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Falling Forward
drumcorps Jan 30, 2019
drumcorps Jan 24, 2019
some good gear finds last weekend ♻️ more analog work incoming 😋👍
drumcorps Jan 10, 2019
@Maassilo Rotterdam / PRSPCT Recordings by Lightningcore Official
drumcorps Dec 21, 2018
See you tomorrow Rotterdam creatures, 2 AM in the crypt 🦇
drumcorps Dec 13, 2018
putting it on tape helps me feel what kind of release it will be. makes it real in some way... lets me know what still needs to be done. in progress.
drumcorps Nov 23, 2018
Vinyl folks - there's a small quantity of the new record now available in the USA shop 😋👍 From the Destroy Oh Boy compilation w/ Remarc Junglis / Dr. Colossus / Jimmy GeneralWaste Grant
drumcorps Nov 02, 2018
Destroy Oh Boy
drumcorps Nov 01, 2018
PRSPCT Recordings
drumcorps Oct 31, 2018
New Aaron Spectre jungle tune available today alongside Remarc, General Waste & Complicit, Dr. Colossus, Kinsugi 👍 Vinyl & Digital at the link. 🎃 Remarc Junglis / Jimmy GeneralWaste Grant / Dr. Colossus
drumcorps Sep 28, 2018
Here's a little abridged transcript from the recent podcast interview on The Void with Christina, for those who like text. And who are about to rock. We salute you.
drumcorps Sep 26, 2018
New interview up on The Void with Christina Podcast 😄 Thanks for the thoughtful questions Christina. Everyone check it out & subscribe, some excellent guests are always appearing. Ingredients for this one: Massachusetts hardcore music, Nine Inch Nails & The Fragile album, songwriting, bomb shelters, singing, late-capitalism & the KLF, and the meaning of life.
drumcorps Sep 17, 2018
Thank you kindly Bloodshed Fest, was an epic & inspiring evening, had a wonderful time mashing it up together. Best wishes to friends old & new for the onward journey. Photos by Paul Verhagen Photography
drumcorps Sep 17, 2018
drumcorps Sep 10, 2018
Excited for Bloodshed Fest 2018 this Friday & Saturday, and honored to be one of the only electronic-oriented acts, in such good company. See you there, creatures.
drumcorps Aug 16, 2018
one of those mornings when a tune comes out of you, fully formed. lyrics and everything. how does this happen?
drumcorps Aug 14, 2018
Bloodshed Fest
drumcorps Aug 03, 2018
New jungle tune back from mastering, all good 😎👍 This one is heading to vinyl alongside Remarc Junglis, Tom Colossus, General Waste, Kinsugi, fall/winter on Destroy Oh Boy
drumcorps Jul 06, 2018
The long road home. Thank you all organizers & workers at #fusionfestival with everything, you collectively accomplish something miraculous.
drumcorps Jun 29, 2018
Here are some photos from the first time playing #fusionfestival. I'd been living in Berlin for a year, barely scraping out a living, playing extremely underground gigs, and festivals seemed out of reach. But when no one else would take a chance on this weird music, Fusion was there. This Sunday, looking forward to playing again for you fine folks 👍😋🚀
drumcorps Jun 28, 2018
Germany: will be closing out Fusion Festival this weekend 🚀 Sunday midnight, Subardo Stage, drumcorps. Berliner friends, please say hi.
drumcorps Jun 16, 2018
Thanks kindly London, it was lovely as always 🐦😎👍 here are some folks raising the roof during James BangFace’s final tune
drumcorps Jun 15, 2018
London tonight. Boat party on the Thames. Will be bringing the jungle, dancehell, and some new creations 🐦
drumcorps May 30, 2018
Bloodshed Fest schedule announced 🖖
drumcorps Apr 27, 2018
Tote bags are available now as well. Pro tip: you can fit a nice stack of records in here. 😎
drumcorps Apr 26, 2018
Who wants T-Shirts? There's a limited run of these available now in the shop, to remind us that distortion makes everything most excellent. 😋 Printed in Berlin by our friends at No Way Merchandise.