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A Rose for the Apocalypse
Turning Season Within
The Burning Halo
Arcane Rain Fell
Where Lovers Mourn
Draconian Feb 13, 2019
It's been over a week since we came home from THE SOVEREIGN ARSONISTS TOUR, with its epic wrap-up in Vienna. We want to thank Marrok Chris for all the work put in and being an excellent tourmanager. Also thanks to Diana Sunvemetal Muschiol for being the rock she is and was throughout the tour. Thanks for your work! Roman from District 19 and Christian Bunke from R.T.N., thank you. It was nice finally meeting you, Christian. And of course we want to thank our fantastic support bands Harakiri for the sky and Sojourner Awesome work and friendships, you guys. You never cease to amaze. A special shout-out to Daniel Johansson from Wormwood for taking the time playing the drums like a god. We take a graceful bow🙏 Post-tour depression is still doing its thing, but no wonder... It's been amazing sharing this experience with You all. And finally a HUGE thank you to all of you who made it to the shows; friends, fans, promoters, journalists. All your love and devotion makes all worthwhile and us better. Until next time <>
Draconian Jan 31, 2019
Highway Stars.
Draconian Jan 30, 2019
Soundcheck about to start. Awesome to be here in Switzerland for the first time. See y'all tonight 🤘
Draconian Jan 29, 2019
The Doom that came to Paris. Soundcheck finished. Bring some Bordeaux and join us tonight✌️🍷
Draconian Jan 26, 2019
This tours' very own James Hetfield before a VERY sold out show in Rotterdam. One hour 'til doomtime. Let's do this! 🤘
Draconian Jan 26, 2019
Ready for a sold out Rotterdam! YEUAAAHH!
Draconian Jan 25, 2019
Soundcheck in Mannheim! See you tonight!
Draconian Jan 23, 2019
Exclusive side-project rarities at all our shows. Don’t miss it!
Draconian Jan 22, 2019
Backstage in Copenhagen last night.
Draconian Jan 21, 2019
Just arrived in Copenhagen and we’re getting nice and cosy already! Come check us out tonight at Stengade. And if you’re planning on grabbing some merch, be sure to bring cash as we are doing this old-school like. Please buy all of it so we can afford bigger backstage rooms 😂.
Draconian Jan 19, 2019
Soundcheck in Prague. Beer levels are good.
Draconian Jan 18, 2019
Sojourner started off this tour with a blast. Some pure magic in the air. Show up early not to miss out 🤘
Draconian Jan 18, 2019
Kicking off our EU tour in Poland tonight. Lets go!
Draconian Jan 17, 2019
Friends, In a few hours we'll be moving towards the airport to Warsaw and the springboard of this European tour with the awesome folks of Harakiri for the sky and Sojourner and crew. The world is a tomb and we're dooming onwards; always looking forward seeing you all, old and new faces, together making an unforgettable experience. 🙏 Edit: Tour poster says "2014" (first draft had this type-o) but that's obviously not right. Rest of info is accurate.
Draconian Jan 04, 2019
Daniel Johansson from the Swedish black/pagan band Wormwood is joining us on drums for the Sovereign Arsonists tour with Harakiri for the sky & Sojourner starting at the 18th this month in Warsaw, since our drummer Jerry isn't available due to personal engagements. Welcome to the Horde, Daniel. Can't wait to rock the f**k off 🤘
Draconian Dec 21, 2018
Raven Music made this beautiful transcription of "Arcane Rain Fell" for guitars, voice, keys with chords/tabs, 52 pages. This legendary album is considered a classic within the "gothic doom metal" genre. It details the fall of Lucifer from Heaven and the creation of Hell, and is heavily inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost - Raven Music For more info and how to order please visit
Draconian Dec 21, 2018
Untitled Album
Draconian Dec 18, 2018
We usually don't share covers but there's an exception for everything. U.S. vocalist & pianist Kate Metz has done a series of beautiful interpretations well deserving of more attention. We are proud to present this gorgeous and special version of Stellar Tombs. It was uploaded yesterday. Please, support. Thanks for this, Kate. Truly awe-inspiring 🙏
Draconian Dec 01, 2018
Our drummer Jerry cannot join us in Portugal for Under the Doom VI - Lisboa ao Vivo / Lisboa, so we just finished rehearsal with none other than Tarald Lie Jr. from the mighty Tristania. See you next weekend! 🤘🇵🇹🤘 Photo by Martin Marre Kadhammar
Draconian Nov 21, 2018
We are coming for You 🇷🇺 ✈️ 🤘 🍻
Draconian Oct 31, 2018
Venue and date for Moscow show has changed. We will play Thursday November 22nd at Station Hall, Moscow. Be there!
Draconian Oct 12, 2018
Friends, we're excited to announce that in January we're hitting that road again with our friends in Harakiri for the sky, and this time we're taking on Europe! Fellow arsonists is the up & coming band Sojourner. Their brilliant 2nd album "The Shadowed Road" was released earlier this year on Avantgarde Music. Check tourdates 👇
Draconian Sep 21, 2018
Be sure to grab this fast!
Draconian Aug 25, 2018
Good to be back in studio working on our upcoming album. It’s sounding pretty badass!
Draconian Jun 29, 2018
We are very happy to announce that we're heading back to Mother Russia with two dates in November. Can't wait to doom it up with new and familiar Ruskie 😎 До встречи 🍻🇷🇺🤘 More info will follow. Tickets: