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Talking Dreams
Echosmith Jun 17, 2019
Happy Father’s Day to our amazing dad!!! (Sorry we’re a day late 🤪) you’ve taught us so much about life, love and music. We’re so grateful to have a dad like you. Love you so much ❤️
Echosmith Jun 16, 2019
Story time friends: God Only Knows is a beautiful song I heard a few months ago. Joel from for KING & COUNTRY and his wife showed our dad the Timbaland remix and once I heard it, I loved it so much, I said I’d sing it the next day. Sure enough, I was able to sing it a few days later & here we are!!!! Who’s heard it so far? 💙
Echosmith Jun 15, 2019
New Music friends! So excited about this one! God Only Knows is out now w/ us and for KING & COUNTRY Timbaland .
Echosmith Jun 14, 2019
The official live music video for “God Only Knows” with for KING & COUNTRY (Timbaland remix) is here!! We shot this last Saturday and really wanted to capture the feeling that everyone struggles and has days where life feels really heavy, but together we can lift each other up and be there for one another. What’d you guys think? 💙
Echosmith Jun 14, 2019
God Only Knows is out everywhere now!!!! for KING & COUNTRY & Timbaland So beyond excited for this. Enjoy 🖤
Echosmith Jun 13, 2019
Ok another surprise 🥳🥳🥳 along with our version of God Only Knows coming out tonight with for KING & COUNTRY & Timbaland - we have the performance music video premiering tonight at midnight EST on YouTube !!!! Joel from For King and Country and I (syd) are gonna go live on Instagram at midnight EST to watch the video with you and talk to you guys!!! Join on Insta and watch with us on this link:‬ :)
Echosmith Jun 12, 2019
OK WE GOT NEW MUSIC FOR YA IN JUST 2 DAYS ❤️ #GodOnlyKnows with @forkingandcountry , @timbaland & us!!!!! Who’s ready??? :)
Echosmith Jun 04, 2019
This past weekend was so much fun!!!!!! Wearing a jersey in 90 degree weather maybe wasn’t my best idea 😅 but performing with the Stanley Cup on stage was cool 🤩 thank u so much NHL for having us!
Echosmith May 31, 2019
So stoked to be playing the pre-party for the Stanley Cup Final this weekend!! If you like hockey and Echosmith, come and party with us 🤯🤯
Echosmith Apr 11, 2019
Our fans are so amazing 😭 Thank you so much for all the support for the new music video for "Favorite Sound"!
Echosmith Apr 11, 2019
's cover photo
Echosmith Apr 08, 2019
Whose seen the music video for Favorite Sound?! 🥰
Echosmith Apr 03, 2019
Who’s ready for the #favoritesound video??? 4.5.19 🍭
Echosmith Mar 25, 2019
Merch Sale! ❤️
Echosmith Mar 08, 2019
Favorite Sound is out worldwide!!❤️
Echosmith Mar 08, 2019
Favorite Sound is out @ midnight tonight! Go grab it frenz! #echosmith #audien #cranberryrecords #sonyred
Echosmith Mar 08, 2019
TOMORROW. #favoritesound @audien
Echosmith Mar 06, 2019
SHOW SLERT! Memphis May 4 Beale Street Music Festival ticketing page: #BSMF19
Echosmith Mar 03, 2019
So this is what really happens when we try to make a video.....
Echosmith Mar 01, 2019
8 DAYS til #FavoriteSound with @audien is out in the world!!!!! WHO’S EXCITED CUZ WE ARE
Echosmith Feb 26, 2019
Echosmith Feb 26, 2019
Echosmith Feb 26, 2019
Echosmith Feb 26, 2019