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The Land Under the Black Wings: Swamp
Dymna Lotva Apr 17, 2019
The song that we have never played live. The time goes on. Infirmity, sorrow… From the black water An old blind woman is watching. The endless rainclouds. Youth has ended. Everything around is in vain. Beauty is lost! Gone with the water… To death, Without a fate… The senseless road From the cradle to coffin. The past Will not come back. What will be left? The sagebrush wreath On the hoary head.
Dymna Lotva Apr 15, 2019
'The Land under the Black Wings: Swamp' CDs are still available directly from us 😈
Dymna Lotva Apr 12, 2019
We are recording new album and it turns out much more evil than we expected
Dymna Lotva Apr 11, 2019
Concert posters
Dymna Lotva Apr 08, 2019
We are going to Russia for the first time! August 23 Dymna Lotva will play in Moscow at Black Metal Convention 2019. And the next day we will perform in Tula at open air Blackened Life Festival 2019 open air
Dymna Lotva Apr 05, 2019
Dear friends, we are proud to announce our first show in Slovalia this autumn!
Dymna Lotva Apr 04, 2019
@nokt_aeon always uses her own real blood at our shows. This is something like musicians blessing.
Dymna Lotva Mar 30, 2019
Tomorrow in Brugge club Forladt, Nokt and Jauhien will play as main part of @absenceoflifeband ⠀ ⠀ Photo by @petrowitcher
Dymna Lotva Mar 25, 2019
What is your favorite song from our first album 'The land under the black wings: Swamp", guys?
Dymna Lotva Mar 21, 2019
2 months ago our first clip was released. We prepared for you the translation of this sad folk song: I am sick at heart in the evening, Because my beloved is leaving me for another woman. My darling came home from a party and began to sharpen a knife. The wife asks her husband: "What are you going to do?" “Don't ask me, my wife, what am I going to do. You have one minute left to live.” “Don't cut me, don't cut! Give me one more moment. Please let me grow Our little Anny.” “My new wife will raise our daughter While I wash the knife in the river.” “Bury her quickly, In just two hours. And I will date another woman, Because I'm still young.” “Bury me quickly, In just two hours… Let him date another woman, Because he is still young.” “Bury her quickly, In just two hours! And I will date another woman, Because I'm still young!” “Bury him quickly, In just two hours! He will not date another woman, Even though he is still young!”
Dymna Lotva Mar 18, 2019
2 months left before our next concert. We are preparing for @bymetaltravienfest something new and interesting.
Dymna Lotva Mar 17, 2019
How about any flute parties in our last single 'Skon'? We have an idea to add it in live mix
Dymna Lotva Mar 12, 2019
Spring is dead
Dymna Lotva Mar 11, 2019
Dear friends, our EP 'Wormwood' CDs are still available directly from us
Dymna Lotva Mar 10, 2019
Missing Ukraine Metal Heads' Mission 2018.
Dymna Lotva Mar 07, 2019
Dymna Lotva Mar 06, 2019
Folkcats fest
Dymna Lotva Mar 05, 2019
A part of our new track 'Лютасць' (Cruelty) Filmed by Olga Kann Full video:
Dymna Lotva Mar 01, 2019
From now you can catch them on our shows 😈
Dymna Lotva Feb 28, 2019
Forladt (guitars, backing vocals). He looks like a rock star in this photo, doesn't he? Forladt is also a founder (vocals, lyrics, all music, guitar) of dsbm band Absence Of Life. Nokt Aeon is a participant of Absence of Life too (lyrics, vocals). And Jauhien Charkasau agreed to become a concert guitarist for this band. The first live show is coming. You can see it on March 31: Photo by Нат Назгул (Nat Nazgul)
Dymna Lotva Feb 27, 2019
Concert posters
Dymna Lotva Feb 25, 2019
Dymna Lotva Feb 23, 2019
Our vocalist turned 30, so now she is hysterical and calls herself an old woman. This is a good reason for the whole band to work harder and harder. Today we will celebrate her anniversary, drink and sing with our friends and collect donations for the recording of the album. You can also donate any small amount of money to our paypal. The recording will be completed before the end of spring. And maybe see you tonight at our streaming 😀 Photo by @jay_flokker
Dymna Lotva Feb 21, 2019
Today, our vocalist Nokt celebrates her another 18 years. Let's wish her to drink and sing as long as possible.