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Reaching Into Infinity (Special Edition)
Killer Elite
In the Line of Fire...Larger Than Live
Maximum Overload (Special Edition)
Maximum Overload
The Power Within (Special Edition)
The Power Within
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Valley of the Damned
Twilight Dementia
Valley of the Damned
Sonic Firestorm (2010 US Edition)
Ultra Beatdown
Ultra Beatdown
Inhuman Rampage (Special Edition)
Inhuman Rampage
Rockharz Open Air Rockharz Open Air 2019
Venue: Flugplatz Ballenstedt (Ballenstedt, Germany) Find tickets
Summer Breeze Summer Breeze 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Dinkelsbuhl, Germany) Find tickets
Summer Breeze Summer Breeze 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Dinkelsbuhl, Germany) Find tickets
Elbriot Festival Elbriot Festival 2019
Venue: Elbriot (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Megacruise Megacruise 2019
Venue: Megacruise (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Dragonforce at LA LAITERIE (February 8, 2020)
Venue: LA LAITERIE (Strasbourg, France) Find tickets
Dragonforce at Cco De Villeurbanne (February 9, 2020)
Venue: Cco De Villeurbanne (Villeurbanne, France) Find tickets
Dragonforce at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (February 11, 2020)
Venue: La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris, France) Find tickets
Dragonforce at Le Krakatoa (February 12, 2020)
Venue: Le Krakatoa (Mérignac, France) Find tickets
Dragonforce at Le Metronum (February 13, 2020)
Venue: Le Metronum (Toulouse, France) Find tickets
Dragonforce Jun 23, 2019
Celebrating my birthday with some very evil people!
Dragonforce Jun 18, 2019
Which #dragonforce tour have you attended? We getting ready for new shows announcements! #throwback End of Reaching Into Infinity North America Tour photo with @hermanli #samtotman @omgitsmarclol @evilfredos @geeanzalone @andrejoyzi @oncehuman @damienrainaud @ohlaurenhart @logandarthmader and more friends/crew. . . #dragonforce #dragonforcetour #heavymetal #powermetal #extremepowermetal > #djent
Dragonforce Jun 16, 2019
When you agree on what needs to be changed in the mix!? or announce your engagement on stage?
Dragonforce Jun 09, 2019
Rest in Peace Andre Matos (Official) - amazing musician and former singer of Angra 😢 My condolences to all of Andre's family, friends and fans. The world has lost an amazing talent. . . #AndreMatos #rip #angra #musician #singer #dragonforce #hermanli
Dragonforce Jun 08, 2019
Random backstage photo somewhere on tour! Who looks the drunkest here!? dont miss Freds eyes or unknown headbanging person on the left haha
Dragonforce Jun 07, 2019
Herman Li: My first ever vomiting from playing a video game was capture live on Twitch today! Enable audio for more epicness! Has this happened to you? 🤮 👍 #QuakeIIRTX was fun! I used to play the original online a lot, I guess I am definitely out of practice these days. 😂 Thank you NVIDIA for setting up a Dragonforce game server for the stream! It was fun gaming with the fans. 😁 #hermanli #dragonforce #RTXOn #guitarist #livestream
Dragonforce Jun 04, 2019
Tough decision, which would you pick? #ibanez EGEN18 DRG vs @NVIDIAGeForce RTX2070! Thank you @nvidia for the card! 🤘🤓🎸 Best ever present for finishing the new album! - @hermanli . . #dragonforce #hermanli #RTXOn #guitar #guitars
Dragonforce Jun 03, 2019
We are mixing the brand new Dragonforce album right now with Damien Rainaud ! Can't wait for you all to hear it! 😊 . . #dragonforce #extremepowermetal #heavymetal #powermetal #newalbum
Dragonforce Jun 02, 2019
Mexico City! Are you ready? “Los invitamos al Torneo internacional de Sambo Combat en el Frontón Mexico de la Ciudad de México, sábado 13 de julio a partir de las 3 de la tarde!” Don’t miss it we’ll see you there! #dragonforce #sambocombat #ciudaddeméxico #mexicocity
Dragonforce May 31, 2019
Herman Li here, I'm super excited for Quake 2 RTX remastered! The ray tracing looks amazing! 😍 Anyone here played the original? I used to play it online everyday before Dragonforce! 🤓 Can't wait to stream it next Thursday 6th June on my @twitch channel. . . . #QuakeIIRTX #RTXOn #ad #nerd #guitarist #dragonforce
Dragonforce May 30, 2019
Herman Li
Dragonforce May 29, 2019
Ever wondered where we get our song titles from!? Bottles of 2 quid shitty cider thats where!! (actually a true story haha) Anyone got drunk on this before!?
Dragonforce May 28, 2019
Herman Li
Dragonforce May 23, 2019
What's that in the middle? Weird! Streaming random guitar @dragonforcehq songs playthrough today on @hermanli @twitch Thursday 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm UK Https:// #dragonforce #hermanli #livestream #guitarist #guitarsolo #guitarhero #ibanez #guitars #guitar #heavymetal #extremepowermetal #powermetal
Dragonforce May 22, 2019
Trying a solo on new album with Paul Stanley from KISS guitar! Would he be proud? or ashamed? or not give a flying f$%k at all haha
Dragonforce May 21, 2019
Fus-ro-dah! Flash back to an extremely featureless selfie I took while doing a music video. I can't wait to see how this one turns out!!!
Dragonforce May 20, 2019
Charity Auction! Hi, Herman Li here. I’m auctioning off this one-of-a-kind Ibanez Guitars from my private collection. It's an Ibanez Prototype EGEN 18 TVF from 2007. Not only is this guitar unique, it is being auctioned for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the family of Cody Spiess. More information about the guitar and auction here:
Dragonforce May 18, 2019
Cant wait to sail the seven seas and oceans of time and cross distant horizons and possibly see an eagle soaring hiiiieeeiiigh (and drink all the free boooze) on the MEGACRUUUISE!!! there a song in there somehow?
Dragonforce May 17, 2019
Here is @hermanli playing his solo on Die By The Sword in 2012. . #dragonforce #hermanli #guitar #guitars #guitarsolo #ibanez #dimarzio #shredguitar #guitarist #heavymetal #extremepowermetal #powermetal #guitarsofinstagram #guitarrista #guitarheroes #ibanezguitars #guitarsolos
Dragonforce May 16, 2019
Bit of a Beavis and Butthead moment at Loch Ness but what else are you gonna do there!!?? Apart from write a song about it if your Judas Priest haha
Dragonforce May 15, 2019
Frederic Leclercq with WWERollins 🔥and Baron Corbin 🐺 last night at WWE Raw in Paris!! both wrestlers love heavy metal! Who are your favorite wrestlers? Bret "the Hitman" Hart, HHH, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Braun Strowman?
Dragonforce May 13, 2019
Not really but we did get given this tour bus a few years ago for Download festival which made us look extra cool .
Dragonforce May 11, 2019
Frederic Leclercq with Disturbed in Paris. We toured together in 2006 - Ozzfest and 2008 - Mayhemfest , and have been friends ever since!👍🏻🍻🥃😊
Dragonforce May 09, 2019
Special guest livestream today! I will be chatting & jamming with Paul Reed Smith of @prsguitars live on Will we #djent or #epm? 🤘🤣🤘🎸🎸 Thu. 9th May 2019 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm UK . . . #dragonforce #prsguitars @Twitch #hermanli #guitar #guitarist #shred #guitarsolo #paulreedsmith #shredguitar #vintageguitars #classicguitar #guitarhero #guitars #extremepowermetal
Dragonforce May 09, 2019
Important long do you think it would take for these guys to get laid looking like this!?