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Leaves: The Colour of Falling
The Piramida Concert
Magic Chairs (Bonus Track Version)
Parades / Under Giant Trees (Special Edition)
Tripper + Springer (Special Edition)
Parades + Under Giant Trees (Special Edition)
Tripper / Springer (Special Edition)
Performing Parades (Live)
Performing Parades (Live)
Efterklang Dec 05, 2018
You can find us at this year's SPOT Festival May 3rd in Aarhus, Denmark performing new songs ❤️
Efterklang Dec 05, 2018
Efterklang Nov 23, 2018
📸 by Tom Roelofs - June 2018 Antwerp ❤️
Efterklang Nov 18, 2018
Supporting The Lake Radio. Efterklang ft. Lil Lacy & Victor Dybbroe at ALICE cph November 16th 2018. 📸 by @maltheivarsson #thelakeradio
Efterklang Nov 16, 2018
#soundcheck - we go on stage 21:00 tonight sharp. Doors at 20:00. Sold out support party for @thelakeradio. We’ll perform 4 new songs with new friends Victor Dybbroe and Lil Lacy #efterklang
Efterklang Nov 16, 2018
Goodbye Brussels and The Jet Studio. Thanks for a wonderful time and session with B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X Kasper winding and Pierre Dozin. We are excited about the future. ❤️❤️❤️ #efterklang #recording 📷 by Tom Roelofs
Efterklang Nov 14, 2018
Hello!!!! 📸 by Tom Roelofs ❤️❤️
Efterklang Nov 14, 2018
Life is great and full of music 😍 Recording in Brussels w. B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X, Kasper Winding. 📸 by Tom Roelofs
Efterklang Nov 13, 2018
Recording and having a great time in Brussels with B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X and Kasper Winding and lots of other nice people. ❤️ Photos by Tom Roelofs.
Efterklang Nov 02, 2018
This week we've been rehearsing with Lil Lacy in preparation for our concert nov 16th at ALICE cph in Copenhagen in support of The Lake Radio #støttefest Read more about the party for The Lake Radio here-> The Lake støttefest at ALICE ❤️❤️❤️
Efterklang Oct 24, 2018
This album was released 14 years ago today 😀. Our debut album Tripper. Released on Leaf Label.
Efterklang Oct 16, 2018
👋 to a new piano in our tiny studio in Copenhagen #efterklang #louiszwicki #pianetto 🎉 #bjarneogbjarne
Efterklang Oct 10, 2018
In support of The Lake Radio we'll perform a short set of new songs November 16th at ALICE cph in Copenhagen. We'll be joined on stage by Lil Lacy and Victor Dybbroe. Looking forward ❤️. Listen to The Lake here Support the radio by buying a ticket for this event:
Efterklang Oct 03, 2018
When we fuck our skeletons are singing Updated for the first time in 1,5 years with amazing music by Danielle Dahl, Clarissa Connelly, Low, Jeppe Zeeberg, Frk. Jacobsen, Joseph Shabason, a Hawk and a Hacksaw, Kogekunst , Tirzah and Swamp Dogg. #NowPlaying
Efterklang Oct 01, 2018
Kids ands Open Ends available now on all streaming platforms and for download ❤️ Originally written and recorded in the music classroom of our childhood school on 4-track cassette tape Dec. 27th 2013 and then released as part of Polyvinyl Record Company's 2014 7" singles series.
Efterklang Sep 28, 2018
Available digitally as of today 😀 We recorded this December 2013 and it was released as part of Polyvinyl Record Companys 2014 7" single series.
Efterklang Sep 24, 2018
We are now also on Instagram 😍 as @efterklang 💪
Efterklang Sep 13, 2018
Excerpt of new Liima song called 'Dear Eirik, It's getting better'. Written and performed live at 37d03d #peoplefestival August 2018 by Liima with Eirik Glambek Bøe, Mariam Wallentin, Kobi Arditi, Jeremy Black, Gaspar Claus and Sinkane. Watch the full 20 minutes session filmed by magician Vincent Moon here:
Efterklang Sep 12, 2018
20 minutes of sheer joy and Liima magic ❤️
Efterklang Sep 08, 2018
Efterklang september 2018. Photo by Tom Roelofs.
Efterklang Sep 06, 2018
Thank you Aarhus! We had a wonderful time yesterday performing our new songs with B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X and Lungekoret (a choir consisting of people dealing with lung conditions). Photos by Tom Roelofs. Concert in Sankt Lukas Kirken by Aarhus Festuge. ❤️❤️❤️
Efterklang Sep 05, 2018
Rehearsals are over. Soundchecking right now. We are playing 'ALTID SAMMEN' tonight in a church in Aarhus with. B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X. The show is sold out 😍 Photos by Tom Roelofs. Show by Aarhus Festuge.
Efterklang Aug 29, 2018
Calling all Sherlocks 🕵️‍♂️ Do you know the person with the Instagram username @efterklang? We would like to share stuff on Instagram with the @efterklang handle, but someone has taken that account. The account is inactive (since 2013). Have tried direct messaging the profile, but without luck. Maybe someone reading this knows the person behind the @efterklang handle on Instagram? We would love to get in touch with that person in the hope that we can inherit the handle. Can someone help? Do you know the person? #highhopes Have attached photos from the profile...
Efterklang Aug 12, 2018
Next stop PEOPLE FESTIVAL in Berlin 💋
Efterklang Aug 04, 2018
Tune in to We (The Lake Radio) are broadcasting live from By The Lake Festival in Berlin the entire day!