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drumcell Jul 30, 2019
Been buried in the studio for the last 2 weeks. Hardly have seen daylight in multiple days. Racking up a bill with Deliveroo food delivery in Berlin, Writing tons of new material getting ready for some highly highly anticipated gigs coming up this weekend. Friday night I will be driving to Poland to play Garbicz Festival 2019 along with DVS1.. Saturday night I’m heading to Amsterdam to play with Luis Flores as Belief Defect alongside an INCREDIBLE line up at Katharsis Festival. #beliefdefect #katharsis2019
drumcell Jul 23, 2019
Amazing gigs in Moscow Russia last weekend! What an incredible venue! Next Thursday I play Griessmuehle and Friday night at Labore Festival in east Germany
drumcell Jul 18, 2019
Heading to Europe for a handful of dates this summer. 07.20.19 Belief Defect - Moscow, Russia 07.25.19 Drumcell - Griessmuehle, Berlin 07.26.19 Belief Defect - L*abore Festival 08.02.19 Drumcell - Garbicz Festival, Poland 08.03.19 Belief Defect - Katharsis, Amsterdam
drumcell Jul 02, 2019
drumcell Jul 02, 2019
New Podcast I did on Invite Choice is now available! Full Tracklist below!! Insolate - Forward Rotation - Modular Expansion Robert S - General Dold - Version Dyad - Purge - Irrational Vortices - Tsunami Records Dustin Zahn - Tiny Shocks - Enemy Records Brian Sanhaji - Particular Mark Broom - Common Ground (BLUEHOUR RMX) RØDHÅD - I'm Glanz Des Mondes (Ø [Phase] Remix) Moteka - Forvrængning (Le Texier Arnaud Remix) - A-TRACTION Records Michel Lauriola - Torquem (Original_Mix) - AFR011 Lag - Rutra Wrong Assessment - Eldritch Fixeer - Border (Original Mix) - Berzerk EP - ANAØH SRAMAANA - Abyss ( Original Mix ) - CREDO57 - CREDO - Tesseract Mathew Jonson - Decompression (dB's Raw Edit)
drumcell Jun 29, 2019
Watch: Drumcell talks tech
drumcell Jun 24, 2019
Much love to everyone who stayed with me to the very last track Saturday morning.. I had an absolute blast. Nothing better then playing here at home in LA.
drumcell Jun 13, 2019
Belief defect invites Alessandro Cortini to remix the track Disembarking Horizons off of their album Decedent Yet Depraved. Cortini, best known as a member of the band Nine Inch Nails has cemented his reputation as a vanguard of contemporary ambient music thru his two successful albums on Vatican Shadow's Hospital Production imprint, Sonno and Risveglio as well as the recent album “Avanti” voted as a top 10 album of 2017 on Recent evidence of his talent can be heard in his reinterpretation of Disembarking Horizons, as he strips it down to its bare elements, exposing its melancholy as The essential drive. Belief Defect's Remix.01 EP is now for sale on our Bandcamp page both digital and vinyl. The 12-inch vinyl comes in a full-color jacket and includes a set of stickers and one enamel pin while supplies last. The EP also contains remixes from Kangding Ray, Telefon Tel Aviv, Alessandro Cortini & Surachai
drumcell Jun 10, 2019
Complete and total immersion is what we have always strived for when doing an event. Trying to find that delicate balance between Sensory deprivation and outright visual stimulation. Setting up an environment that enhances how we experience music and completely escapes the overwhelming weight of reality while still observing what truly matters most. Often people give us an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the events we do or the music we play but, to be honest, the credit is really owed to the people who have listened, attended and danced. Without you honestly, everything we strive to do would fall on deaf ears and for that, I have NOTHING but gratitude to our supporters. Absolutely incredible set (one of the best I've seen) from Hyperactive dropping hammers. The love I have for this man can not be put into words, Happy birthday, my man! Last but not least, that closing set from Mike Gervais was FIRE. having to follow up after what Hyper just did was no easy task and without a doubt, he delivered X 10… Coming up next... // OBSERVE.06 // LOS ANGELES // 11.30.19 // MARK THE CALANDER //
drumcell Jun 08, 2019
Tonight i play in Los Angeles along with Truncate and Mike Gervais in support of our headliner DJ Hyperactive as we celebrate this Chicago techno legend's 50th birthday. This will be our 4th OBSERVE party since moving forward with our new concept. OKTAFORM is still on the visual stimulation duties! RSVP is MANDATORY at the link below! Observe .04
drumcell May 31, 2019
Saturday morning from 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM I will playing at STEREO MONTREAL in Montreal, Quebec. Someone get me some Schwartz Delhi!
drumcell May 29, 2019
I did an interview with Telekom Electronic Beats in my studio discussing workflow and staying creative but I’m positive facebooks algorithm will choke the the views of people who like this account unless I pay these corporate overlords money for my followers to see it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ YouTube link for Interview
drumcell May 21, 2019
Uncheck the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking different. OBSERVE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU OBSERVE 2019 // DETROIT TICKETS ON SALE NOW // SPACE IS LIMITED // PLANETARY ASSAULT ASSAULT SYSTEM // ADAM X // HENNING BAER // TRUNCATE// DRUMCELL // HYPERACTIVE // PROJECT 313 // ALTERIRITY // RUBIDIUM // DRU RUIZ // OKTAFORM // Observe / SCENE 2019 Movement Official Afterparty DETROIT // 05.26.19 LOS ANGELES // 06.08.19 CHICAGO // 07.13.19 Format x Obscure: Observe Video Recap: OBSERVE.01 LOS ANGELES Track by: Inigo Kennedy - Arcing Video edited by: Francisco Garcia Nava
drumcell May 18, 2019
drumcell May 15, 2019
This Saturday I will be performing a new Hypoxia - Modular/visual live set at The Regent Theatre in Los Angeles, California along with the very talented Rrose, Ghorba, Wilshire Corridor, + more. VSSL Presents RROSE, Ghorba, Hypoxia, and more – Free with RSVPs The event is FREE BEFORE 11 PM In light of the upcoming show, I decided to share a live recording of a Hypoxia performance I did at the Make Noise 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Ashville, North Carolina
drumcell May 01, 2019
This Friday you can catch me playing at the Catch One in Los Angeles for the annual Das Bunker Star Wars Night!! Seven themed areas to explore, five areas of music and one hell of a killer line up in the techno room! Come and hang with us, You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. SILENT SERVANT TRUNCATE DRUMCELL ANNIKA WOLFE
drumcell Apr 29, 2019
Friends in Berlin, I’ll be playing Griessmuehle Tuesday night for Level Delta 1 Year Anniversary along with Juan Pablo Pfirter, Inigo Kennedy, Cassegrain and more. Time table below! 22.00 - 00.00 Montero 00.00 - 02.00 Cassegrain 02.00 - 04.00 Inigo Kennedy 04.00 - 06.00 Pfirter 06.00 - 08.00 Drumcell 08.00 - 10.00 Tom Talenberg 10.00 - 12.00 Corium
drumcell Apr 26, 2019
This Friday I’m playing in Hamburg Germany at PAL along with Mark Brook and Thomas Hoffnecht PAL] #Strght feat. Drumcell Marc Broom Thomas Hoffknecht Vuuduu Saturday Luis Flores and I make our debut in Madrid, Spain performing as BELIEF DEFECT at BALLESTA Club Rator Mute: Belief Defect (Raster Noton), NonZero!, Durbannoise, Waje Tuesday May 1st I will be playing at Griessmuehle Berlin at the Level Delta One year anniversary party along with PFIRTER, Inigo Kennedy, Cassegrain and more
drumcell Apr 19, 2019
Saturday night In Madrid, Spain!
drumcell Apr 10, 2019
BELIEF DEFECT // LIVE AT ATONAL // FULL ONE HOUR PERFORMANCE NOW VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE: OnAugust 18th, 2017 we had the opportunity to premiere our album along with the first public performance as Belief Defect from within the entrails of the iconic Kraftwerk building which, among other things, serves as the church of Atonal yearly. Given the coincidences of multiple extraordinary circumstances that aligned under the exceptional commitment Atonal has with their audience, we planned a show specifically for the occasion, the stage, the technical freedom, and resources offered by the festival to annex OKTAform and his skill set to the endeavor. The visual counterpart to the album developed with the same instinctual impulse the music did: recurring to found footage evidencing the general despair emanating from all media juxtaposed with over stylized precision graphics as a counterbalance, we aimed to build the experiential incarnation of the album and its narrative threads. This is such an attempt... - BELIEF DEFECT Visuals by: OKTAFORM Directed by: Hiroo Tanaka Camera Operators: Masaya Kato, Cornelius Diemer, Camilla Chavez Christopher Mueller, Sky Ainbury Edited by : Francisco Garcia Nava
drumcell Mar 23, 2019
We made a BELIEF DEFECT mix with all of our favorite pop songs. Only feel-good tracks that inspire you to mow your neighbor's lawn, clean your friend's toilets, help an old lady cross the street, and do you're best friends dishes... put on some headphones and get ready to whistle some toons while going to work.
drumcell Mar 20, 2019
I will be performing alongside Luis Flores as our project BELIEF DEFECT at this year's Katharsis 2019 festival.
drumcell Mar 16, 2019
This Saturday night I play Soft Leather club. Los Angeles premier BDSM after hour party.
drumcell Mar 06, 2019
Just got back from New York with just enough time to do my laundry, get a haircut and repack my bags. Tomorrow I’m off to Lisbon, Portugal to play VERTICE23 3 year anniversary party. Fully prepared for a nice Portuguese weekend.
drumcell Mar 01, 2019
Big thanks to the Konstruct crew for having me play here in San Francisco. I had such a great time, my only regret was not being able to stay longer and visit everyone. Running on fumes here but keeping this flame burning playing in Austin, Texas TONIGHT. Catching up with old friends and sharing the stage with Subversive. NEW YORK.. I will see you Sunday morning!