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drumcell Dec 13, 2018
Just arrived in Bogotá, Colombia! Had a nice meal and after a long red eye flight I’m ready to hit the bed like a bag of rocks! Tonight I play in Bogotá at Klan Club DEC/13 - Bogota, Colombia @ Klan Club DEC/14 - Medellin, Colombia @ MUTE Medellin DEC/15 - Popoyan, Colombia @ White City Festival
drumcell Dec 06, 2018
Good morning Miami! Had a nice few days taking in the energy here and hanging with family. Tonight I’m playing a warehouse party in celebration of Art Basel along with the @6amgroup @intotheobscure @sianofficial crew. #bermudatriangle #miamibeach #miamitechno #miami #secretcelluloidsociety #niteowltheater
drumcell Dec 03, 2018
Excited to announce the new album from Surachai 'Come Deathless' will be released on our label BL_K NOISE January 25th, 2019. The album will be released as a double vinyl package (one white vinyl and one black vinyl) inside of a deluxe tip on matte gatefold jacket. The album will also be released on a limited edition uniquely hand poured vinyl created by WAXMAGE and a Cassette tape + exclusive pin edition. pre-sales are available NOW on BANDCAMP Video by: Simona Noreik. Track Title: An Unfamiliar Reflection Activates A Gate (Featuring Aaron Harris) Artist: Surachai Album: Come Deathless
drumcell Nov 30, 2018
Tonight in Portland, Oregon drumcell @ SubSensory
drumcell Nov 28, 2018
Back to the grind! This Friday night I'm returning to Portland, Oregon at SubSensory presents: Drumcell (Droid/Dystopian/CLR) Its been what feels like ages since I've been to Portland and I'm pumped to return! Also returning to South America for a 3 date run of shows in Colombia starting off in Bogata in December! 12.06.18 - Miami, Florida @ Art Basel Warehouse party 12.13.18 - Bogata, Colomiba @ Klan Club 12.14.18 - Medellín, Antioquia @ MUTE Medellín 12.15.18 - Popoyan, Colombia @ White Lights Festival 12.22.18 - TBA 😉
drumcell Nov 26, 2018
I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone in Los Angeles for the unmeasurable amount of support we received this past weekend for our first OBSERVE show. When the idea came to us that it was time to move forward with a new concept I was bombarded by people weighing me down with their negativity about how it would be difficult for people to catch on to our new vision due to past brand recognition. I'm happy to say that the outcome was exactly the opposite. Our team was overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from everyone. Friends and supporters came out of every corner to help promote, set up, breakdown, clean up and have a laugh. All the right people were there this past weekend and you have no clue how much it sincerely means to us. I never got into music to become an event promoter, The only reason why I decided to do shows was because it seemed at the time that there was nothing going on in the city I loved with the music I was passionate about and if I didn’t take the initiative to do it, no one else would. 18 years ago I knew that if I was going to start putting on shows, I wanted it to be something special.I've always viewed vacant dilapidated spaces as blank canvases to create an immersive environment, using smoke and mirror techniques that would hopefully leave unforgettable memories in peoples minds. Something that would spark inspiration and creativity for those who attended in the crowd and left them with something to talk about and reference for years to come. For us, the atmosphere, the music, and combination between sensory overload + deprivation is key to achieving that. Creating these elements were more important to me then recreating your average club night cash grab and enticing people with fancy lasers and popular DJ headliner names. The vibe is EVERYTHING the rest is just an accessory. We do what we do because we love it. As a collective of artist, we are in a constant never-ending search for inspiration and there is nothing more for filling then inspiring others to create with every breath they take. // OBSERVE // DRUMCELL // TRUNCATE // HYPERACTIVE // OKTAFORM
drumcell Nov 22, 2018
If you want to feel free and safe to do your laundry at a rave then make sure to get some presales for @observe_la with @truncate_la @drumce11 @hypr312 @oktaform LA // 11.24.18 . Presales link in my bio. #observela #techno #latechno #truncate #drumcell
drumcell Nov 21, 2018
drumcell Nov 18, 2018
Qingdao Airport
drumcell Nov 18, 2018
Qingdao, Shandong, China
drumcell Nov 18, 2018
Qingdao, China - The last stop
drumcell Nov 17, 2018
Good fun at Oil club in Shenzhen, China. No time to see the city so here is a photo of a fire extinguisher. 3 gigs down, 1 more to go! Tonight - Toilet Club in Qingdao, China
drumcell Nov 16, 2018
Tonight in Shenzhen, China I’m playing Oil Club. @toxic_entertainment_china
drumcell Nov 15, 2018
Causeway Bay Hong Kong.
drumcell Nov 14, 2018
For the last 15 years, we have been at forefront of the techno scene in Los Angeles pushing a sound that was once widely rejected in our hometown. Our entire team has poured every ounce of blood and sweat against all obstacles and resistance in order to build a foundation that the techno scene in LA stands on today. We are part of a handful of teams that have contributed to LA´s history and have always been proud of how every promoter, crew and record label worked together for a common goal. Now Los Angeles stands as one of the stronger techno scenes in the U.S and we feel privileged to belong to it, and more importantly, grateful to have contributed to it. Change is inevitable and now more then ever it is time we accept. While Droid currently remains dormant for an unforeseeable future, a portion of our crew has decided its time we move forward with a new vision. There is nothing more humbling than once being at the top and moving back to starting all over from scratch. This is a challenge we are embracing and are inspired by. We have no intentions of trying to entice people with huge lineups, relying on the social media popularity of an artist in order to sell tickets, or buying into the false images people project in order to display ego fueled elitism. We intend to curate an evening of immersive experiences where one can display the many diverse faces of techno in a new fresh way that we feel LA has not explored. We hope we have earned the trust of our hometown, and with that trust, we want to set a new standard that makes us remember why we loved this music in the first place. Thank you, Los Angeles, for your continued support. From those who brought you INTERFACE, we take our first steps forward into a new beginning, // OBSERVE // PRE SALE TICKETS:
drumcell Nov 14, 2018
Shanghai, China
drumcell Nov 13, 2018
drumcell Nov 09, 2018
Last nights Modular Commune party was fun. Nice to Jam with live set enthusiasts from all over China. Tonight I’m playing at Dada in Beijing, China. Saturday night in Shanghai China!
drumcell Nov 08, 2018
11.24.18 // LOS ANGELES // OBSERVE // Mark your calendars and save the date as we take our first steps into a new beginning. MORE INFO TBA Observe // Observe // Observe // Observe // Truncate // DJ Hyperactive // OKTAform // Dean Paul De Leon
drumcell Nov 08, 2018
Tonight! A gathering of live performances on Modular synths in Beijing, China.
drumcell Nov 05, 2018
Starting this Thursday I’m doing 4 Drumcell gigs in China and 1 Hypoxia show at the Beijing Modular Commune gathering. Nov.08 - Hypoxia @ Biejing Nov.09 - Drumcell @ Biejing Nov.10 - Drumcell @ Shanghai Nov.16 - Drumcell @ Shenzhen Nov.17 - Drumcell @ Qingdao
drumcell Oct 22, 2018
Upcoming Drumcell dates: 2018 11.02.18 - Chicago, Illinois @ Spybar 11.03.18 - Dallas, Texas @ Secret Factory 11.09.18 - Beijing, China @ Dada 11.10.18 - Shanghai, China @Dada 11.16.18 - Shenzhen, China @ Oil 11.17.18 - Qingdao, China @ Toilet 11.30.18 - Portland, Oregon @ The Liquor Store 12.06.18 - Miami, Florida @ Art Basel 12.14.18 - Medellin, Colombia @ MUTE 12.15.18 - Popayan, Colombia @ White City Festival
drumcell Oct 16, 2018
Found this deep on the Interwebs from a TV show we did in Paris France some time ago. I tried to piece together the track list. Found most of them but a few tracks are missing buried deep in my track collection. Jonni Darkko - Endless Void Martyn Hare - Unforgiving (Bombardier Remix) LISS C. - Modulation (Samuli Kemppi Remix) Zeitgeber - Now Imagine Grey Branches - Binate Mick Finesse - I Unfold and Fold up again Dronelock & Ontal - Superior Mirage Ryuji Takeuchi - Doubts Beget Doubts Duster Traum - Strait To Hell (Spear Alternative Remix) Asignal - Mercury Retort Corvum - Stoichiometries
drumcell Oct 15, 2018
This November I will be returning to China for my second short tour. Feeling blessed 🙏 11.09.18 - Beijing, China @ Dada Bar Beijing TOXIC Presents: Drumcell [Droid Behaviour - Dystopian] (USA) 11.10.18 - Shanghai, China @ Dada Bar Shanghai Techno Train pres. Drumcell (Droid Behaviour, Dystopian /USA) 11.16.18 - Shenzhen, China. @ OIL Club TOXIC + MLRV Pres: Drumcell [Droid Behaviour - Dystopian] (USA) 11.17.18 - Qingdao, China @ The Toilet
drumcell Oct 08, 2018
Tomorrow night I’m playing in San Diego, California at T is 4 Techno Get some Tacos on a Tuesday and dance to techno.