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Leaves: The Colour of Falling
The Piramida Concert
Tripper + Springer (Special Edition)
Tripper / Springer (Special Edition)
Parades / Under Giant Trees (Special Edition)
Magic Chairs (Bonus Track Version)
Parades + Under Giant Trees (Special Edition)
Performing Parades (Live)
Performing Parades (Live)
Spot Festival Spot Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Aarhus, Denmark) Find tickets
Efterklang Feb 08, 2019
Enjoy your weekends everyone!! We are consuming great amounts of ☕️ and making music here on the island of Samsø ❤️. #efterklang #samsø #longjohns
Efterklang Feb 06, 2019
May 2nd 2019 we will perform with B.O.X at this year’s Stanser Musiktage in Stans, Switzerland! Looking forward to the music and to the 🧀 and the 🏔⛰🏔. B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X #efterklang #stans #stansermusiktage Tickets and more info here:
Efterklang Jan 29, 2019
NEW RELEASE! Casper has a duo with the Portuguese synth player Shela (aka Lama). They are called Cacilhas and they have just put out a mini-album that they have made in Lisbon. The mini-album is released via Lovers & Lollypops. You can listen to it here: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Artwork by Carlos Gaspar Photo by Aylin Gungor
Efterklang Jan 23, 2019
#fromthearchives: Day off on tour in 2005! We visited the Wasa Sverige factory in Filipstad 😅 - Casper Clausen, Rune Mølgaard, Rasmus Stolberg, Mads Brauer, Thomas Kirirath Husmer, Niklas Antonson, Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir, Christian Thomsen. Hildur Ársælsdóttir and Karim Ghahwagi are missing in the photos.
Efterklang Jan 22, 2019
No tickets left for this. Can’t wait!! 💋💋💋 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival
Efterklang Jan 18, 2019
Goodbye Iceland 🇮🇸 on our way back to Copenhagen now after three incredible days in the sundlaugin studio with the #kliður choir, Kjartan Sveinsson, Petur Ben and Biggi. 🛩
Efterklang Jan 16, 2019
Recording with the amazing Kjartan Sveinsson for the next two days. Having a really nice time here in Iceland 😊🙏🎉 #kjartansveinsson
Efterklang Jan 15, 2019
We’re in Iceland recording with the amazing Kliður choir. One big bunch of amazing sweethearts ❤️☺️ - arrangement by Petur Ben #udennavn
Efterklang Jan 11, 2019
To see the this concert you have to purchase 1,2,3 or 4-day passes for the Reeperbahn Festival 2019 and choose a ticket that includes Efterklang in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. More info at: Looking forward to this!!
Efterklang Jan 11, 2019
's cover photo
Efterklang Jan 10, 2019
September 21st 2019 we'll perform live in the iconic concert hall of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg during this year's Reeperbahn Festival ❤️🎉 We plan on making 2019 a very special year and this will for sure be a highlight for us. Tickets are on sale now. Read the full announcement on our website: Efterklang 📸 by Kenneth Nguyen. Elbphilharmonie 📸 by Maxim Schultz.
Efterklang Jan 09, 2019
Happy Birthday to Casper 🎉✨💫🌈🔥 Tomorrow we’ll have another festive announcement. Check back in 🤗 - 📷 by Tom Roelofs
Efterklang Dec 05, 2018
You can find us at this year's SPOT Festival May 3rd in Aarhus, Denmark performing new songs ❤️
Efterklang Dec 05, 2018
Efterklang Nov 23, 2018
📸 by Tom Roelofs - June 2018 Antwerp ❤️
Efterklang Nov 18, 2018
Supporting The Lake Radio. Efterklang ft. Lil Lacy & Victor Dybbroe at ALICE cph November 16th 2018. 📸 by @maltheivarsson #thelakeradio
Efterklang Nov 16, 2018
#soundcheck - we go on stage 21:00 tonight sharp. Doors at 20:00. Sold out support party for @thelakeradio. We’ll perform 4 new songs with new friends Victor Dybbroe and Lil Lacy #efterklang
Efterklang Nov 16, 2018
Goodbye Brussels and The Jet Studio. Thanks for a wonderful time and session with B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X Kasper winding and Pierre Dozin. We are excited about the future. ❤️❤️❤️ #efterklang #recording 📷 by Tom Roelofs
Efterklang Nov 14, 2018
Hello!!!! 📸 by Tom Roelofs ❤️❤️
Efterklang Nov 14, 2018
Life is great and full of music 😍 Recording in Brussels w. B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X, Kasper Winding. 📸 by Tom Roelofs
Efterklang Nov 13, 2018
Recording and having a great time in Brussels with B.O.X - Baroque Orchestration X and Kasper Winding and lots of other nice people. ❤️ Photos by Tom Roelofs.
Efterklang Nov 02, 2018
This week we've been rehearsing with Lil Lacy in preparation for our concert nov 16th at ALICE cph in Copenhagen in support of The Lake Radio #støttefest Read more about the party for The Lake Radio here-> The Lake støttefest at ALICE ❤️❤️❤️
Efterklang Oct 24, 2018
This album was released 14 years ago today 😀. Our debut album Tripper. Released on Leaf Label.
Efterklang Oct 16, 2018
👋 to a new piano in our tiny studio in Copenhagen #efterklang #louiszwicki #pianetto 🎉 #bjarneogbjarne
Efterklang Oct 10, 2018
In support of The Lake Radio we'll perform a short set of new songs November 16th at ALICE cph in Copenhagen. We'll be joined on stage by Lil Lacy and Victor Dybbroe. Looking forward ❤️. Listen to The Lake here Support the radio by buying a ticket for this event: