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Wrong One to F**k With
Reign Supreme
Killing On Adrenaline
History Repeats…
Purification Through Violence
Infatuation With Malevolence
Grotesque Impalement
Descend Into Depravity
Killing On Adrenaline
War of Attrition
Stop At Nothing
Destroy the Opposition
Dying Fetus Aug 15, 2019
#TBT Were any of you at this show 19 years ago?
Dying Fetus Aug 13, 2019
Taking some time off before we head to Monterrey in November for México Metal Fest. Who’s planning on seeing us there? 📸: Faith Wilson
Dying Fetus Aug 08, 2019
“Destroy the Opposition” from our NH show a couple weeks ago. Video by Bill Kurtz
Dying Fetus Aug 06, 2019
Our very first full length album Purification Through Violence was released on this day back in 1996.
Dying Fetus Jul 30, 2019
Thank you HEAVY MONTRÉAL 🤘 Video by Metal Addiction QC
Dying Fetus Jul 27, 2019
Killing On Adrenaline is now legal in the United States. 21 years ago we released this classic. Who’s been listening to us since then?
Dying Fetus Jul 27, 2019
We’re playing at HEAVY MONTRÉAL TOMORROW! We go on at 9:30 pm on the BRASSEUR DE MONTRÉAL GARDEN stage!
Dying Fetus Jul 25, 2019
Amityville, NY - you’re up first. See you tonight at Amityville Music Hall.
Dying Fetus Jul 24, 2019
Kicking off this quick run of east coast dates tomorrow in Amityville, NY. Who’s coming to see us? There’s still time to get your tickets at July 25 | Amityville Music Hall | Amityville, NY July 26 | Alchemy | Providence, RI July 27 | Heavy Montreal | Montreal, QC July 28 | Bungalow Bar | Manchester, NH 📸: Robbie Clark// Photographer
Dying Fetus Jul 23, 2019
East coast - we’re coming for you this week! Do you have your tickets yet? Get yours now at
Dying Fetus Jul 20, 2019
Today is our last day in Europe! We’ll be playing at RUDE - Rock unter den Eichen. Catch our set at 23:00 on Mainstage! 📸: German Rojas
Dying Fetus Jul 19, 2019
History Repeats… was released on this day in 2011. What’s your favorite track?
Dying Fetus Jul 18, 2019
We only have 2 more shows in Europe before we head back to the US for a few east coast shows. 19/7 | Brynas, Sweden | Gasklockorna Gävle 20/7 | Bertingen, Germany | Rock unter den Eichen Open Air 📸: Josh Huddleston
Dying Fetus Jul 17, 2019
Tampere, Finland is up next.
Dying Fetus Jul 16, 2019
Only 4 more shows left in Europe! 16/7 | Tallinn, Estonia | Helitehas 17/7 | Tampere, Finland | Pakkahuone 19/7 | Brynas, Sweden | Gasklockorna Gävle 20/7 | Bertingen, Germany | Rock unter den Eichen Open Air 📸: Gorka Photography
Dying Fetus Jul 13, 2019
Today we’re at IN FLAMMEN Open Air in Torgau, Germany! Catch our set at 23:10 on the Samstag Mainstage. 📸: Math Valbuena
Dying Fetus Jul 12, 2019
Essen, Germany is up next. 📸: Robbie Clark// Photographer
Dying Fetus Jul 11, 2019
We’ve got a headline show tonight in Kassel, Germany!
Dying Fetus Jul 09, 2019
Today we’re in Hungary for Rockmaraton Fesztivál! We go on at 21:00 on the Arena stage. 📸: Robbie Clark// Photographer
Dying Fetus Jul 08, 2019
Some more photos from Rock Al Parque 📸: Math Valbuena
Dying Fetus Jul 08, 2019
Dying Fetus's cover photo
Dying Fetus Jul 07, 2019
Tonight we’re in Mannheim, Germany!
Dying Fetus Jul 06, 2019
Thank you UK Tech-Metal Fest! Next up - our first show with Terror in Nilvange, France!
Dying Fetus Jul 05, 2019
Kicking off our Europe tour at UK Tech-Metal Fest today! Catch our set at 9:30pm on the Line 6 Stage!
Dying Fetus Jul 02, 2019
Just a few weeks until HEAVY MONTRÉAL! We’ll be playing on Saturday, July 27. Passes are available at