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The Value of Nothing
Old No. 2
Eddie Spaghetti's Greatest Hits
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 20, 2019
Zeke’s first bike ride! He’s finally cracked the code. #superbabs #ridewithzeke
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 17, 2019
Great last night of the Aussie run in Sydney last night. Frankie’s is a great venue also got to meet and hang with Malcom Young’s son, Ross. A first rate fellow for sure! Supersuckers Acetate Records Frankie's Pizza By The Slice #30yearsofrocknroll #suckit @ Frankie's Pizza
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 17, 2019
A real good time was has in Brisbane last night! Lefty’s is a killer venue. Supersuckers Acetate Records @metalmartyofficial @vonstreicher #30yearsofrocknroll #suckit @ Lefty's Old Time Music Hall
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 16, 2019
A very poorly photographed @metalmartyofficial soaking up the love here in Melbourne last night. A rockin’ good time! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #30yearsofrocknroll #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 15, 2019
Geelong! Thanks for coming out. @supersuckers @acetaterecords #30yearsofrocknroll #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 11, 2019
“Turn to the right and cough, Mr. Ogre.” @vonstreicher here in Wellington, NZ.
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 09, 2019
#WeThreeDicks @supersuckers @vonstreicher @metalmartyofficial
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 08, 2019
They say it’s beautiful everywhere in New Zealand... Whammy Bar, Auckland, NZ #dirtyshithole @supersuckers #30fuckingyears
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 05, 2019
...and the show goes on (and on...) heading to New Zealand (better than Old Zealand) and Australia today. We will land two days later to rock ‘em down under! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #30years #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Feb 02, 2019
Running club shenanigans with #superbabs and #therealelviswashere #homelife
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 28, 2019
Tucson. It didn’t completely suck! Tour over, time to go home for a few days... @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 28, 2019
Heading back to Cactusville. Tucson tonight! @supersuckers @the_hangmen
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 27, 2019
Flagstaff AZ. It was pretty good! Pretty, pretty, pretty good... Tonight is the last stateside show before we head Down Under. #GoingBackToTucson @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 26, 2019
Las Vegas maniacs! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 25, 2019
Good times in San Jose last night! Tonight we are in Fresno and it’s the last show with @the_hangmen, so make sure and come out if you can! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 24, 2019
The epitome of cool, The Hangmen. Great to have them out with us. I have loved Bryan Small’s band for over 30 years now. He was, and continues to be, a huge influence on my rock-n-roll ways. I’m so grateful to have them out with us. Do yourself a favor and check them out! @the_hangmen @acetaterecords
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 23, 2019
@metalmartyofficial soaking up the love last night in Sacto! @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 19, 2019
Sold out show in Boise last night. Thanks Boiseans! Boiseites? Boiserenos? Who knows? @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 18, 2019
SLC in the house. @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 17, 2019
@the_hangmen totally killing it tonight! @acetaterecords #lookingforblood
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 16, 2019
Good one in Denver last night. Tonight we’re in Grand Junction. @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 15, 2019
Bryan Small is the King Of The Lanes™️ @the_hangmen still couldn’t beat the mighty Supersuckers though. We will take on any band that dares challenge us!
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 14, 2019
So f’n amazing to have @the_hangmen on tour with us. I have loved this band for over 30 years now. Wow. @acetaterecords Supersuckers
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 12, 2019
Just keeping it real here in Colorado. @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit
Eddie Spaghetti Jan 11, 2019
Good to know the #dirtyshithole will always be there for us. Back at it. Sister Bar, Albuquerque, NM. @supersuckers @acetaterecords #suckit