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Dj CUTMAN Aug 16, 2019
Gotta check out Poké & Chill, great vibes. out on music platforms and bandcamp today ~
Dj CUTMAN Aug 15, 2019
Dj CUTMAN Aug 09, 2019
My latest track is also my vocal debut. Check out Glimmer on music platforms today! It’s collab with best boy @iamhelynt
Dj CUTMAN Aug 08, 2019
Nervous and excited for you all to hear Glimmer tomorrow!! My first track doing vocals. Ill post a Spotify link to my story once it’s available in the US!
Dj CUTMAN Aug 06, 2019
Sage advice from @electrikdave. Gotta put more reverb on my Tom Tom drums! That makes them sound real huge.
Dj CUTMAN Aug 05, 2019
My new song as @birdboybeats is out now! Check it on your fav music platform, or check the link on the Bird Boy bio!
Dj CUTMAN Aug 02, 2019
My new song is out today! This one’s dedicated to the Baltimore Oriole, a beautiful bird local to my region. Hope you enjoy, the song is out now on music platforms like Apple, Play and Spotify. I’ll be working on a YouTube video today~ They say the second song is the hardest! So I’m happy to get over the hump. My goal is to have a new Bird Boy song every month, so let’s see how I do! Big big thank you to everyone supporting this project. If you didn’t know, you are free to use the Bird Boy music in your content!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 29, 2019
Ya boi visited @Spotify today!! What a cool place
Dj CUTMAN Jul 28, 2019
Tried to take my cat outside. This is as far as she got.
Dj CUTMAN Jul 28, 2019
Tonight I’m part of the Big Bad Bosses!!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 28, 2019
Out here dealing with it
Dj CUTMAN Jul 25, 2019
My new song comes out next week! Follow Bird Boy on Spotify Apple or Play to hear my new song first ~
Dj CUTMAN Jul 25, 2019
It’s true, new @birdboybeats on the horizon
Dj CUTMAN Jul 24, 2019
What an honor! I got a feature on @Bandcamp, got to talk about starting @GameChops and the impact of game music. Check out the whole piece on There’s even a big ol link on the front page of right now!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 24, 2019
Wowie! GameChops and me are on the Bandcamp blog. Check out the post!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 21, 2019
On my way to the function
Dj CUTMAN Jul 20, 2019
New mix up on my YouTube channel! This features a lot of my beats, but a handful of great summer tunes by some of my friends! Hope you enjoy #SummerBeats! Now let’s tag this up! #lofihiphop #lofibeats #lofianime #lofiedit #chillbeats #lofimusic #lofi #lofibeat #lofivibes #chillhop #chillhopmusic #jazzhop #lofifilter #lofivibes #lofiandchill #chillwave #chillhiphop
Dj CUTMAN Jul 15, 2019
Woah!! #ProducerQuest exists and it’s pretty fun ~ I must have been reflexively hashtagging my early work. What a nice surprise!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 15, 2019
A quick tip for those of you doing cover songs! You pay a higher royalty rate if your song goes over 5 minutes. Even if you don’t use the composition for the whole time. Heyy I don’t make the rules I just try to follow them. What if I made more edu memes like this and posted with the the hashtag #ProducerQuest? Then anyone could contribute we could start a lil community. Just a thought!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 15, 2019
Furret walks through his Ableton project. he walk. he good. furret is a good friend and a great producer. i started this cover of Accumula Town from Pokemon Black and White cause I love the Furret walk meme. I first saw it on some livestream of Furret walking on a treadmill. Ah, what wholesome content. Anyway I made this weird chiptune dance version of the tune and i'm not sure if I should finish it or if its already perfect just the way it is (just like furret) anyway lmk if you want me to finish this / post this tune for download or anything like that. thanks for listening!! #pokemon #furret #ableton #pokemonmemea #pokemonememe #furretwalk #furretwalks #chiptune #edm #pokemonswordshield #pokemonart #producermemes #musicproduction #abletonlive
Dj CUTMAN Jul 13, 2019
Finally got my wedding band! It’s white gold and carbon fiber (+3 to drifting) It originally came in the wrong size. It was a whole size small, so it would get stuck on my hand and hurt to come off. Actually I COULDNT get it off without soap and water. I got married almost two months ago, and I haven’t been able to wear my ring! It was making my self conscious big time. But now I have it, I feel much more secure! Also wearing a ring is bad ass.
Dj CUTMAN Jul 13, 2019
wow thank you for listening to dj cutman apparently
Dj CUTMAN Jul 13, 2019
‪Splatoon Tetris is the crossover I didn’t know I needed #Tetris99 ‬
Dj CUTMAN Jul 11, 2019
Working on new artwork in photoshop for the upcoming @birdboybeats song. Lmk if you have any questions!
Dj CUTMAN Jul 10, 2019
New song is mixed! This one is for the Baltimore Oriole 🦅