EC record? #therealEC
Egypt Central Oct 28, 2016
Learn your history.......
Egypt Central Oct 27, 2016
Trust me, EC fans should see this.....
Egypt Central Oct 13, 2016
Follow the link to our new single "The Bottom" for the low low.
Egypt Central Apr 01, 2016
Devour the Day
Egypt Central Mar 08, 2016
Check it! We discuss the past and the future, specific songs and we are the featured artist!
Egypt Central Jan 21, 2016
As Devour The Day Joey and Blake have new music available tomorrow on iTunes!
Egypt Central Dec 19, 2015
Happy Holidays!
Egypt Central Oct 14, 2015
ALL Shirts are $10!!
Egypt Central Sep 09, 2015
Egypt Central Feb 10, 2015
For those of you that want to know what Joey and Blake are up to. Check out their new Single "Faith" Available worldwide today on iTunes.
Egypt Central Jan 21, 2015
We have been getting questions on where to pick up a copy of our cd's. They are available here:
Egypt Central Jan 20, 2015
Matt Prestler. Working on Joey's @deanguitars during rehearsal for shows with @hellyeah and @likeastorm
Egypt Central Jan 17, 2015
New #steveclayton picks for our upcoming tour with #likeastorm and #hellyeah
Egypt Central Jan 12, 2015
Why is Taco Bell so good? #mydogknows #tacobelldog
Egypt Central Dec 25, 2014
Gin and juice for my aunt Suze! Merry Christmas everyone! #merrychristmas #ginandjuice #hailsanta
Egypt Central Dec 23, 2014
Still strong. #octane #devourtheday
Egypt Central Dec 11, 2014
Check the cities and get tickets now! #newtour #newmusic #oldfriends
Egypt Central Dec 10, 2014
So excited for this! #tour #hellyeah #2015 #goodpeople #missyouguys