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Down IV, Pt. II
Down IV, Pt. I - The Purple EP
Diary of a Mad Band (Live)
Down III - Over the Under
Down II
Down Jan 14, 2019
Down Dec 30, 2018
We all miss Lemmy!
Down Nov 16, 2018
Down Nov 16, 2018
's cover photo
Down Sep 19, 2018
Hello is this thing on? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY BOWER AND THE NOLA ALBUM! Both still sound as great as the first day they were unwrapped. During this extended break we hope everybody has been keeping up with the furious activity of Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals, Corrosion Of Conformity, EYEHATEGOD, and all the other wonderful bands our guys are currently working on. Cheers!
Down Jul 02, 2018
Down Jun 24, 2018
Philip Anselmo
Down Apr 20, 2018
Can't.... let.... 4/20... go.... by.... without..... posting.... this.... have a good one! Hail The Leaf! Happy 4/20.
Down Mar 14, 2018
Ross Halfin Photography
Down Mar 05, 2018
It's tough to categorize NOLA as "Stoner Metal" but there is a bong solo on Hail The Leaf so.... fair enough. Pretty cool company in this top 10... what album do you think missed the cut?
Down Feb 25, 2018
Down Feb 24, 2018
Some Friday night jams for you! Have a great weekend!
Down Feb 18, 2018
Who saw the 2006 tour?
Down Jan 26, 2018
Philip Anselmo
Down Jan 11, 2018
Throwback Thursday! Photo: Ross Halfin Photography
Down Dec 13, 2017
...but have you heard it on 2LP 180 gram vinyl: Treat yourself this holiday season! Down II available also.
Down Dec 04, 2017
Pick up the new Corrosion Of Conformity on amazon!
Down Nov 23, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! How 'bout them Saints?
Down Nov 22, 2017
Down vocalist Philip Anselmo's other band, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals has debuted a new song on Decibel Magazine today. Check it out:
Down Nov 14, 2017
Down guitarist Pepper Keenan's other band Corrosion Of Conformity has a new album set for release! A new song from it is out now, and a tour with Black Label Society AND EYEHATEGOD is all set up. Check out the COC Facebook or for all the details.
Down Nov 10, 2017
Omega Merch
Down Oct 10, 2017
Anybody up for a little Black Label Society, Corrosion Of Conformity, and EYEHATEGOD tour? EHG gets switched out for Red Fang for a few. No Down on this tour unfortunately... but you have a couple of members mixed in there.
Down Sep 27, 2017
Yesterday was Over The Under's 10th anniversary! takes a look back......
Down Sep 19, 2017
Happy birthday to NOLA! Released on this day in 1995. Happy birthday to Jimmy Bower who was released way before that! Pick up a sweet 180 gram double vinyl of NOLA here: Pick up some Jimmy on the Superjoint tour that starts on Friday! Check the new official Superjoint page for dates, tix, and other crazy stuff.
Down Sep 10, 2017