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The Value of Nothing
Old No. 2
Eddie Spaghetti's Greatest Hits
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 19, 2019
Almost... he’s putting it together! #superbabs #ridewithzeke
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 16, 2019
If anyone deserves to chase his dreams, it’s this kid. He has worked so hard these last few years to come so close to his goal. Please help him jump this last hurdle! Link in my bio. Thanks. @quattro206
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 13, 2019
ZZ. #ridewithzeke
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 12, 2019
What started out as a lovely evening trip to the cliffs, quickly deteriorated into chaos as a wave came in and sucked her shoe clean off and out into the ocean forever. Ugh. Anyone know anyone who works at Birkenstock? Ha! #therealelviswashere #superbabs @ Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 07, 2019
Lunchtime with these knuckleheads. @hodads1904
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 05, 2019
Tonight y’all! Don’t miss it!! @gallaghershbpub
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 04, 2019
Is it summertime already? #therealelviswashere #superbabs
Eddie Spaghetti Apr 04, 2019
Hey people in and around Huntington Beach! This Friday I’m gonna be rocking it solo style. Don’t miss it! @gallaghershbpub
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 31, 2019
Great last show of the tour last night in Baltimore. Here’s to another #30yearsofrocknroll from @supersuckers!!
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 30, 2019
Getting ready for @metalmartyofficial’s Birthday here in Baltimore. Get here tonight! @vonstreicher @supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 30, 2019
Happy Birthday to the baddest ass I know! @metalmartyofficial has been a rock to rock out with and has made @supersuckers better than we’ve ever been. Thanks brother. Here’s to many more together! 🍻
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 28, 2019
Haters gotta hate. #ClaptonSTILLSucks! @metalmartyofficial @supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 28, 2019
Good times with these old farts last night in Ass-bury! @andyrapoport66 @billydee201 @vonstreicher @brianbakers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 27, 2019
Wonder Bar tonight. We have arrived. @supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 25, 2019
Lemmy would approve. #lemmykilmister♠️ @metalmartyofficial @supersuckers #BeerDrinkersAndHellRaisers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 24, 2019
Brand new vs gently used #nothinggentleaboutit @supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 21, 2019
This dude here is Bev. He was the coolest guy at our show in London, ON the other night. He was dancing on the side of the stage literally the ENTIRE SHOW. So cool. @calltheoffice @supersuckers @ Call The Office
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 21, 2019
Toronto! Turning Wednesday into a pretty good Thursday since the 1900’s. @leespalace @supersuckers @acetaterecords #30yearsofrocknroll #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 19, 2019
Best flyer ever. Come on out tonight people of London, ON! @supersuckers @calltheoffice #30yearsofrocknroll
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 18, 2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 👁 ❤️ 🍺 @supersuckers @metalmartyofficial @vonstreicher #iheartbeer
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 17, 2019
Canton, Ohio. What a surprise. Thanks for showing up, good people! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 16, 2019
Still hating. #ClaptonSTILLSucks
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 12, 2019
Green Bay. Always been some love for us here. Good people! @supersuckers #30yearsofrocknroll #dirtyshithole #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 10, 2019
Eau Claire, Green Bay, we’re heading your way! @supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Mar 10, 2019
Getting it together in Sioux Falls dum dum style. Supersuckers @metalmartyofficial @vonstreicher