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Reaching Into Infinity (Special Edition)
Killer Elite
In the Line of Fire...Larger Than Live
Maximum Overload (Special Edition)
Maximum Overload
The Power Within (Special Edition)
The Power Within
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Twilight Dementia
Valley of the Damned
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Valley of the Damned
Ultra Beatdown
Ultra Beatdown
Inhuman Rampage (Special Edition)
Inhuman Rampage
Rockharz Rockharz 2019
Venue: Rockharz Open Air (Ballenstedt, Germany) Find tickets
Elbriot Festival Elbriot Festival 2019
Venue: Elbriot (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Dragonforce Feb 16, 2019
New album is coming along great💪🏻 Frederic adding a lead to a new song with his ESP Guitars M-II 🤘🏻
Dragonforce Feb 15, 2019
Choosing the new Gee’s cymbal set at UFIP EARCREATED CYMBALS factory! facebook live streaming right now!
Dragonforce Feb 13, 2019
Today's livestream: @hermanli with 8 string guitar hero @tosinabasi of @animalsasleaders will be jamming together for the first time! Livestream starts 6pm Los Angeles / 9pm Eastern / 2am London on #guitar #shredguitar #dragonforce #hermanli #tosinabasi #animalsasleaders
Dragonforce Feb 12, 2019
Who do you think is the biggest DivaForce? 😂
Dragonforce Feb 11, 2019
Writing backing vocal choir parts this week! Dont worry, Sam's angelic voice will be replaced by some 'real' singers! Or should we keep it!?
Dragonforce Feb 11, 2019
Happy birthday Marc Hudson! Post us your favourite Marc photo. :)
Dragonforce Feb 09, 2019
Can you guess what model and finish is this guitar? Herman Li is livestreaming tonight at 6pm PST / 2am GMT. What do you want to see?
Dragonforce Feb 08, 2019
#fbf Frederic Leclercq and "Sam Totman "black metal hitchhiking" in Sweden during the Inhuman Rampage tour - 2006. Good old days 😉 Have a nice weekend!
Dragonforce Feb 06, 2019
Extreme Music Performance Academy presents Gee’s drumming course! Now available in Milan, Turin and Rome! Gee’s Live Drum Streaming scheduled today at 3 pm (CET). Let’s change Evans Drumheads on his Dragon’s Cage Kit, getting ready for his next drum video!
Dragonforce Feb 05, 2019
Herman Li Livestream's next special guest is Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders, Abasi Concepts! They will talk about music, guitars, fast cars, and of course jam together!!! 🤘😀🤘 Wed 13th Feb 2019 - 6pm PST | 9pm EST | 2am GMT (Thu). Follow
Dragonforce Feb 02, 2019
A cool trip down memory lane to Thin Ice studios the other day.. where we did our very first demo and first five albums with Karl Groom from @thresholdofficial ! Had'nt been there in 8 years!
Dragonforce Feb 01, 2019
Rare sight of a focused Frederic Leclercq recording guitars and bass in LA right now. 🤓 The new album is taking shape!! #dragonforce #espguitars #fredericleclercq
Dragonforce Jan 29, 2019
Did you catch the special livestream of DragonForce + Angra?
Dragonforce Jan 27, 2019
Herman Li with special guest Rafael Bittencourt of Angra livestreaming! Don't miss it! 🤘🍻 Monday 3pm Los Angeles (PST), 11pm London (GMT) Watch on
Dragonforce Jan 26, 2019
Herman Li will be livestreaming from the NAMM Show on Saturday, 8:30pm London / 12:30pm Los Angeles. Expect madness live on !!! Who else is going? 🤘😍🤘 Ibanez Guitars Sam Totman DiMarzio
Dragonforce Jan 25, 2019
Fred in good company backstage Alissa, Derrick, Doyle and Mark after a killer Metal Allegiance show in Anaheim! Yesterday fun,today work 🤓: recording the new album, 1 song done on guitar: 3 more to go,then 12 on bass. ✊🏻
Dragonforce Jan 24, 2019
Special Livestream Session next Monday! Catch Herman Li with special guest Rafael Bittencourt, guitarist of Angra live on Twitch! Mon. 28th January 2019 11pm London GMT / 3pm Los Angeles PST. Follow
Dragonforce Jan 21, 2019
Photo from 12 years ago! Recognize all the guitarists on the photo?
Dragonforce Jan 20, 2019
Writing intro / outro lead guitar for new album this week...One down , only about 50 more to go! hope you like the same old shit cos we sure do!!!
Dragonforce Jan 18, 2019
#fbf Chris Jericho and Frederic Leclercq this summer in Hungary👍🏻🤘🏻 Right now we are working on a new record. We might have found a title. Fred's been joking for years that we should call an album "Amazing Explosion". Maybe it's finally time..😅💥 maybe not..😬
Dragonforce Jan 16, 2019
Who is this guy? Time goes fast! 20 years ago! #20yearschallenge
Dragonforce Jan 12, 2019
Studio report : Vocals for 'Glorious rainbow' (working title!) were officially edited at Taunton station waiting room. (cos I got on the wrong train and ended up there)
Dragonforce Jan 11, 2019
#FBF 2007 !! We were part of the Black Crusade Tour, with Machine Head , Trivium , Arch Enemy and Shadows Fall . Great times with great bands! That's also when Matthew and Frederic fell in love with each other!
Dragonforce Jan 09, 2019
Recording vocals in a black winter night! It's freezing in here. Studio recap and more later on Twitch. Livestreaming start at around 11pm GMT / 3pm PST on
Dragonforce Jan 07, 2019
Maximum Awesomeness by @carlygoogle on Instagram. This week livestream schedule with Herman Li and Sam Totman in London GMT times: Mon 8pm, Wed 11pm*, Fri 8pm!