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The Land Under the Black Wings: Swamp
Dymna Lotva Feb 15, 2019
Nokt&Forladt Photo by @petrowitcher
Dymna Lotva Feb 14, 2019
Valentine's day is a good time to watch our music video about love and death. And we prepared lyrics translation for you: I am sick at heart in the evening, Because my beloved is leaving me for another woman. My darling came home from a party and began to sharpen a knife. The wife asks her husband: "What are you going to do?" “Don't ask me, my wife, what am I going to do. You have one minute left to live.” “Don't cut me, don't cut! Give me one more moment. Please let me grow Our little Anny.” “My new wife will raise our daughter While I wash the knife in the river.” “Bury her quickly, In just two hours. And I will date another woman, Because I'm still young.” “Bury me quickly, In just two hours… Let him date another woman, Because he is still young.” “Bury her quickly, In just two hours! And I will date another woman, Because I'm still young!” “Bury him quickly, In just two hours! He will not date another woman, Even though he is still young!” Video by Olga Kann Starring: Силим Кам and Nokt Aeon
Dymna Lotva Feb 14, 2019
Yes, we have a couple of songs about love. This is the first. ...I don't know what I should talk about - about death or about love? Or are they the same? Which one should I talk about? We were newlyweds. We still walked around holding hands, even if we were just going to the store. I would say to him, "I love you". But I didn't know then how much. I had no idea ... He started to change - every day I met a brand-new person. The burns started to come to the surface. In his mouth, on his tongue, his cheeks - at first there were little lesions, and then they grew. It came off in layers - as white film ... the color of his face ... his body ... blue ... red ... gray-brown. And it’ all so very mine! It's impossible to describe! It's impossible to write down! Right before my eyes - in his formal wear - they put him in that cellophane bag of theirs and tied it up. And then they put this bag in the wooden coffin. They didn't even let me hug the coffin. I crawl around the grave on my knees. Always on my knees... I was twenty-three.
Dymna Lotva Feb 12, 2019
Our guitarist Igor has just returned from the army. Photo by @natnazgul
Dymna Lotva Feb 11, 2019
Small fact about Dymna Lotva. Our vocalist @nokt_aeon usually uses her own blood for our shows and shootings Photo by @petrowitcher
Dymna Lotva Feb 08, 2019
Where do you want to see us, guys? We are thinking about taking part in some festivals this year after new album recording will be finished. This is how Lotva looks like a couple of weeks after the concert. We try to make each performance unique. So too frequent concerts and even tours are not for us. However, good concerts are planned well in advance, so ... It's time to plan the summer-autumn 2019 season. Where would you like to see us this year? The names of the festivals / contacts of the organizers are very welcome.
Dymna Lotva Feb 07, 2019
Мы только сейчас более-менее отошли после субботы, так что готовы сказать пару слов. Это был странный концерт-эпидемия (на сцене и в гримерке впору оборудовать лазарет) и тем более круто, что он состоялся. Огромный дзякуй за это Maria Sedzich и Лютый Букинг Psychonaut 4 & Victim Path - збс делить с вами сцену, мужики! Давид Граф (გრაფი დავით) привет и лёгкого похмелья. Всем болезным (особенно Тим Львов) выздоравливать (наши, кстати, после афтепати резко на поправку пошли). Наконец-то на сцену вернулись наши родные гитаристы. Оба. И это хорошо. Nikita Sedin, игорь рамненак (Harry Ramnenak) не теряйтесь больше, не ходите в армию и не падайте в окна. И ещё впервые в Беларуси с нами отыграл новый барабанщик Димка Бармалей😈 Дзякуй Денис Бруталенко (Denis Brutalenko) за звук и пы-пы на афтепати. Всём кто снимал - поклон за працу и дзякуй за вкусный контент - все выложим, всех помянем. Тем кто пришёл, поддержал, пил в баре, курил в курилке, орал песни - помним-любим-скорбим, приходите ещё (31 марта, кстати, в Брюгге Absence Of Life - не плотва, но плотвята и друзья). Буланову на крыльце спеть забыли, но, чай, не последний раз в Брюгге. Кровь, цветочки, петли - этого добра у нас ещё не на один сейшн хватит. Жыве! Video by Olga Kann Full video:
Dymna Lotva Feb 06, 2019
Our full of dark emotions backing vocalist and guitarist Forladt Photo by Olga Kann
Dymna Lotva Feb 05, 2019
Beautiful photos from Saturday show. thanks to Нат Назгул (Nat Nazgul)!
Dymna Lotva Feb 05, 2019
Happy depression from our vocalist @nokt_aeon Photo by @natnazgul
Dymna Lotva Feb 15, 2019
Psychonaut 4 | Dymna Lotva | Victim Path
Dymna Lotva Feb 01, 2019
Our vocalists Nokt and Forladt invite you to tomorrow show
Dymna Lotva Jan 31, 2019
This Saturday we will play this track live for the second time
Dymna Lotva Jan 29, 2019
Dymna Lotva Jan 28, 2019
We are happy to inform you that both our guitarists Igorr and Forladt are again with us and will play at the stage this Saturday
Dymna Lotva Jan 25, 2019
One week is left
Dymna Lotva Jan 24, 2019
Come to me… The silent creatures Are watching From behind the trees. The gaze Is the swamp Staring at your back. The waning moon Is melting… Come to me! Dry branches Will gouge out your eyes. The twinkle far away Is wandering and attracting. Come to me… Step by step, Without a road – After him… Into slough – After him… The twinkle far away Is wandering and attracting. Daturas on marshes Doom you to death The twinkle is wandering, Leading into slough.
Dymna Lotva Jan 23, 2019
Rehearsaling for February 2nd concert. No screams because of Nokt's illness
Dymna Lotva Jan 21, 2019
Domestic violence has a thousand faces. We will show only a few, but it's up to you to decide which of them is true. Director&screenwriter - Nokt Aeon Camera operator, editor&colourist - Olga Kann Starring: Husband - Силим Кам Wife - Nokt Aeon Guest vocals by Андрей Апанович (Andrei Apanovich) Music, mixing&mastering by Jauhien Charkasau Assistants: Nikita Sedin & Shen
Dymna Lotva Jan 18, 2019
Well, guys... We are excited to tell you that our first official music video 'Sick at heart' will be released this Monday, January 21th! Photo by Olga Kann
Dymna Lotva Jan 17, 2019
Our vocalist @nokt_aeon at Oskorei fest Photo by @kiraigigs
Dymna Lotva Jan 11, 2019
Dear friends, our first video clip is coming! Upcoming official video teaser for our single 'Трудна, нудна на сэрдуньку' (Sick at Heart)
Dymna Lotva Jan 03, 2019
Guys, see you in a month at a full of depression gig with Psychonaut 4 and Victim Path in Brugge club, Minsk Event: Psychonaut 4 в Минске 02/02/2019
Dymna Lotva Dec 31, 2018
Dear friends, happy new year! In 2018 we released 2 new singles. Dymna Lotva played abroad for the first time. We have 2 new band members. We played at summer open airs for the first time and made our first merch. It was a year full of productive work. Thank you for your support!