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A Rose for the Apocalypse
Turning Season Within
The Burning Halo
Arcane Rain Fell
Where Lovers Mourn
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Progresja Music Zone (January 18, 2019)
Venue: Progresja Music Zone (Warsaw, Poland) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Futurum (January 19, 2019)
Venue: Futurum (Prague, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Nuke Club (January 20, 2019)
Venue: Nuke Club (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Stengade (January 21, 2019)
Venue: Stengade (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Logo (January 22, 2019)
Venue: Logo (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Turock (January 23, 2019)
Venue: Turock (Essen, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Hellraiser (January 24, 2019)
Venue: Hellraiser (Leipzig, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at MS Connexion (January 25, 2019)
Venue: MS Connexion (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Baroeg (January 26, 2019)
Venue: Baroeg (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Kavka (January 27, 2019)
Venue: Kavka (Antwerp, Belgium) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Mergener Hof (January 28, 2019)
Venue: Mergener Hof (Trier, Germany) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Petit Bain (January 29, 2019)
Venue: Petit Bain (Paris, France) Find tickets
Draconian with Harakiri for the Sky and Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Sommercasino (January 30, 2019)
Venue: Sommercasino (Basel, Switzerland) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Dagda Live Club (January 31, 2019)
Venue: Dagda Live Club (Pavia, Italy) Find tickets
Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky with Sojourner (NZ/SWE/IT) at Revolver (February 1, 2019)
Venue: Revolver (San Dona' Di Piave, Italy) Find tickets
Draconian Dec 18, 2018
We usually don't share covers but there's an exception for everything. U.S. vocalist & pianist Kate Metz has done a series of beautiful interpretations well deserving of more attention. We are proud to present this gorgeous and special version of Stellar Tombs. It was uploaded yesterday. Please, support. Thanks for this, Kate. Truly awe-inspiring 🙏
Draconian Dec 01, 2018
Our drummer Jerry cannot join us in Portugal for Under the Doom VI - Lisboa ao Vivo / Lisboa, so we just finished rehearsal with none other than Tarald Lie Jr. from the mighty Tristania. See you next weekend! 🤘🇵🇹🤘 Photo by Martin Marre Kadhammar
Draconian Nov 21, 2018
We are coming for You 🇷🇺 ✈️ 🤘 🍻
Draconian Oct 31, 2018
Venue and date for Moscow show has changed. We will play Thursday November 22nd at Station Hall, Moscow. Be there!
Draconian Oct 12, 2018
Friends, we're excited to announce that in January we're hitting that road again with our friends in Harakiri for the sky, and this time we're taking on Europe! Fellow arsonists is the up & coming band Sojourner. Their brilliant 2nd album "The Shadowed Road" was released earlier this year on Avantgarde Music. Check tourdates 👇
Draconian Sep 21, 2018
Be sure to grab this fast!
Draconian Aug 25, 2018
Good to be back in studio working on our upcoming album. It’s sounding pretty badass!
Draconian Jun 29, 2018
We are very happy to announce that we're heading back to Mother Russia with two dates in November. Can't wait to doom it up with new and familiar Ruskie 😎 До встречи 🍻🇷🇺🤘 More info will follow. Tickets:
Draconian Jun 01, 2018
The day after our show in Barcelona, Sunday the 4th of November, we're playing Madrid, supporting the mighty HAGGARD🤘
Draconian May 26, 2018
First time in Catalonia in 10 years. Be there, fellow darkeners 🤘 Get your tickets ----->
Draconian Mar 24, 2018
Recording ideas for a song with the working title "First Snow". The feel of the new material for the upcoming album is unfolding and it's beautiful already.
Draconian Mar 02, 2018
Time flies. A couple of days ago "Turning Season Within" had its 10 year anniversary. Tell us what this album means to you and what song(s) you favour the most.
Draconian Feb 04, 2018
Greetings from Heike. If you dig our side-project ISON, check out our latest EP! And now we can finally get back to new Draconian material too. :)
Draconian Jan 29, 2018
Post-tour depression kicked in the minute we left our tour-bus. It might have been too short, but nothing short of amazing. We really hope we get to see each and every one of you again. Thanks to Vlad @ Death Disco Productions, ROME (Jerome Reuter), Harakiri for the sky. Most of all thanks to our crew Ina, Thierry and Kai - You worked hardest of all of us. Thank you all for the laughs, random 80's hits and for keeping track of our resident hurricane Anders. Clearly in times of utter darkness, there are beautiful moments of light. /Draconian
Draconian Jan 25, 2018
And so it begins ...
Draconian Jan 03, 2018
Dear Friends of the Horde, we hope Your New year transition went smoothly. As we leave the weirdness of 2017 behind, we look ahead to a year of writing, producing and getting back on stage, starting off with the HEAVY LIES THE CROWN tour here in Sweden. Make sure to be there. Get your tickets @
Draconian Dec 21, 2017
Happy Winter Solstice everyone. A good day to Doom indeed! We are celebrating making ourselves useful with some band practise tonight. After today the days will get longer, brighter and more horrible ;) But despair not. It's just a little bit over a month left until our Swedish tour kicks off in Malmö. Be there and make sure to catch us in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Karlstad as well. Keep it real and happy holidays! 👊 Get your tickets:
Draconian Dec 10, 2017
If anyone wants this brand new DOOM:VS shirt, this is your chance!
Draconian Dec 07, 2017
Tick tock tick tock... Just 7 weeks left until our HEAVY LIES THE CROWN tour Sweden arranged by Death Disco Productions Get your tickets here:
Draconian Nov 28, 2017
Dear Friends. It's less than 2 months left to our HEAVY LIES THE CROWN tour in Sweden with awesome Harakiri for the sky and ROME (Jerome Reuter). Who's coming and what songs would you like to see us perform? Get your tickets here:
Draconian Oct 21, 2017
As always I find myself with a bittersweet feeling. On one hand I felt joy in being able to honor yet another fallen sister through giving a piece of my soul. And on the other, I still feel a terrible sadness that it's always the most beautiful, gracious and worthy-of-life beings that leave us far too soon. I search the universe for justification and understanding and yet the same answer always returns - A star that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. Aleah Starbridge was the brightest star I ever knew. There is no one else like her and never will be. So with this in mind, Hallatar and I bring you a sentiment from our hearts. An album dedicated to her through her own poetry. I thank her for allowing me to channel it and to Juha Raivio for the friendship and endurance. Here is the video for one of the songs on 'No Stars Upon The Bridge'. <3 Heike
Draconian Oct 17, 2017
Heike & Daniel are at it again.
Draconian Sep 30, 2017
Something for the die hard fans! Here's a recorded rehearsal with Kerberos (pre-Draconian) from 1994. Jesper and Johan sharing the vocal duties. Kerberos was Jesper Stolpe, Andreas Hindenäs and Johan Ericson. They later became Draconian after Anders Jacobsson joined the band.
Draconian Aug 25, 2017
Greetings, Friends! We have some fantastic news and particularly for our Swedish friends, whom been waiting far too long for this. We are very pleased to announce a Swedish mini-tour in January with 4 dates, 4 cities including Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Karlstad. We’re honoured to share this experience with the magnificent melodic post/black metal outfit Harakiri for the sky and the brilliant Neo/Dark folk band ROME (Jerome Reuter). Dates: 25th January - Malmö, Babel 26th January - Göteborg, Musikens hus 27th January - Stockholm, Klubben 28th January - Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken We’re looking forward to see old and new faces, together creating a meditative experience. Artwork and layout by Heike Langhans
Draconian Aug 10, 2017
A second batch of ISON (feat. Heike Langhans & Daniel Änghede) merch is now available for preorder! A free ISON sticker will be included with every order