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Anjunadeep presents: Explorations Anjunadeep presents: Explorations 2019
Venue: Dhermi Beach (Vlorë, Albania) Find tickets
Dosem at Noir (July 6, 2019)
Venue: Noir (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
DOSEM Apr 18, 2019
@sonarfestival 2015 playing after @thechemicalbrothers in the Opening Concert, one of the top gigs in my career, a magical memory... #tbt . . 📷 @marcis_13 #sonarbarcelona #sonarfestival #barcelona #memories
DOSEM Apr 17, 2019
🎵(Unreleased) 🤔😎 . @socialclubmallorca @danzuofficial @b4bookings #unreleased #mallorca #kontaktbydanzu
DOSEM Apr 16, 2019
You can find all HOUSTRIKE releases on Traxsource including my last EP "Meeting Point" currently in the Top Techno charts, thanks for the support ya'll!
DOSEM Apr 15, 2019
Chile!!! ❤️ Nos vemos de nuevo muy pronto = 20 de mayo en Domos de la Dehesa 🔥🔥 @theklanchile #chile
DOSEM Apr 13, 2019
Your Weekend’s soundtrack 🎵 follow @houstrike #playlist on @spotify 👈🏻
DOSEM Apr 08, 2019
🎵 Meeting Point ✖️ @houstrike ⚡️ ZEF Festa Bros (Official) #dosem #houstrike #argentina @Liaison Artists
DOSEM Apr 06, 2019
Elrow Miami vibes with @technasiaofficial ⚡️ 📷 @msmoonlightarts #miami #elrow @liaisonartists
DOSEM Apr 05, 2019
DOSEM Apr 04, 2019
Three years ago I decided to create 𝙃𝙊𝙐𝙎𝙏𝙍𝙄𝙆𝙀: More than a record label, it is a platform that I use as a personal creative therapy, a place where I can experiment without rules and mix all kinds of musical and visual styles. A laboratory where to share with you ideas that I think are worth showing and that otherwise would be lost on a hard drive. A meeting point where I can mix Melodic Techno, Acid House, Breaks and Electronica of all kinds without thinking about anything other than translating the images, memories or experiences that inspire me day by day into music. After almost a year in silence tomorrow I come back with a new release: "Meeting Point" ✖️ Follow the project here = HOUSTRIKE – Hace tres años decidí crear #houstrike : Más que un sello discográfico, es una plataforma que uso como terapia creativa personal, un lugar dónde experimentar sin reglas y mezclar todo tipo de estilos musicales y visuales. Un laboratorio dónde compartir con vosotros ideas que creo vale la pena mostrar y que de otro modo se quedarían perdidas en un disco duro. Un punto de encuentro en el que puedo mezclar Techno Melódico, Acid House, Breaks... Electrónica de todo tipo sin pensar en nada más que traducir en música las imágenes, recuerdos o experiencias que me inspiran día a día. Después de casi un año en silencio mañana vuelvo con un nuevo release: "Meeting Point"✖️ Sigue el proyecto aquí = HOUSTRIKE
DOSEM Mar 31, 2019
Thank You Miami for a week full of great moments! 📷 @purifiedrecords . @liaisonartists
DOSEM Mar 31, 2019
@elrowofficial Miami 🔥🔥 @technasiaofficial . @liaisonartists #elrow #miami
DOSEM Mar 30, 2019
Today = @elrowofficial #miami 🚀🚀
DOSEM Mar 29, 2019
Fantastic night yesterday at @purifiedrecords #miami 🙏🏻 @noraenpure @gorgoncity great to meet you!
DOSEM Mar 25, 2019
Loved Phoenix, the vibe was really special ✨ . 📷 @lionlens_ @bff_phx
DOSEM Mar 24, 2019
This is why I love San Francisco! 🚀🚀 . Track Id = 🤐😎 . @monarchsf @christianpresents @liaisonartists @truesoulrecords
DOSEM Mar 23, 2019
Top night in Phoenix 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you!!
DOSEM Mar 19, 2019
US Tour starting tomorrow: Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco and Miami... who's coming? Can’t wait to meet you all on the dancefloor 🙏🏻 . 📷 @lukedyson . #denver #seattle #phoenix #sanfrancisco #miami @liaisonartists @operativemusic #dosem #usa #tour @primitiveskate @houstrike @anjunadeep
DOSEM Mar 19, 2019
🔥🔥 Check out my IGTV to watch the aftermovie of my set at FABRIK #code133 — b4bookings Nuke @phuong_limited_edition #fabrik #madrid #fabrikmadrid
DOSEM Mar 17, 2019
New music is coming out very soon on my label Houstrike, here’s a preview of my next EP “Meeting Point” ⚠️ Follow the project here = HOUSTRIKE
DOSEM Mar 14, 2019
Elrow moments 🔥🔥🔥 See you again in Miami on March 30th ✈️ — #tbt #taipei elrow #miami Liaison Artists HOUSTRIKE #miamimusicweek2019 #miamimusicweek #dosem #houstrike
DOSEM Mar 12, 2019
Really happy to announce my summer residency for the Terminal 4 Events x Tronic Music nights at Eden in Ibiza. Every Wednesday from May 22nd - September 04th 💪🏻 Get your tickets: – Tronic Music + Terminal 4 + Eden Ibiza (Official Fan Page) #tronic #terminal4 #eden #ibiza
DOSEM Mar 08, 2019
DOSEM Mar 08, 2019
March USA Tour ✈️ Liaison Artists
DOSEM Mar 07, 2019
🔥🔥 Track Id = Unreleased 😎 HOUSTRIKE — FABRIK b4bookings @phuong_limited_edition #tbt #dosem #houstrike #unreleased
DOSEM Mar 06, 2019
Track Id = “Meeting Point” out next month on my label HOUSTRIKE 🔥 — 102 My Favourite Freaks @phuong_limited_edition #dosem #houstrike #deep #house #techno #music #upcoming