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I'm Only Buggin'
DJ Hyperactive Feb 19, 2019
's cover photo
DJ Hyperactive Feb 16, 2019
Yes yes yes.... I'm playing tonight 12:30-2am! Show goin til 4 in the Foundation Room tonight!
DJ Hyperactive Feb 08, 2019
Time to Jack
DJ Hyperactive Jan 26, 2019
's cover photo
DJ Hyperactive Jan 12, 2019
Manifest takeover tonight in the main room at Sound-Bar | Hunter Vita on 10-1145 followed by Zooey Glass b2b Abigail, and I’ll close it out!!
DJ Hyperactive Jan 03, 2019
Got a little break all of last month and now it's time to get back to work! sound-bar ---- chicago ----- Jan 11 '19
DJ Hyperactive Dec 01, 2018
Playin 12-2!!!!!!
DJ Hyperactive Dec 01, 2018
's cover photo
DJ Hyperactive Nov 22, 2018
's cover photo
DJ Hyperactive Nov 20, 2018
Busy weekend ahead on the West Coast. First stop SF!!
DJ Hyperactive Nov 15, 2018
Friday 11/16 --> Detroit @ The Works
DJ Hyperactive Nov 12, 2018
Friday, Detroit, The Works
DJ Hyperactive Nov 05, 2018
DJ Hyperactive Oct 31, 2018
This Friday I’m kicking off November in Chicago!
DJ Hyperactive Oct 13, 2018
Pacific Rim Tour... kicking off in Portland!
DJ Hyperactive Oct 02, 2018
Friday we roll out to Rockford...!
DJ Hyperactive Sep 28, 2018
Some gems rolling through lately. Keep em comin'....!
DJ Hyperactive Sep 15, 2018
PLAYING 2-4am!! See ya after the sunburnt Saturday Beach party!!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 30, 2018
San Diego tonight, baby!!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 29, 2018
NY this Sunday/Monday. However you wanna slice it. You can come Sunday, get loose, go home and shower, and come back Monday for some more..!!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 26, 2018
Let’s keep it goin!! Next stop St. Louis this Friday at the Upstairs Lounge!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 25, 2018
Closing this mutha down...! You don’t even know many dances I have!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 20, 2018
Playing now at Twisted Cantina! 100yards south of Pilsen Fest on Blue Island!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 17, 2018
Heading to NYC for Apothic Presents.... tix on RA for tonight’s show!
DJ Hyperactive Aug 09, 2018
Friday sneaking up quick. This will help you get there! Latest mix recording from an insane show in MPLS at the System party!