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drumcell Apr 19, 2019
Saturday night In Madrid, Spain!
drumcell Apr 10, 2019
BELIEF DEFECT // LIVE AT ATONAL // FULL ONE HOUR PERFORMANCE NOW VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE: OnAugust 18th, 2017 we had the opportunity to premiere our album along with the first public performance as Belief Defect from within the entrails of the iconic Kraftwerk building which, among other things, serves as the church of Atonal yearly. Given the coincidences of multiple extraordinary circumstances that aligned under the exceptional commitment Atonal has with their audience, we planned a show specifically for the occasion, the stage, the technical freedom, and resources offered by the festival to annex OKTAform and his skill set to the endeavor. The visual counterpart to the album developed with the same instinctual impulse the music did: recurring to found footage evidencing the general despair emanating from all media juxtaposed with over stylized precision graphics as a counterbalance, we aimed to build the experiential incarnation of the album and its narrative threads. This is such an attempt... - BELIEF DEFECT Visuals by: OKTAFORM Directed by: Hiroo Tanaka Camera Operators: Masaya Kato, Cornelius Diemer, Camilla Chavez Christopher Mueller, Sky Ainbury Edited by : Francisco Garcia Nava
drumcell Mar 23, 2019
We made a BELIEF DEFECT mix with all of our favorite pop songs. Only feel-good tracks that inspire you to mow your neighbor's lawn, clean your friend's toilets, help an old lady cross the street, and do you're best friends dishes... put on some headphones and get ready to whistle some toons while going to work.
drumcell Mar 20, 2019
I will be performing alongside Luis Flores as our project BELIEF DEFECT at this year's Katharsis 2019 festival.
drumcell Mar 16, 2019
This Saturday night I play Soft Leather club. Los Angeles premier BDSM after hour party.
drumcell Mar 06, 2019
Just got back from New York with just enough time to do my laundry, get a haircut and repack my bags. Tomorrow I’m off to Lisbon, Portugal to play VERTICE23 3 year anniversary party. Fully prepared for a nice Portuguese weekend.
drumcell Mar 01, 2019
Big thanks to the Konstruct crew for having me play here in San Francisco. I had such a great time, my only regret was not being able to stay longer and visit everyone. Running on fumes here but keeping this flame burning playing in Austin, Texas TONIGHT. Catching up with old friends and sharing the stage with Subversive. NEW YORK.. I will see you Sunday morning!
drumcell Feb 28, 2019
TONIGHT I play Opening to close set inSan Francisco, California for KONSTRUCT 1 year anniversary party.
drumcell Feb 08, 2019
I'm finding this platform for social media promoting more and more useless on a daily basis but lets beat the dead horse one more time? Our Belief Defect »Remixed 01« record with contributions by Alessandro Cortini, Kangding Ray, Surachai and Telefon Tel Aviv is officially released today. Get it now on the raster online store: available at all online stores and streaming services. "Belief Defect is the latest Collab project by Luis Flores and Moe Espinoza, who is already familiar to us as Drumcell. Both come from the same background of contemporary techno, have been around for over a decade, and now combine their accumulated experience to work together to create industrial, powerful and deconstructed electronic music that happens far from the dancefloor. Her debut Decadent Yet Depraved appeared last year on Raster. Now phone Tel Aviv, Alessandro Cortini, Surachai, and Kangding Ray gathered together with their own remix interpretation of one track of the record once more to breathe life into the now somewhat distant release. In the case of Alessandro Cortini and Telefon Tel Aviv, two very interesting ambient approaches emerged, which - one bright, the other dark - could not have been more different. Surachai is dedicated to brutal and powerful-dragging patterns. Kangding Ray, on the other hand, takes on the original starter of the album - "Unnatural Instinct". The pompous-drone piece is suddenly given a whole new form of life. What has once been announced as a possible danger on the horizon, grows here by massive breakbeat and startling heights to an immediately threatening moment. And before you know it, We present the Kangding Ray remix of Belief Defect's "Unnatural Instinct" as an exclusive premiere!"
drumcell Feb 07, 2019
Some upcoming gigs here on North American Soil. 02.16.19 - Omaha, Nebraska @ This Is - Vol. 005 02.28.19 - San Francisco, California - 4 HOUR SET @ Konstruct One Year Anniversary w/ Drumcell (4-Hour Set) 03.01.19 - Austin, Texas with Subversive @ Ecstasy By Current 3: Drumcell/Subversive/Private Service + More 03.03.19 - Brooklyn, New York with Ace Alvarez @ Access afterhours w/ Drumcell :: Ace Alvarez at Polygon Brooklyn
drumcell Feb 05, 2019
DRUMCELL + SURACHAI = SENTENCE _ ACCRETION // 7 INCH VINYL ||||| Sound Tracks for shitty weather.
drumcell Jan 31, 2019
More then a handful of people came up to me after my HYPOX1A performance last week at @BL_K NOISE asking me what the last track of my set was and where they could buy it. It was a remix that I did for These Hidden Hands (project of Tommy Four Seven & Shards) It was released on vinyl including a STELLER line up of remixes by @Telefon Tel Aviv,Death In Vegas, Lustmord & JK Flesh. The Telefon Tel Aviv remix at the top of one of my fav tracks of last year! I currently have 20 copies of the release on vinyl and figured I would put them on my Bandcamp for anyone who is interested in owning a copy. Below is a video from last Friday of the track. Visuals manipulated by OKTAform.
drumcell Jan 28, 2019
I have nothing but gratitude to express to everyone who came out to our BL_K NOISE 10-year anniversary show. This is something we look forward to every single year. An opportunity for myself to do an event that steps out of the dancefloor and further into the realm of abstract music. We have been further discussing doing these events a bit more often than once a year and certainly always strive to do them outside of Los Angeles. Big thanks to OKTAform for maintaining such a high standard when it comes to visual media, also my direct crew and family Richard Devine, Surachai and our new guests Anthony Baldino, Ital Tek + Peder Mannerfelt. If you came last Friday then you already know that shit was fun. If you didn't make it, to be honest, you missed out. If any of you who attended took any videos or pictures please send them over or share them. we always gather content for our archives. BL__K NOISE // 10 Year Anniversary Also thanks to Dean Paul De Leon + Ben Clark for the photos!
drumcell Jan 25, 2019
Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported last weekend at Berghain. I always walk into that DJ booth prepared to play like it will be the last time I will ever play there and of course I am always grateful when I'm invited to return. This weekend i return to Los Angeles to host our annual BL__K NOISE // 10 Year Anniversary show. For the last 10 years, we have been putting this show on in January around the NAMM convention to highlight incredible live set performances utilizing visuals. This year we are happy to debut two first-timers to Los Angeles, Peder Mannerfelt & Ital Tek of Planet Mu (OFFICIAL). Also, I will be performing an all-new ambient set under my Hypoxia alias. Our residents, both Surachai and legendary producer Richard Devine will also be playing new material from their new albums. Also for the first, we invite a Los Angeles based sound designer and incredibly talented producer Anthony Baldino to grace us with some brand new material. we highly suggest getting presales as this show has sold out every year since its beginning.
drumcell Jan 18, 2019
This Sunday we are going 🔨🔨🔨 drumcell // Truncate // Dustin Zahn ending out the night at Berghain / Panorama Bar
drumcell Jan 12, 2019
Tonight I play Distillery in Leipzig, Germany along with I Murderd.
drumcell Jan 04, 2019
The 10th release on our label BL_K NOISE >> Surachai - Come Deathless<< will be released January 25th, the same day as our BL_K NOISE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW in Los Angeles. If you missed the pre order of these limited edition handmade waxmage records with shattered foil, then you truly missed out on some of the most beautiful pieces of vinyl I’ve ever held in my hands (SOLD OUT). The regular version of this release comes in a double pack gatefold jacket pressed on one white vinyl and one black vinyl is NOW AVAILABLE for pre order on our BANDCAMP page.
drumcell Jan 02, 2019
It's a new year and thrilled to start it off with a new release! The first set of Remixes from our last Album 'Decedent Yet Depraved' released on Raster (Formally Raster Noton) is up for pre-order today. Containing remixes by 4 artists who have been the biggest inspiration on us musically these past years. Remixes by: Alessandro Cortini Telefon Tel Aviv Surachai kangding ray Pre order in EU here We will update the Belief Defect Bandcamp for pre-orders in the U.S soon Press release: After their highly acclaimed debut album »decadent yet depraved«, Berlin and LA-based producers belief defect invited a variety of artists to join their »remixed« project. the following 12” EP is a first four-track release of this project. the original tracks of the album are only an approximate starting point for »remixed«. in contrast to »decadent yet depraved«, largely conceived in song structures, this EP is about transferring the pieces back into abstract space, and each remixer does it in his very own way. Alessandro Cortini’s one-take live recording is a lesson in classical ambient music. telefon tel Aviv's remix is a timeless modern and extremely delicate sound design. rather opposite concepts are coming from Surachai’s brutal pattern design and Kangding ray’s expressive and analogously saturated repetitions for the dance floor. »remixed 01« will be released on February 08, 2019 on vinyl and digitally, further releases will follow. as with »decadent yet depraved«, the cover photo was created by Sarah Sitken.
drumcell Dec 19, 2018
This Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles. Come celebrate my birthday with me and Function..Techno before Christmas Function Drumcell Motionen FB event: Tickets on RA:
drumcell Dec 17, 2018
Luis Flores leveling Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico at the Bar americas 16 year anniversary! 👊🏼👌🏽✊🏼
drumcell Dec 17, 2018
Last min decision to fly back to Medellin, Colombia tonight to return to MUTE Medellin for a second show tonight. Come out for the Sunday session ROUND 2.
drumcell Dec 17, 2018
Muchas Gracias Popayán, was an honor to play the sunrise set at White City! The view was incredible once the sun came up.
drumcell Dec 15, 2018
Tonight I play in Medellin, Colombia at MUTE Medellin along with Deraout (official) + Asdroid
drumcell Dec 13, 2018
Just arrived in Bogotá, Colombia! Had a nice meal and after a long red eye flight I’m ready to hit the bed like a bag of rocks! Tonight I play in Bogotá at Klan Club DEC/13 - Bogota, Colombia @ Klan Club DEC/14 - Medellin, Colombia @ MUTE Medellin DEC/15 - Popoyan, Colombia @ White City Festival
drumcell Dec 06, 2018
Good morning Miami! Had a nice few days taking in the energy here and hanging with family. Tonight I’m playing a warehouse party in celebration of Art Basel along with the @6amgroup @intotheobscure @sianofficial crew. #bermudatriangle #miamibeach #miamitechno #miami #secretcelluloidsociety #niteowltheater