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Dj CUTMAN Apr 19, 2019
Who knew this little guy would be so good at recording chiptune?
Dj CUTMAN Apr 16, 2019
One of my fav plug-in makers, Waves, has a big sale today! made a thread of some of my favorites.
Dj CUTMAN Apr 12, 2019
My harvest!! 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
Dj CUTMAN Apr 10, 2019
Bucko wants to jam
Dj CUTMAN Apr 10, 2019
I beat Dead Cells on hard mode so I got myself a cookie
Dj CUTMAN Apr 09, 2019
New video on the yt channel. It’s kind of weird... #ProducerQuest
Dj CUTMAN Apr 08, 2019
Surprise, it's a new episode of #ProducerQuest!
Dj CUTMAN Apr 03, 2019
Found some Wario street art in philly!
Dj CUTMAN Mar 29, 2019
Good gosh @GameChops how much you’ve grown! Thank you to everyone who’s listening!! 🔊🥰✨
Dj CUTMAN Mar 29, 2019
My new remix is finally here! A #KingdomHearts tribute with the amazing Adriana Figueroa and Tee Lopes! Link in my bio~
Dj CUTMAN Mar 25, 2019
I just posted a new tutorial on #ProducerQuest! Check it out on YouTube~
Dj CUTMAN Mar 22, 2019
It’s starting to be spring
Dj CUTMAN Mar 21, 2019
Bought myself a new game as I’m almost done mastering the next @GameChops album~ #nintendo #switch
Dj CUTMAN Mar 19, 2019
Filming a tutorial and my mouse battery died during recording 😅
Dj CUTMAN Mar 13, 2019
best compliment a video game dj can get
Dj CUTMAN Mar 12, 2019
Update on #ProducerQuest
Dj CUTMAN Mar 11, 2019
I built a music stand out of my drum machine... a profound metaphor for my life right now
Dj CUTMAN Mar 06, 2019
Who has time for emails
Dj CUTMAN Mar 06, 2019
Omg my wife to be got me this adorable and thoughtful present for my birthday!! #zelda #easypiano
Dj CUTMAN Mar 03, 2019
Check out my new EP, Lofi Soul. Out now on Spotify & Apple Music
Dj CUTMAN Mar 01, 2019
Realizing you forgot to change something in the mix on release day
Dj CUTMAN Mar 01, 2019
My first original EP is out today! Support by adding it to your playlists, or just giving it a listen.
Dj CUTMAN Feb 26, 2019
you can pre-order my new ep
Dj CUTMAN Feb 25, 2019
‪This Week in Chiptune 24/7 stream will begin today with a handful of episodes from 2014-15. If it stays stable (this time) I’ll start compiling all the episodes. My goal is an effortless way to listen to and discover #chiptune artists. It will be live here‬
Dj CUTMAN Feb 24, 2019
The best episode of #ProducerQuest is my strategy for promoting my music! These little Cutmen will help us get the work done! Check out the channel on YouTube~