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Overshoot Days
Force De Frappe (feat. GEM TOS)
Lush Artifact (feat. Dubmood)
The Sun and Moon (Original Soundtrack)
Lost Floppies, Vol. 2
C'etait Mieux En RDA
Lost Floppies, Vol. 1
Best of 2001-2003

Transregional Des Pyrenees
Dubmood Dec 31, 2018
Dubmood Dec 16, 2018
Overshoot Days 12" now shipping. Finally! Hopefully everyone will get their copy before the holidays.
Dubmood Dec 07, 2018
The new GEM TOS is out now! This is the most chiptunest thing I've been involved in since the pre Badlands days.
Dubmood Nov 26, 2018
Now to one of my more unknown productions, but still one that I am much proud of. Because it has finally found its way onto a less cool but easier to consume through platform. aka YouTube. This is the full 24 episodes from Bob Nimbes Xnitzy && Xnutzi advent calendar from 2010 where I did minimalist covers of more or less well known tracks from myself and others. Now dig.
Dubmood Nov 21, 2018
The new GEM TOS version of our overshoot days album is coming December 7th! For everyone who thought the original album lacked square waves and arpeggios, you'll love this. It is the chipiest thing I've been involved with since the pre badlands era.
Dubmood Nov 11, 2018
▄▄▄ In case you missed it. ▄▄▄ We released a new album called Overshoot Days. It's available in digital, 12" LP and audio cassette, release through Data Airlines. Check it out on Bandcamp Check it out here: or on Spotify: I say "we", because just like all my recent work for the last decade, it was a collective effort. Musically, almost composed with four hands, thanks to GEM TOS the android (who is now in space). But also with a lot of help and input from Bright White Lightning and Bob Nimbe. The latter is also pulling the heavy creative load and twisting his brain like a polkastång so that the dubmood universe gets visualized. And I shouldn't neglect to mention Daniel Linssen who's own universe contributed to our inspiration for Overshoot Days, and track 10 on the album is from his planet simulation game Planetarium that you should check out here: Mastering was done by Paul Cousins & the album includes feautrings by Bright White Lightning and ANDROMAKERS. Overshoot Days is the followup to Machine and as such a continuation of this story line exploring themes of overreach, depletion of resources and departure. To face the decision of to stay or to leave, to change or decay, and the consequences for what is left behind. The sounds of Overshoot Days is a blend of the two previously mentioned albums, proto-internet digital computer soundchips with analogue mellowness and human percussion. Devices used to generate the sound on this album include Atari 1040STfm, Atari 1040STe, Funkmotor Labs AY-synth, Kawai 100F, Moog Liberation, Korg VC-10, Oberheim 2 Voice, Korg Mono/Poly and a bunch of soundwaves drawn with a computer mouse in Fast Tracker 2. All in all we spent four years composing, decomposing, recomposing, throwing away, regretting, digging through trash, re-imagining, finishing, loosing, rebuilding and then scared shitless hiding it in doubt before finally releasing this album and I very much hope you like it. The vinyl is still on pre-order but will hopefully ship within two weeks. Every pre-order comes with a folded and hand numbered limited edition poster that will not be available elsewhere or otherwise. So don't miss it. Cassetets are already shipping. Thank you for your time. <3 #cassette #vinyl #cassettecollector #indielabel #chiptune #chipmusic #retrofuture #vinylcollector
Dubmood Sep 16, 2018
New album. We ran out of resources so GEM TOS put the ol volvo on fire and decided to take of into space on a giant sleeper ship while the rest of us are stranded in the dead woods of Småland. Passing our time. Get it on vinyl or audio cassette from bandcamp via Data Airlines The album also features Bright White Lightning and ANDROMAKERS on vocals, while Maskinpop did the cover art.
Dubmood Sep 03, 2018
You can now get our Bad Television 7", as well as several records by Wojciech Golczewski, Hello World, Xander Harris and Antoni Maiovvi for dirt cheap. 50%. Only in September.
Dubmood Sep 02, 2018
We are very happy to finally announce that our new album. Overshoot Days, will drop with @Dataairlines on September 16th. On Machine, GEM TOS & Dubmood contemplated on the feelings and bonds between humans and technology. On the followup, Force de Frappe, those relations were studied even further and in a concept of nuclear conflict and mutual total destruction. Overshoot Days is a continuation of this story line exploring themes of overreach, depletion of resources and departure. To face the decision of to stay or to leave, to change or decay, and the consequences for what is left behind. The sounds of Overshoot Days is a blend of the two previously mentioned albums, proto-internet digital computer soundchips with analogue mellowness and human percussion. It will be available on audio cassette and on 30,48cm records.
Dubmood Sep 01, 2018
's cover photo
Dubmood Jul 31, 2018
A bunch of too old to be new, too new to be classics chiptunes on a 30,48cm plate for your Tuesday morning coffee.
Dubmood Jun 06, 2018
As promised, we bring news regarding our next album. The album is 100% done and currently being pressed. We have not yet been given an exact date by Data Airlines but not later than August 2018. The album takes place in the same story line as Machine and Force de Frappe, more precisely after the former, before the latter. A part from the always present GEM TOS, there will also be featurings by Bright White Lightning and ANDROMAKERS.
Dubmood Jun 04, 2018
Many of you have been asking for news regarding our next album. We have news. But we refuse to share them until the last 2 copies of our latest album are gone. So go get them here:
Dubmood Feb 07, 2018
New Old Stock?
Dubmood Sep 06, 2017
-3 Days until the weekend and the time to put down the hammer.
Dubmood Jul 28, 2017
The last Kronoberg and Machine T shirts for only 10$! ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
Dubmood Jun 17, 2017
Will be spinning some "best-of" tracks at DreamHack main stage tonight 2am with this stripped down set up. Had planned to not do any more gigs for a while but DH presented me with a very good argument.
Dubmood May 02, 2017
Dubmood unt zabutom's Bad Television 7" out now on Data Airlines. BITRman and Cactus are serving suggestions.
Dubmood Apr 28, 2017
There will be blood. Cc: zabutom Data Airlines GEM TOS
Dubmood Apr 11, 2017
One of the B-side tracks of zabutom and my new surfy chiptune 7".
Dubmood Apr 02, 2017
Data Airlines
Dubmood Mar 28, 2017
ⒶⒶⒶ New release! ⒶⒶⒶ and the most chiptuneish so in years. Even better, it is made together with zabutom and available on a lovely red 7" record. Back in the dark last wintry days of 2014, Dubmood & Zabutom got together to make a soundtrack for a game by Bitslap in only 6 hours, competing in Ludum Dare 31. The result sounded like you had stuffed Bad Brains into an 80s Japanese vertical shooter arcade machine and then convinced D. H. Peligro to lay down a drum track on top. Needless to say it won the best music category of the game jam. Since then, the "Lennon & McCartney of chiptune" has got together on several occasions to try to repeat the concept of combining arcade style chiptune with hardcore punk and surf music. The result is presented on a 4 track blood red 7" record. Of course it comes with artwork by Bitslap, the man guilty of setting of our composers on their violently chip-surf-punk spree in the first place.
Dubmood Jan 26, 2017
95% discount, that means that many of my mid 00s releases are more or less free. So don't miss out if you like to nurture your bandcamp collection.
Dubmood Dec 28, 2016
This opens up for so much more awesome music in 2017!
Dubmood Dec 12, 2016
Right now you can get some of my 5.25" Floppy CD releases for as low as 2.40$ from Bandcamp. Check out Data Airlines for more info and the discount codes.