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Dub Dynasty Jul 11, 2019
Dub Dynasty & Ras Tinny - Monsoon Come (Acoustic Version!) Greetings one and all! #streetdub is back! This is the first new video I’ve published this year. For a time I’ve been encouraging others to live more sustainably, for physical health, mental wealth and the well-being of the planet. This year I decided to stop talking about it and just try it myself, so I’m now living up in the hills and working towards self-sufficiency. I’ve spent my whole life in the city and living in the bush is a challenge, but slowly (very slowly) I am adapting and laying my roots. I don’t say this to impress you, but to hopefully demonstrate that if I can do it, then anybody can! I don’t know my potato from my tomato, I’m more accustomed to self-service checkouts, high speed broadband, weekly Wednesday bin collections, 24 hour buses, central heating and Netflix. I know certain lifestyle sacrifices aren’t really intuitive, but it seems quite clear that if we want to avoid human extinction and large-scale ecological collapse we’ll have to make some changes. Sacrifice is scary, but behind the veneer of trepidation hides a much greater bounty, our collective reward in this case is probably that our children and their children will have a chance to exist on a living planet. I have no idea what I’m doing, but fortunately there are many who do, in the forums, on YouTube and in the dance I’ve found many people who have helped and inspired me. I’ve been astounded to see the number of people, especially young people, who are working towards sustainable living. To live ‘consciously’, or to be mindful about your environmental impact doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grow a beard and move to the mountains, there are diverse day-to-day changes you can make, causes you can support and movements you can join. Even if you make a tiny lifestyle change each day, after one year you’ve made 365 changes which amount to a big shift. If you want to grow, you don’t necessarily need land, with urban farming you can find your eden in the garden, backyard, on the allotment or a tower block rooftop. The future is uncertain, but let’s at least try to leave the Earth in a better condition than we found it. Meanwhile, I’m gonna plant my cabbages, make music and try to understand and follow the three basic principles of permaculture; look out for others, share fairly and of course, take care of the Earth. ~ Alpha Steppa Recorded live by Alpha Steppa ft. Nai-Jah, Don Fe & Nacho Sax - July 2019 Thanks to Nía for filming! <3 #steppas #streetdub #leavingbabylon
Dub Dynasty Apr 25, 2019
Tonight! 🔥
Dub Dynasty Apr 24, 2019
DD LP 2019 🏴
Dub Dynasty Jan 08, 2019
I do not believe that capitalism, socialism, communism or anarchism can create a free world. I am radical, but I am not revolutionary. I believe in evolution. When conditions change, we change. If life on Earth and our very survival as a species is threatened by our behaviours, then we must alter our behaviours. Adaptation is in our hands. The next and necessary evolutionary leap for sapiens is to heighten our state of compassion. Only then can we work towards the cessation of human's self-inflicted suffering and the destruction of the planet. How can we achieve this? Through any channel that re-awakens the Truth within us. The one simple Truth. That we are one. One people, one human race, one family, one body of ecosystems, one interconnected sack of microorganisms, one meshed membrane of matter, one life, one planet, one Universe, one consciousness or however you perceive it. When we accept the Truth, revolution will come, bloodless and spontaneous, it will unfold as an innate inevitability. We will no longer be capable of inflicting intentional harm onto others. When we disassemble the trembling fear of otherness, when we deconstruct the I-other dichotomy and embrace oneness, we will be free. If you wish to identify with an 'ism', try compassionism. - Alpha Steppa Tune: Dub Dynasty & Ras Tinny - Free (Recorded & Mixed live @ Dartmoor, UK) #streetdub
Dub Dynasty Dec 30, 2018
Alpha Steppa
Dub Dynasty Dec 20, 2018
Alpha Steppa
Dub Dynasty Nov 21, 2018
New #streetdub!! 🚐🚐🚐 The life cycle of our food, from conception to consumption, tells a story of exploitation, environmental destruction and corruption. Operating under such fancy names as: CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) in the EU, Farm Subsidies in the USA, rice subsidy schemes in Thailand or Allocations in Nigeria, farm subsidies were originally invented to protect local production and local food self sufficiency. However, such policies have everywhere been found vulnerable to corruption; often disproportionately benefitting large powerful corporations over small-scale producers and farmers. ‘Rice Traffic’ locates this issue in a Nigerian context where subsidies allocated to support indigenous production are used by large corporations to buy in rice from neighbouring countries (usually imported from Asia) to be illegally trafficked into the Nigerian market rather than growing rice locally; and therefore distorting the market and disadvantaging local small farmers. But the unholy alliance between corrupt politicians and corporations does not only disadvantage small farmers in Africa. Today farmers represent only 3% of the EU population and produce 6% of the EU GDP yet receive 30% of the EU’s total budget through CAP handouts. However 80% of CAP payments go to only a small 20% of farm holdings. The average farmer’s income is only half the EU average wage. The use of farming subsidy programs has not only failed small farmers worldwide it has also failed to stop the wholesale devastation of soil and biodiversity in its ecosystems. Roughly 37% of Earth's land is today employed for agricultural purposes; these fields are thus a big part of our world and what happens in them will increasingly affect our personal lives. Whether agricultural subsidy programs are inherently good or bad is debatable however these programs are subsidised by the public and we advocate they be used to deliver public goods like food security and biodiversity and soil health and not the enrichment of only a small group of large farming holdings. Meanwhile we invite all to continue imagining, designing and trying out alternative more self sufficient and sustainable models of agricultural production that can operate independently from the subsidy system. For if a better world will come, it will grow, through the fields of both the Nigerian and European countryside up until every hill is covered by its shades of red, gold and green. This tune is an invitation to be part of this change in the fields that occupy 37% of your world. - Ras Tinny Song: Alpha Steppa, Nai-Jah, Don Fe & Ras Tinny - Rice Traffic Recorded and mixed live in the van. #streetdub #thegreatelephant #dub #reggae #soundsystemculture #steppas Special thanks to Medina Edu & Landry Viaud ➤ Vinyl & CD ➤ Download ➤ Stream on Spotify!
Dub Dynasty Oct 21, 2018
Rig Veda
Dub Dynasty Oct 10, 2018
Dub Dynasty playing in 🇺🇲️ for the first time, one show only!
Dub Dynasty Sep 27, 2018
Tune: Dub Dynasty & @Nai-Jah - False Profit ft. @jJoe Pilgrim Music & Ant'One Setondji (Recorded & Mixed live by Alpha Steppa) [Unreleased] This is a really special #streetdub filmed at Windrush Square, Brixton, London. 70 years ago the SS Empire Windrush reached the UK, marking a new era of Caribbean settlement in post-war Britain, in the face of discrimination and racism the Windrush generation helped to rebuild Britain after WWII and in the years that followed (along with their sons and daughters) made untold contributions to the country, including the very music we all love. In 2010 the UK government destroyed thousands of landing cards, for many, these cards would have been the only proof of exactly when they arrived in Britain. Shortly after, Theresa May introduced the 'Hostile Environment Policy' declaring “the aim is to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration.” I had to re-read this quote a few times before it really sank in. Now many of the people who arrived in the UK as children with their parents have been told that they must prove that they're living here legally, they've been sent to immigration detention centres, denied national health services, social welfare and faced deportation. These immigration policies are shameful and disgusting and I would much prefer if we worked towards making Britain a hostile environment for callous and incompetent politicians. The government is happy to welcome migrants who will contribute to the economy, but when they reach a stage where they can no longer work they're disposed of. Another case of profit before people. As Nai-Jah & Joe remind us, profit rules. This song is called 'False Profit', those who claim to be churning over huge profits in the name of human prosperity always neglect to mention the catastrophic losses they incur, human suffering, animal suffering, indignity and environmental destruction. Reports for the UN into the activities of the world's 3,000 biggest companies estimate one-third of profits would be lost if firms were forced to pay for use, loss and damage of the environment, this is likely an underestimation. Sentondji ends this song beautifully, and reminds me that if we are to inspire positive change, we have to look beyond economics and politics, collectively, and introspectively, as a species, to shine a spotlight on the destructive nature of disunion and dichotomies. As Joe says, the true warriors are the ones who are working hard to free humankind, and in the words of Morihei Ueshiba "A warrior is charged with bringing a halt to all contention and strife. Universal love functions in many forms; each manifestation should be allowed free expression. The Art of Peace is true democracy." #streetdub
Dub Dynasty Sep 14, 2018
Dub Dynasty Sep 08, 2018
Dub Dynasty @ ReggaBus festival (end of the session)
Dub Dynasty Sep 06, 2018
The Mantis Returns
Dub Dynasty Sep 03, 2018
* Important Please Read * Firstly, thank you to those who attended Reggaebus Festival, an excellent line-up, super sound systems and from my observations a warm and enthusiastic crowd of music lovers <3 Shockingly, shortly after this video was filmed, according to the victim, a good friend and hard working member of our community (Sukh Indica), and many witnesses with whom I have spoken to personally, the wretched man in this video (one of the two main organisers of the festival) returned with a metal bar (in the form of a mic stand) and from behind proceeded to smash the bar against Sukh's (Indica Dubs) head. This of course, resulted in grievous bodily harm to Sukh and it seems that if there was no intervention Sukh would no longer be with us. Thankfully Sukh is alive. This kind of behaviour is unprecedented, sickening and will not be tolerated. Especially within a community promoting peace, love and compassion. Those responsible or complicit must now accept responsibility and face the consequences. I'm so sad that this has happened 😥 As far as I'm concerned this spells the end of the festival, I will certainly not be working with people who are capable of such things, and I encourage others to condemn the organiser in solidarity with Sukh and to preserve the core message of the scene; L.O.V.E ~ Alpha Steppa
Dub Dynasty Sep 01, 2018
If it wasn't for this man we would not be doing what we are doing 🙌
Dub Dynasty Aug 30, 2018
Superb line-up for Reggaebus Festival! Yes we are playing at the same time as the king, we hope you enjoy his set 😀
Dub Dynasty Aug 21, 2018
Joe Pilgrim Music
Dub Dynasty Aug 17, 2018
DD @ Illusive Festival
Dub Dynasty Aug 10, 2018
Steppas Records
Dub Dynasty Aug 10, 2018
2/3 Dub Dynasty
Dub Dynasty Aug 04, 2018
Beneath the gleamingly well-polished 'New Scotland Yard' sign aka the Metropolitan Police Headquarters and a stone's throw from the 'Ministry of Defence' Main Building, London. Cian wrote this song in 2010, relating to the 9 years of war in Afghanistan at that time, since then this number has nearly doubled. The truth is, war has no number, the impact of war is unending, enduring and affects everyone. During its history, the UK's forces have invaded and controlled or fought conflicts in 171 of the world's 193 countries that are currently UN member states, that is to say, 90% of the entire world. Clearly, it's good for business. You just need to skim through this list of wars involving the UK ( to see the published gains, let alone the unpublished gains. In exchange for tragic loss on all sides. This doesn't look like the actions of a Ministry of Defence, but rather a Ministry of Offence. I think Cian articulates this better than I could ever dream of, so I leave you with his poignant lyrics. Track: Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn - 9 Years (mixed live by Alpha Steppa, ft. Don Fe on the flute!) 9 years of war soldiers don’t know what they're fighting for in the middle east 9 years of war weapons of mass destruction that never were 9 years of war multi national forces kicked down the wrong door 9 years of war 9 years endured fire fights light up the sky every day and night civilians are terrorised innocence murdered in the crossfire bombs drop destroy entire communities, good families, yous and me’s private contractors hire mercenaries conscription is unnecessary psychology works sufficiently troops fueled on amphetamines teenagers armed with m16’s half the world watches on the T.V screen where things are not what they seem 9 years of war soldiers don’t know what they're fighting for in the middle east 9 years of war weapons of mass destruction that never were 9 years of war multi national forces kicked down the wrong door 9 years of war 9 years endured you see its big business for the arms traders its big business for the war mongers its big business for the poppy farmers heroin production now strives and prospers in afghanistan hundreds of thousands of orphan children mass murder and wide spread starvation forced mass migration tell me mister bush was this part of your plan and mister blair did you under stand the consequences of you decisions i wonder can you see what you’ve done evil men 9 years of war soldiers don’t know what they're fighting for in the middle east 9 years of war weapons of mass destruction that never were 9 years of war multi national forces kicked down the wrong door 9 years of war 2001, 7th october it began #streetdub ps. footage is a bit shaky, we had to get this in one take before being arrested!
Dub Dynasty Jul 25, 2018
BBC News
Dub Dynasty Jul 24, 2018
Dub Dynasty Family
Dub Dynasty Jul 11, 2018
Alpha And Omega ft. Jane Gordon Warriah @ Télérama Dub Festival!