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Bloody Lovely
Black Rat
DZ Deathrays Apr 18, 2019
📸 David Herington
DZ Deathrays Apr 17, 2019
📷 David Herington
DZ Deathrays Apr 17, 2019
Entschuldigung, Hamburg! 🍻🇩🇪
DZ Deathrays Apr 15, 2019
Might master that new album ay... 🤠
DZ Deathrays Apr 13, 2019
Last show of the tour tonight at the Saloon Bar in Launceston! Tickets on the door! Doors at 8! Holy heckin yeehaw. 🤠🎸📷 btmphotos
DZ Deathrays Apr 11, 2019
Bendigo tonight! Tasmania tomorrow!!
DZ Deathrays Mar 27, 2019
DZ Deathrays Mar 21, 2019
We play Wollongong and Canberra this weekend! Photo by David Herington
DZ Deathrays Mar 19, 2019
Hi everyone, We would like to address an important issue which has been occurring recently at our shows. There has been a number of instances where men have been disrespectful to our support act, Moaning Lisa and this is absolutely not on. We have asked them to join us on this tour because we thoroughly enjoy their music and want to showcase a great band to a new crowd. For them to feel unsafe is absolutely unacceptable. If you’re caught being disrespectful to anyone at any of our shows you will be immediately removed. We don’t want this to happen at our shows, or anyone’s shows. After hearing about the multiple occurrences we can’t help but feel completely heartbroken at the actions of some people attending our shows. A DZ show should be a fun and inclusive affair for all attending. If your mate is acting up, call them out. If you see someone being disrespectful or making anyone feel unsafe please let security, staff or us know. Please have respect for fellow patrons, support bands & everyone involved. DZ
DZ Deathrays Mar 18, 2019
Byron Bay turned it up over the weekend. The next shows are Wollongong and Canberra. This will be our 1 and only show in your town this year so don’t miss it!!
DZ Deathrays Mar 15, 2019
Thanks for stealing our rug Mooloolaba. It really tied the room together. 😞 We play the Mills Precint tonight in Toowoomba!! Tickets on the door.
DZ Deathrays Mar 12, 2019
Coming up next on our tour with the lot! 🍕🔥 THU - The Wharf, Mooloolaba FRI - The Mills Precint, Toowoomba SAT - The Northern, Byron Bay Photo by Jess Brown
DZ Deathrays Mar 11, 2019
If you want bands like us to be able to play in NSW #VOTEMUSIC in the up coming election.
DZ Deathrays Mar 05, 2019
WE ARE ON TOUR!!!! Torquay has now sold out so get your tickets while they are still available from
DZ Deathrays Mar 05, 2019
ICYMI – here’s ‘Front Row Hustle’, big love to Briggs, Jesswar & Trials:
DZ Deathrays Mar 02, 2019
Cheers Geraldton! Hitting up City Limits Festival today in Perth. On at 8:20pm! Photo by David Herington
DZ Deathrays Mar 01, 2019
Hitting up Wintersun Hotel in Geraldton tonight with Good Doogs and Mal De Mer! Come on down for a bloody lovely time! Photo: David Herington
DZ Deathrays Feb 28, 2019
Really excited to get this track out to the world. We are really happy how it’s all come together. Massive thanks to Trials, Jesswar and Briggs for turning our song Afterglow into a whole new beast. It was awesome to work with you all!!
DZ Deathrays Feb 28, 2019
‘Front Row Hustle’ premieres today on Triple J! Tune in 4:30pm(AEDT). 😎
DZ Deathrays Feb 27, 2019
CAIRNS, MOOLOOLABA, BYRON BAY, DEE WHY are all selling fast! TORQUAY is about to go too! We’ve also added PANDAMIC to both Mooloolaba and Toowoomba shows! #FUCKVIAGOGO
DZ Deathrays Feb 26, 2019
After hearing about the unprecedented and devastating flooding across Northern Queensland, we have decided to donate all profits of our Townsville show at Darymple Hotel next month to GIVIT who are providing much needed support and provisions to flood victims. If you’re interstate or can’t make it along to the Townsville show, we encourage you to donate money or items by clicking through the link below. Our hearts go out to those affected, dig deep mates
DZ Deathrays Feb 26, 2019
Firing up for City Limits Festival in Perth this weekend! Grab ya tickets and head on down! Tickets available here: Photo by Nathan Doran Photography
DZ Deathrays Feb 25, 2019
DZ Deathrays Feb 25, 2019
We’re giving away some signed used Paiste cymbals to celebrate our current ‘Tour With The Lot’. Just tag us in a pic of you holding your ticket to any of the up coming shows and we’ll randomly pick 4 winners at the end of the week!!!
DZ Deathrays Feb 23, 2019
DZ DEATHRAYS X BRIGGS. Keep watching this space. More info to come. 🎤🔥