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The Land Under the Black Wings: Swamp
Dymna Lotva Dec 14, 2018
Амаль тыдзень таму мы стаялі на сцэне Oskorei. Midvinter festival VIII ў Кіеве. І нават зараз яшчэ не адышлі ад падарожжа да канца. Гэта быў наш другі выступ у Украіне, і першы - ў сталіцы. Мы ўжо ведалі, што нас там чакаюць, але ўсё роўна ТАКАЯ колькасць людзей на першым гурце, які пачаў граць у 16 10, была неверагодна прыемным сюрпрызам. Сябры, дзякуй вялікі, што прыйшлі. Дзякуй за такую цудоўную падтрымку! Фэст быў выдатны, і нам было вельмі прыемна граць на адной сцэне з Barkasth, Ygg, Khors, Nox Vorago і Cradle of Filth. Дзякуй оргам фэсту за гэтую магчымасць (дарэчы, арганизацыя фэсту была на вышэйшым узроўні)! Мы казалі пра нашыя форс-мажоры са штатнымі музыкамі, а зараз трэба падзякаваць тым, хто іх аператыўна падмяніў - без гэтых людзей мы б не змаглі адыграць. Константин Стасевич (Константин Павлович Стасевич) адыграў партыі сола-гітары замест Ігара, а таксама ўзяў на сябе бэк-вакал. Artem Golubev быў на гэтым канцэрце нашым басістам, і нават прыйшоў у гурт са сваім балахонам (чаму басістам? а таму што Яўген перасеў на рытм-гітару замест Кіта - вось такая складаная ракіроўка). А Той-Хто-Прасіў-Сабе-Не-Ўпамінаць з мехам на галаве проста выдатна адбарабаніў. Сябры, яшчэ раз дзякуем, што б мы рабілі, калі б не вы? ---------------------------- Almost a week ago we stood on the stage of the Oskorei festival in Kyiv. This was our second gig in Ukraine, and the first in the capital. We started playing at 16:10, so club full of people was an incredibly pleasant surprise. Friends, thank you very much for such excellent support! The festival was great and we were very pleased to play on the same stage with Barkasth, Ygg, KHORS, Nox Vorago and Cradle of Filth. Thanks to the festival organizers for this opportunity (by the way, the festival organization was at the highest level)! We had talked about our force majeure with band members before, and now we need to thank those who quickly replaced them - without these people we would not be able to play. Konstantin Stasevich played solo-guitar instead of Igor, and also help us with backing vocals instead of Forladt. Artem Golubev was our bass player at this concert, and even came to the band with his hoodie (why a bass player? because Eugene moved to the rhythm guitar instead of Forladt - that's such a difficult castling). And the One-Who-Requested-Himself-No-mentions with bag on his head was our great drummer. Friends, thank you again, what would we do without you?
Dymna Lotva Dec 09, 2018
We love Kyiv
Dymna Lotva Dec 14, 2018
Oskorei Midvinter fest
Dymna Lotva Dec 05, 2018
Our vocalist Nokt Aeon playing our first album intro on her alto recorder in our favourite bar Palata #6 in Kyiv this summer. In august we visited Kyiv during our journey to Metal Heads' Mission fest but we had not played on the stage in this beautiful city. This Saturday Dymna Lotva will play in Kyiv for the first time at the Oskorei. Midvinter festival VIII
Dymna Lotva Dec 04, 2018
We regret to inform you that our guitarist Igorr was suddenly taken to the army so he won't be able to go to Kyiv with us this week. But show must go on! We will wait for Igorr to return, but for now our goid friend has agreed to replace him. See you at Oskorei Midvinter fest!
Dymna Lotva Dec 03, 2018
Dear friends, see you in Kyiv at Oskorei. Midvinter festival VIII this Saturday!
Dymna Lotva Dec 02, 2018
Unfortunately our guitarist/back vocalist Forladt can't participate in our upcoming show in Kyiv at Oskorei Midvinter fest because of fracture. We hope he will be able to play in the next show and wish him a speedy recovery
Dymna Lotva Nov 30, 2018
This news is not very fresh, but this does not negate the need to tell about it. Drummer Shen is no longer a member of our band since October. He remains our friend and Lotva wishes him success in the future. As for us, Dymna Lotva works as usual, all scheduled concerts will take place, and who will be our drummer at Oskorei. Midvinter festival VIII is our little secret =) Shen, thank you for being with us for these 2 years!
Dymna Lotva Nov 27, 2018
Dear friends, you can download our new track for free here:
Dymna Lotva Nov 26, 2018
This video is made from the frames, which had been recorded on the phone in the process of creating and recording the new track. It is unprofessional, but shows a bit of the inner life of the band. Enjoy!
Dymna Lotva Nov 23, 2018
Our new single 'Skon' is out now! 'Скон' is translated from Belarusian like 'decease'. This track is recorded in the framework of the campaign to support young Belarusian poets of the music portal TuzinFM. Lyrics by Iryna Belskaya. Photo by Нат Назгул (Nat Nazgul) Jauhien Charkasau - music, guitars, bass, mixing&mastering. Nokt Aeon - vocals
Dymna Lotva Nov 22, 2018
Dear friends, here you can listen our new track before it official release! Just find Dymna Lotva in playlist
Dymna Lotva Nov 21, 2018
A year ago we presented our mini-album 'Wormwood' at Voseni Ratauniki fest
Dymna Lotva Nov 20, 2018
Друзья! К Oskorei. Midvinter festival VIII мы напечатаем небольшую партию маек с дизайном, объединяющим наши основные релизы: полноформатник "Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі. Дрыгва", EP "Палын" и сингл "Крумкачы таксама смяротныя". Вы можете заказать их уже сейчас, сообщить нам нужный размер и впоследствии даже при желании забрать майку в Киеве накануне фестиваля! Только мужские, размер от S до XXXL. Цена 300 грн. Пишите в сообщения сообщества или Nokt Aeon
Dymna Lotva Nov 19, 2018
Remembering our first show in Ukraine. But now we are preparing to the Oskorei festival in Kyiv. See you December 8th in Bingo club!
Dymna Lotva Nov 13, 2018
Photo by @helga_kann
Dymna Lotva Nov 12, 2018
Meet new dsbm project from our members
Dymna Lotva Nov 11, 2018
Dymna Lotva Nov 09, 2018
Today is the birthday of our founder, father, leader, composer, guitarist and bass player Jauhien Charkasau. We wish him great success and all the best!
Dymna Lotva Nov 08, 2018
Wormwood at the stage of old soviet House of Culture in small Belarusian town Baranovichi
Dymna Lotva Nov 05, 2018
Dear friends, new dsbm project is coming! Music, lyrics, vocals by our guitarist and backing vocalist Forladt Lyrics, vocals by our vocalist Nokt Aeon Mixing&mastering by our founder, leader and bass player Jauhien Charkasau
Dymna Lotva Nov 03, 2018
Our vocalist @nokt_aeon at charity Folkcats fest. Photo by @petrowitcher
Dymna Lotva Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween, dear friends! This is our most mystical song. Willothewisp Come to me… Come to me. The silent creatures Are watching From behind the trees. The gaze Is the swamp Staring at your back. The waning moon Is melting… Come to me! Dry branches Will gouge out your eyes. The twinkle far away Is wandering and attracting. Come to me… Step by step, Without a road – After him… Into slough – After him… The twinkle far away Is wandering and attracting. Daturas on marshes Doom you to death The twinkle is wandering, Leading into slough.
Dymna Lotva Oct 29, 2018
Dymna Lotva - The Land under the Black Wings (live at MHM fest 2018)
Dymna Lotva Oct 25, 2018
Dear friends, both our CDs are available now directly from us. Also there are 4 last T-shirts that we can send you right now. The next batch will be printed not earlier than in December (with a different design). The remaining: T-shirt with our logo (the left) - XXL size only, 10$ T-shirt with Wormwood design (the right) - S and XL sizes, 15$ Any CD - 10$ If you need a shirt of this design, but your size is over, you can write to us and we will print it as soon as a sufficient amount of pre-order appears.