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Drive-By Argument Apr 04, 2017
Moving flat and finding the original handwritten lyrics for a lot of tunes. This ones for The Sega Method 👌🏻 S x
Drive-By Argument Dec 22, 2015
What was it for?
Drive-By Argument Mar 07, 2015
Mobile Uploads
Drive-By Argument Mar 07, 2015
Sex Lines ARE Expensive Comedy
Drive-By Argument Oct 04, 2012
Wondering where the DBA boys are up to now? Click on the link below to hear a Spotify playlist of their new bands x
Drive-By Argument Jun 07, 2012
Well that was a bit of a laugh wasn't it?
Drive-By Argument Jun 05, 2012
We're playing a gig tomorrow night. How the hell did that happen?
Drive-By Argument Jun 04, 2012
Well, it has been put upon me to pick the winner of the Foreign Thoughts MILK Glasgow ticket competition. After much too much deliberation my favourite is... We only broke up so we could get back together It's got everything a DBA song title should have, it's too long, it's full of teen angst, and whilst it's obviously about the reunion, it could have fit right on our album. Congrats to the winner x
Drive-By Argument May 30, 2012
One week x
Drive-By Argument May 24, 2012
I did some little acoustic numbers with Callum from Jocasta Sleeps last night. You can listen again here. We also ran a competition to win a pair of tickets to our sold out MILK Glasgow reunion show on the 6th June. To enter the competition you just need to come up with a DBA song title of your own, and send it to [email protected] or post it on the Foreign Thoughts wall. Good luck! Sx
Drive-By Argument May 22, 2012
If you didn't manage to get tickets for our reunion show on the 6th June, listen in to Foreign Thoughts on Wednesday night from 10pm. We'll be doing some acoustic tracks, and giving away 2 tickets! x
Drive-By Argument May 19, 2012
Not long to go! Here's a wee treat for you, a MySpace video and everything, really showing our age here.
Drive-By Argument May 03, 2012
Hope everyone's having fun getting re-accustomed to the album, and I hope you know more words than I do, which is to say, any words at all. Sx
Drive-By Argument May 01, 2012
My favourite video we never made. Sx
Drive-By Argument Apr 27, 2012
Well that was quick! Our M1LK Reunion show sold-out in a matter of hours, hope at least some of you got tickets! For those of you coming along, are there any songs you'd really like to hear?
Drive-By Argument Apr 27, 2012
Tickets for the reunion show are available on the link below!
Drive-By Argument Apr 26, 2012
Save the date x
Drive-By Argument Apr 26, 2012
We broke up before this whole Facebook thing took off, so there aren't many of you here, but for you elite few, you should know we're going to be doing this for MILK Glasgow's 1st Birthday xx
Drive-By Argument Dec 24, 2009
Last blog? Perhaps. Merry Christmas all.
Drive-By Argument Mar 03, 2009
Atlas Skye
Drive-By Argument Feb 23, 2009
If We Go Down...We'll Go Down Together...
Drive-By Argument May 20, 2008
'Drive-By Argument' Album Out Now On CD!
Drive-By Argument May 12, 2008
Album on iTunes now!
Drive-By Argument Apr 28, 2008
Dance Like No-Ones Watching out NOW!!
Drive-By Argument Apr 22, 2008
MTV2 Myspace Chart