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The Chronic
The Chronic
2001 (Instrumentals Only)
Dr Dre Jul 09, 2017
Tonight!! #TheDefiantOnes
Dr Dre Jun 15, 2017
No risk. No reward. #TheDefiantOnes
Dr Dre Sep 03, 2016
Check this video out from ATTN: & Black Eyed Peas
Dr Dre Jan 08, 2016
#StraightOuttaCompton Get the Unrated Director's cut now on iTunes.
Dr Dre Nov 07, 2015
Going into the vault. Music you've never heard before. #ThePharmacy Today - 3PM PT/6PM PT on #Beats1.
Dr Dre Oct 11, 2015
Let’s get this started. Snoop Dogg is on #ThePharmacy. Now on #Beats1.
Dr Dre Oct 05, 2015
#TalkAboutIt lyric video, feat King Mez and Justus, live now on Apple Music. Get the track on #COMPTON.
Dr Dre Oct 02, 2015
#TalkAboutIt lyric video. Monday.
Dr Dre Sep 27, 2015
#ThePharmacy. DJ Premier. LL Cool J. Now on #Beats1.
Dr Dre Sep 12, 2015
#ThePharmacy returns today with the legendary Quincy Jones. 3PM PT/6PM ET on #Beats1.
Dr Dre Sep 11, 2015
Can’t wait to have Quincy Jones on #ThePharmacy this Saturday at 3PM PT/6PM ET. Sitting down with the legend himself to talk inspiration and his incomparable career and life.
Dr Dre Aug 30, 2015
Even The Dr. needs a vacation. Mr. X to the Z taking over #ThePharmacy now on #Beats1.
Dr Dre Aug 16, 2015
Listen back to #ThePharmacy: Recap to Compton. Now on Apple Music #Connect.
Dr Dre Aug 16, 2015
#ThePharmacy starts now on #Beats1, and today we're recapping everything #StraightOuttaCompton.
Dr Dre Aug 15, 2015
Two hours to go. #ThePharmacy returns on #Beats1. #RecapToCompton
Dr Dre Aug 15, 2015
#COMPTON on 180-gram vinyl. Pre-order now.
Dr Dre Aug 07, 2015
Dr Dre Aug 07, 2015
The wait is over. #COMPTON out now Get it on Apple Music
Dr Dre Aug 07, 2015
#Compton Stream it now, uncensored, only on Apple Music.
Dr Dre Aug 04, 2015
Listen to the premiere of #COMPTON uncensored and exclusively on Apple Music, from 6PM – 9PM PT Thursday August 6th. Album out August 7th. PRE ORDER NOW:
Dr Dre Aug 02, 2015
My grand finale. #Compton
Dr Dre Aug 02, 2015
Talking ALL things #StraightOuttaCompton with Ice Cube & F Gary Gray. #ThePharmacy starts now.
Dr Dre Jul 31, 2015
You’ve heard rumors. Hear the truth tomorrow. #ThePharmacy Saturday - 3PM PT/6PM ET
Dr Dre Jul 30, 2015
You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of #ThePharmacy. Saturday 3PM PT/6PM ET. #StraightOuttaCompton
Dr Dre Jul 19, 2015
The full episode of #ThePharmacy is now available on Apple Music #Connect. Listen here.