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Dot Hacker Aug 16, 2019
Josh's new project, Pluralone, just released two covers today. The vinyl 7" is out in two weeks. Check it out here. The artwork was created by our own Eric Gardner.
Dot Hacker May 01, 2019
Inhibition turns 7 today.
Dot Hacker Mar 26, 2019
Scott Walker was a visionary artist with one of the most remarkable musical careers of all time, and all of his own design. He will remain an inspiration for eternity.
Dot Hacker Dec 28, 2018
From our friends at ORG Music: Now through the end of the year, you can take 20% off all Dot Hacker music and merch with promo code GIVETHANKS at check-out. Happy New Year!
Dot Hacker Apr 26, 2018
Head's up! ORG Music found a few extra copies of "N°3" on transparent pink color vinyl.
Dot Hacker Feb 08, 2018
This awesome show is happening tonight, LA! Come see our Eric make a racket with these amazing people!
Dot Hacker Jan 20, 2018
N°3 turns one year old today.
Dot Hacker Oct 15, 2017
Hey Desert Daze! Come by the Wright Tent today at 3:50 and see Clint and Jonathan rock with earthlings?....
Dot Hacker Oct 04, 2017
Happy birthday to our Josh!!!! Have the best day, captain.
Dot Hacker Oct 02, 2017
We love you Tom Petty.
Dot Hacker Sep 14, 2017
Our friend Brian O'Connor (BOC) is fighting cancer and a bunch of luminaries will be playing this benefit concert on Saturday in support of will be a great show for a great cause, and our own Jonathan will be playing bass for Mark Lanegan and Mojave Lords (at least!). Come on out to the desert!
Dot Hacker Feb 22, 2017
Happiest of birthdays to the bass man, Jonathan Hischke.
Dot Hacker Feb 12, 2017
Also go see our Jonathan make cool sounds with Vertical Scratchers opening for Pinback!
Dot Hacker Feb 12, 2017
Go see our Eric play the cool sounds with Nick Reinhart!
Dot Hacker Feb 03, 2017
If you don't have N°3 yet, and if digital is your preferred format, today is good day to pick up the album at Bandcamp. Bandcamp will be donating proceeds from all sales today to ACLU Nationwide.
Dot Hacker Jan 28, 2017
Thank you Bass Player Magazine for this review!
Dot Hacker Jan 24, 2017
New merch designs inspired by the artwork for N°3 are now available in the online store!
Dot Hacker Jan 24, 2017
Guess it should go to the framers?
Dot Hacker Jan 20, 2017
Seems like a good day to keep the television off and the stereo on. Hoping our new album finds it's way into your day!
Dot Hacker Jan 14, 2017
One more week.
Dot Hacker Jan 11, 2017
We're told that there are just a few copies of the limited edition pink vinyl left to pre-order. Don't miss out! Orders will begin shipping early next week, and you'll receive a digital copy of N°3 via e-mail on January 20th.
Dot Hacker Jan 09, 2017
Dank je, Dansende Beren!
Dot Hacker Jan 06, 2017
Thanks to Glamglare for choosing C Section as Song Pick of the Day.
Dot Hacker Jan 05, 2017
Thank you, The Lowdown Under!
Dot Hacker Jan 05, 2017
Thanks, BuzzBands.LA!