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Divine Revolution
Stabat Mater
Judgement of Tormented Souls
Dominia Sep 21, 2017
Dominia Jul 03, 2017
Dominia XVIII - playing the best :) (September 2, 2017. Saint-Petersburg, Opera club)
Dominia Jun 05, 2017
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Dominia May 06, 2017
Dominia - Attack of the Dead 1915 - Pavel Mosin
Dominia Apr 08, 2017
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Dominia Apr 03, 2017
Thank you for the craziest metal crowd, friends! We had a blast! \m/ Show Moscow 1/04/2017
Dominia Feb 27, 2017
Release new album Stabat Mater in April!!
Dominia Feb 24, 2017
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Dominia Feb 15, 2017
Dominia - Stabat Mater (cover work)
Dominia Feb 15, 2017
Dominia Jan 29, 2017
Recording vocals for Stabat Mater
Dominia Jan 29, 2017
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Dominia Jan 04, 2017
This is a new Dominia bass player! Guess who is this? Yes! This is Anton Rosa, our former and leader vocalist. He will also play bass in our band. It was band's decision. After many tries guys said that Anton must also play bass in Dominia, because he knows and feels his music much better than anyone who tried to play in Dominia before. And by the way, he already has recorded bass session for the new DOMINIA album.
Dominia Nov 17, 2016
Help God Eat God to get on one of the biggest metal website! Give your voice for suggestion to add our project to if you think it deserved it...
Dominia Oct 23, 2016
Release of the new music \m/
Dominia Oct 07, 2016
Dominia's cover photo
Dominia Oct 07, 2016
Happy Birthday to DOMINIA bass player Denis Devichensky born in 24 September! Wish wish all the best our friend
Dominia Oct 03, 2016
Dominia Oct 02, 2016
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Dominia Sep 12, 2016
Dominia Sep 12, 2016