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The Deconstruction
Royal Albert Hall
The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett (Deluxe)
The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett
Wonderful, Glorious
Tomorrow Morning
End Times
Tomorrow Morning (Deluxe)
End Times
Hombre Lobo
Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Live at Town Hall
Electro Shock Blues Show (Live)
Daisies of the Galaxy
Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Beautiful Freak
Electro-Shock Blues
All things EELS Dec 09, 2018
All things EELS Dec 03, 2018
What's happening, guys? What's on your X-Mas EELS wish list? I, for one, would love to see them live again next year. (And, a long-cherished wish of mine, another MC Honky album would be incredible, of course.)
All things EELS Oct 06, 2018
Are. You. Kidding. Me. What a photo. The original EELS.
All things EELS Sep 22, 2018
This sounds promising. Eels autumn tour? How great would that be?!
All things EELS Aug 28, 2018
Butch! ❤️
All things EELS Aug 22, 2018
All things EELS Aug 08, 2018
"Why don't we take a ride Away up high Through the neighborhood"
All things EELS Jul 22, 2018
The EELS world tour has come to an end. And what a tour it was...! To listen to the studio versions of all the songs played on the tour, you might want to check out this Spotify playlist:
All things EELS Jul 17, 2018
So. Eels in Vienna. Eels in 2018. What a show, what an evening. I've been to dozens of Eels gigs over the years and I've enjoyed all of them. But I think I've rarely seen an Eels band perform with such confidence, such precision, such joy. The whole band seemed to be in a great mood, the setlist was exceptionally good and the excited audience added to the perfect atmosphere. E, don't let us wait another four years for this.
All things EELS Jul 16, 2018
54 minutes of Eels live in concert in great audio quality. ❤️ (Thanks to Drew Huddart)
All things EELS Jul 16, 2018
Tomorrow: EELS in Vienna!
All things EELS Jul 14, 2018
Eels at Werchter = always phenomenal!
All things EELS Jul 13, 2018
An hour of Eels in Barcelona. Enjoy it now before it gets taken down.
All things EELS Jul 13, 2018
Great little interview with E at the Mad Cool Festival.
All things EELS Jul 09, 2018
Nine years ago today! Today's Eels are great and all and The Chet & Co. are fantastic, but, for me, nothing beats classic Eels with Butch drumming. ❤️
All things EELS Jun 28, 2018
All things EELS Jun 15, 2018
Great little review of the Boston show by Audra Napolitano. Also, see photos of a young Mark Everett from more innocent times here:
All things EELS Jun 13, 2018
New video: thoughts?
All things EELS Jun 12, 2018
Eels on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" last night. Amazing!
All things EELS Jun 11, 2018
Fucking knock!
All things EELS Jun 11, 2018
EELS on Colbert tonight! While it will be the band's first appearance since Colbert took over, the Eels have a long history of fantastic performances on the Late Show, back in the days with David Letterman hosting. This "Flyswatter" performance is certainly one of the most iconic!
All things EELS Jun 11, 2018
All things EELS Jun 10, 2018
Eels in Brooklyn!
All things EELS Jun 08, 2018
Follow the band on Instagram!
All things EELS Jun 08, 2018
You gotta admire The Chet. What a performance!