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i think you think too much of me
EDEN Aug 09, 2019
EDEN Jul 28, 2019
gonna start updating my spotify playlists more regularly again starting with songs for ):
EDEN Jul 22, 2019
good morning
EDEN Apr 24, 2019
EDEN Apr 22, 2019
EDEN Apr 19, 2019
you can presave 909 here:
EDEN Apr 17, 2019
new music in seven days call me x
EDEN Apr 09, 2019
new music this month ๐ŸŽˆ
EDEN Mar 28, 2019
today i am really happy to announce that i have set up a label to release music that i believe in and the first one of which is here: still.running by ATO stream/buy: this is the first of many things to come this year and i am so excited to share them with you. talk soon x
EDEN Mar 11, 2019
EDEN Dec 31, 2018
365x: 23 thank you x
EDEN Dec 23, 2018
EDEN Nov 30, 2018
its been a long road, i couldnt even talk the last few days but im glad to be home. thank you to Au/Ra for supporting this eu side of the tour. thank you to my team for making the show a breathing reality day after day. and thank you guys for coming out. all 78283 of you. it means the world to me.
EDEN Nov 24, 2018
leeds tonight, brixton tomorrow, final show of 2018 in dublin. lets gooo ๐ŸŽˆ last tickets available here
EDEN Nov 23, 2018
limited merch available everywhere now until dec 7 free shipping today only
EDEN Nov 21, 2018
limited edition merch. two weeks only. available on friday. free worldwide shipping on all orders for the first 24hrs.
EDEN Nov 21, 2018
bts from the last couple shows in germany. paris tonight ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท
EDEN Nov 17, 2018
home straight, last run. 2018s been sweet to me. thank you all. see you tomorrow frankfurt - last tickets available here wild times.
EDEN Nov 11, 2018
heading home, just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has come out to a show in north america over the past weeks. and thank you Sasha Sloan for supporting this second half, its been such a pleasure having you. europe kicks off in seven days ill see you then x
EDEN Nov 06, 2018
EDEN Nov 03, 2018
thank you for sharing these nights with me, only a few weeks left of this tour im coming home
EDEN Oct 27, 2018
if you were looking at what im looking at, youd be in a hurry too
EDEN Oct 23, 2018
massive thank you to Kacy Hill for supporting this tour so far, been such a blessing to have her playing with us every night. we released a few extra tickets for indianapolis tonight at the door and at thank you thank you thank you
EDEN Oct 10, 2018
coming to a theatre near you
EDEN Oct 02, 2018
first day of tour last vertigo tour end of an era start of an adventure last tickets available: thank you for everything im coming home