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Dream Road
Peace Potato
It Calls on Me
Doug Tuttle
Doug Tuttle Jun 26, 2019
Playing a show Friday! First time anywhere since February 2018, and first time in Boston since July 2017 😂
Doug Tuttle Jun 11, 2019
Dream Road LPs are slightly delayed as a large chuck of the first press got damaged. Should be shipping within a couple weeks 👍👍 Sorry for the delay!!!!
Doug Tuttle May 31, 2019
Dream Road out today via BURGER RECORDS!!!!
Doug Tuttle May 29, 2019
A lovely review of Dream Road (out Friday on BURGER RECORDS) Via Raven Sings The Blues
Doug Tuttle May 28, 2019
Doug Tuttle May 22, 2019
First review just rolled in 👍
Doug Tuttle May 21, 2019
Doug Tuttle May 15, 2019
Doug Tuttle May 06, 2019
New Pedal!
Doug Tuttle Apr 27, 2019
Doug Tuttle Apr 16, 2019
New song out today!
Doug Tuttle Apr 04, 2019
Doug Tuttle Mar 27, 2019
ONCE Somerville
Doug Tuttle Jan 22, 2019
One night MMOSS reunion backing Damo Suzuki at ONCE Somerville May 11th
Doug Tuttle Jan 01, 2019
Doug Tuttle Oct 06, 2018
American Primate came out a year ago today!
Doug Tuttle Sep 07, 2018
I haven’t done anything since this came out, so I’ll just post it again.
Doug Tuttle Aug 28, 2018
My song “A place for you” will be on tonight’s episode of King of the road on VICELAND
Doug Tuttle Aug 21, 2018
Another one of my songs will be featured on tonight’s episode of King of the Road on VICELAND And now I have this channel 🙌
Doug Tuttle Aug 10, 2018
Tommy plays in my band, check out his amazing record! Out now on BURGER RECORDS
Doug Tuttle Aug 01, 2018
Twilight is on the Spotify Lo-fi Indie playlist. Give it a spin.
Doug Tuttle Jul 24, 2018
One of my songs is in tonights episode of King of the road on VICELAND. i don't get this channel, let me know how is goes.
Doug Tuttle Jul 18, 2018
New shorter/evolving playlist. #NowPlaying
Doug Tuttle Jul 10, 2018
My Spotify Mega-Mix is up to 23 hours and 22 minutes. Give it a spin! (or a shuffle) And be sure to follow me while you're at it!