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Dj CUTMAN Dec 19, 2018
getting closer to launching my tutorial series!
Dj CUTMAN Dec 18, 2018
Bringing This Week in Chiptune back as a Spotify playlist is basically the most #chiptune thing I could think to do
Dj CUTMAN Dec 17, 2018
‪Today is the 8 year anniversary of the @GameChops YouTube channel, and also the unfathomable milestone of hitting ONE HUNDRED MILLION views with just over ONE THOUSAND videos. I couldn’t have done it without all the amazing producers, musicians, listeners and fans. THANK YOU ALL‬
Dj CUTMAN Dec 15, 2018
Bless this mess
Dj CUTMAN Dec 11, 2018
Oh! How embarrassing
Dj CUTMAN Dec 11, 2018
My handsome lil boi
Dj CUTMAN Dec 11, 2018
Found a wild cat
Dj CUTMAN Dec 07, 2018
Dj CUTMAN Dec 06, 2018
oh hey i had a fun time on my story today
Dj CUTMAN Dec 06, 2018
New tune alert! Collab with my oldest friend, a synth rock take on Smash Bros! Out now everywhere
Dj CUTMAN Dec 05, 2018
My stats look like a flight path
Dj CUTMAN Dec 03, 2018
Portrait of an orange boy
Dj CUTMAN Nov 29, 2018
Dang coffee u pretty
Dj CUTMAN Nov 28, 2018
This master is sounding amazing’nn!!!2!
Dj CUTMAN Nov 24, 2018
Bucko getting some #thankagiving leftovers
Dj CUTMAN Nov 23, 2018
Early winter got me looking a certain kinda way
Dj CUTMAN Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dj CUTMAN Nov 22, 2018
Have a nice feel good playlist of fun dance tracks and video game music! #NowPlaying
Dj CUTMAN Nov 22, 2018
extended chill deltarune beats ~
Dj CUTMAN Nov 21, 2018
I posted a kinda sappy thread on Twitter 😅
Dj CUTMAN Nov 18, 2018
Oh shoot I’m cute #PokemonLetsGo
Dj CUTMAN Nov 18, 2018
My big boy
Dj CUTMAN Nov 14, 2018
Thanks a million
Dj CUTMAN Nov 13, 2018
Dj CUTMAN Nov 12, 2018
when I realize it’s Monday tomorrow