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Reaching Into Infinity (Special Edition)
Killer Elite
In the Line of Fire...Larger Than Live
Maximum Overload
Maximum Overload (Special Edition)
The Power Within (Special Edition)
The Power Within
Twilight Dementia
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Valley of the Damned
Valley of the Damned
Ultra Beatdown
Ultra Beatdown
Inhuman Rampage (Special Edition)
Inhuman Rampage
Dragonforce Dec 09, 2018
The day has finally come! Herman Li Guitar Giveaway on !! Also other prizes: guitar lesson with Herman, drum lesson with Gee Anzalone and more! Starts Sunday 7pm London / 11am Los Angeles! Live on Visit page for more info!
Dragonforce Dec 07, 2018
CD? Stream? How do you listen to Dragonforce? Which ever way, thanks for all your support!
Dragonforce Dec 06, 2018
Counting down, 3 days left and more prizes added for Herman Li's Sunday Guitar Giveaway on Twitch Ibanez Guitars Herman Li Signature Guitar - EGEN8 PLB 1 Hour Online Guitar Lesson with Herman Li 1 Hour Online Drum Lesson with Gee Anzalone DragonForce Reaching Into Infinity - Vinyl DragonForce Merchandise Metal Blade Records Axe T-Shirts BOSS Super Chorus CH-1 BOSS Super Octave OC-3 D'Addario and Co. NYXL - 5 Sets Pack Sunday 9th December 2018 7PM London | 2PM NYC | 11AM Los Angeles For Dragonforce fans worldwide!
Dragonforce Dec 05, 2018
4 days left till the giveaway! Also to giveaway, BOSS Super Chorus CH-1 and Super Octave OC-3! More info at Follow the channel and watch the livestream in order to be part of the free raffle.
Dragonforce Dec 03, 2018
You can win Herman Li's personal guitar this Sunday 🤘🤘🤘
Dragonforce Dec 02, 2018
Free Guitar Giveaway in 7 days! The countdown has begun!! Next Sunday 9th Dec, 7pm GMT / 11am PST LIVE. Entry info at Herman Li Signed Ibanez Guitars EGEN8 Signature model, also other prizes from Dragonforce, D'Addario and Co. strings and more to be announced!
Dragonforce Nov 28, 2018
Guitar Giveaway! Herman Li is giving away his personal Ibanez EGEN8 PLB Signature Guitar!!! Used on the current Dragonforce album recording in progress. Giveaway starts Dec 9, 2018 - 11am PST, 7pm London (GMT) live on It's the actual guitar on photo, head over for more info!
Dragonforce Nov 28, 2018
When Mario met Luigi!
Dragonforce Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and fans!
Dragonforce Nov 18, 2018
Herman and Sam will be back in the studio livestreaming! Tune in tonight on Sat. Night / Sun Morning 9PM Pacific | 12AM Eastern | 5AM London
Dragonforce Nov 18, 2018
Livestreaming tonight on Twitch from the studios! New Dragonforce album recordings! Tune into Sat. Night / Sun. Morning 9PM Pacific | 12AM Eastern | 5AM London with Herman Li and Sam Totman
Dragonforce Nov 13, 2018
Dragonforce Nov 12, 2018
Live right now @hermanli_ with Sam Totman for another @dragonforcehq
Dragonforce Nov 10, 2018
Join Herman Li's livestream Saturday with special guest Jacky Vincent on Twitch for guitar, shred, giveaways and more! Saturday: 7PM EST | 4PM PST | 12AM GMT(Sun) They will also be giving away free tickets to The Guitar Collective Tour!!!
Dragonforce Nov 07, 2018
Watch Herman Li and Sam Totman recording guitars for the brand new DragonForce album LIVE. Starting soon! Wed. 11PM GMT | 6PM EST | 3PM PST Watch at
Dragonforce Nov 05, 2018
New Dragonforce album guitar recording livestream starts in 2 hours on !!! Monday 11PM GMT | 6PM EST | 3PM PST. Do you want to see Sam Totman shredding his Ibanez Guitars banjo too? 😂In the studios with Damien Rainaud
Dragonforce Nov 05, 2018
We're livestreaming the recording of our brand new album at | Follow the channel and watch for a chance to win Herman Li's signature guitar. Tune in this week for guitars recording: Monday - 11PM GMT | 6PM EST | 3PM PST Wednesday - 11PM GMT | 6PM EST | 3PM PST Friday - 11PM GMT | 6PM EST | 3PM PST Saturday - Special guest Jacky Vincent 12AM GMT(Sun) | 7PM EST | 4PM PST
Dragonforce Nov 05, 2018
Be sure to catch Herman Li's livestream this Saturday!
Dragonforce Oct 30, 2018
A rerun of yesterday's first new album recording stream, for fans who have missed it! Starts 7pm London time!
Dragonforce Oct 29, 2018
Livestreaming Today! Twitch Herman Li Gee Anzalone **Monday - Live from studio drums recording** 12:00 BST (+1) | 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT | 9AM JST Just go to the link above to watch live! Who will be tuning (connecting) in?
Dragonforce Oct 28, 2018
The new album recording has begun! Let’s start with Gee’s drums! #excited Pic by Wedoprod
Dragonforce Oct 28, 2018
Dragonforce begins recording new album; streams recording sessions via Twitch; announces appearance on MegaCruise. DragonForce recently entered the studio with producer Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, Once Human) to begin recording their 8th studio album, due out in 2019. Fans can watch livestreams of the studio sessions now on Twitch at - plus, all followers of the Twitch page will have a chance to win Herman Li's personal signature guitar once he reaches 10,000 Twitch followers! Herman Li comments: "We're really excited to be recording again after finishing one of our biggest tour cycles ever. We’ll be streaming our recording live on Twitch, and fans can participate in the process by letting us know what they think of our solos! The new album will have a lot of surprises that both old and new fans will really enjoy. We're also especially excited to kick off our next tour cycle on the Megacruise. You know if you're seeing DragonForce on a cruise, it's going to be crazy, and we can't wait for everyone to see what we're planning. It will definitely be something fans have never seen before." On October 13-18, 2019, DragonForce will join Megacruise, which departs from Los Angeles, CA and boasts a line-up of Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Corrosion of Conformity, Devildriver, Doro, Armored Saint, John 5, Metal Church, and many more artists! For more information, please visit: Stay tuned for more news about this new album coming soon!
Dragonforce Oct 27, 2018
Taking a break from songwriting to get some inspiration today. Right now I can see distant skies, sands (of time), endless oceans, distant (or lost) horizons, fields of emptiness, tides of time and lots of things that are 'far away' including mountains. So that's the lyrics sorted! Anyone notice anything I missed?!
Dragonforce Oct 26, 2018
Beware of people impersonating DragonForce members! Here is one...
Dragonforce Oct 20, 2018
Quite strange to be in the audience watching fred play a gig last night (even if I got so drunk I arrived at the last song!) but @sinsaenum was cool ! Go check them out if they are touring near you this month!