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Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 24, 2016
Check out our old road buddy Another Lost year and their newest video/ radio single "Wolves"
Official DoryDrive Facebook May 07, 2015
For the past 5.5 years we have been awarded memories to last us a lifetime! To the many who have supported us throughout our career, most of these stories will be told and remembered because of you. So to our loyal fans, musical counterparts, promoters, club owners, talent managers, booking agents and label. Thank you for the opportunity to share our gift to the world! As the five original members, we gave it our best. Every show was a success whether hurt, sick or plain tired, because there was never a better feeling than being on stage and performing together for those we loved. We sincerely apologize to those waiting in the wings, hopeful for our resurgence in 2015. There have been an insurmountable amount of changes in our lives. Nick has started a family and is now a married man. Mathieu will be starting a new project in 2016. Henry, Joey and TomE will be on the hunt for a singer for their project they are working on. Let us bid you farewell as we start the newest chapters in our lives. We will be continuing musical aspirations and feuding over Brewer/Cardinal baseball! Thank you for loving us and the music we created. Sincerely, Dorydrive
Official DoryDrive Facebook Apr 10, 2015
Joey, TomE and the missing Henry out of this photo just had to pull off I-39 a little earlier due to Tornadic development ! Shit was crazy! Say hello to our new friends we spent some time with in a cocktail diner basement!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Apr 06, 2015
The dudes are celebrating opening day.. Baseball season baby!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Apr 02, 2015
This is no April fool's joke! Yes, today we give a big Happy Birthday to Mr. Henry Koller!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 28, 2015
Finders keepers! Mrs. Joehnk happened to stumble upon the exact street in TN that the band is named after!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 19, 2015
Big happy Birthday to Mr. Joey Zak! We're at the Casino!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 08, 2015
Give a HUGE shout to TomE for his Birthday!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 06, 2015
Select sizes still available! Email our merch guy for details!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 05, 2015
Let's Happy Birthday our Wilson!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Mar 01, 2015
Mobile Uploads
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 28, 2015
This is not a good angle to plead for attention! This local bands days are sure to be numbered. Dumb!!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 26, 2015
On tour some of us like to do a little fishing! Who in the band could you see reeling in this big whopper !!!????
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 19, 2015
Thursday Time Travel : Set date back to July 17, 2010
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 11, 2015
The Powerball Jackpot is up to 485million! If you won, what would you buy or do with the money?
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 10, 2015
Our friends at Ninja treating us to fine meal !!!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 08, 2015
I was asked to perform for our late friend Mikey Latty's celebration of life following his visitation. We will be forever saddened for the families and friends of the Latty clan. To witness the outpouring of love in Battle Creek will be a memory not soon forgotten. WWLD
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 03, 2015
We have spent a lot of Tour Time at McDonalds together but never seen a Kangaroo at one in Wisconsin.
Official DoryDrive Facebook Feb 02, 2015
Some people like to take advantage of the crazy snow we have had!
Official DoryDrive Facebook Jan 25, 2015
We make this post with the heaviest of hearts. Our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of our pal and colleague Mikey Latty.
Official DoryDrive Facebook Jan 19, 2015
"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." His own inspiring words to commend an incredible man! Happy MLK Day...
Official DoryDrive Facebook Jan 18, 2015
Official DoryDrive Facebook
Official DoryDrive Facebook Jan 15, 2015
Official DoryDrive Facebook's cover photo
Official DoryDrive Facebook Jan 11, 2015
We got 4 cheese heads In this band, Packers or Cowgirls today?