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Dj CUTMAN Jun 13, 2019
It’s good to be back! Watching the @Nintendo E3 livestream with my lil bun
Dj CUTMAN Jun 13, 2019
Let’s jam tonight! All my Patrons on Patreon will get a recording of my set tonight~
Dj CUTMAN Jun 12, 2019
going back to my roots this week.
Dj CUTMAN Jun 02, 2019
If you need me, I’ll be far away
Dj CUTMAN Jun 01, 2019
I don’t usually photograph my #food but damn #iceland this #bacon #breakfast is going ham
Dj CUTMAN May 26, 2019
Icelandic ghostie #streetart
Dj CUTMAN May 25, 2019
Truly the work of a master
Dj CUTMAN May 25, 2019
Holy nuts look at this incredible bag I found
Dj CUTMAN May 25, 2019
the day after my wedding
Dj CUTMAN May 24, 2019
We got married!! In philly it was wild
Dj CUTMAN May 23, 2019
Getting married today!! 🥳
Dj CUTMAN May 21, 2019
My beautiful son!!
Dj CUTMAN May 21, 2019
By the end of this week I’ll be DJ Married Man!!
Dj CUTMAN May 18, 2019
‪What a treasure. Cleaning this while listening to Funk Fiction’s “Loop 6” was the vibiest thing I’ve done in a while‬
Dj CUTMAN May 17, 2019
My new single is out, it’s a concept instrumental about what I imagine it must be like to hang out in the international space station. Free to use for videos, podcasts, and games. Link in bio (or just search “Horizon Lounge” on your favorite place to hear music)
Dj CUTMAN May 11, 2019
Wow that’s a cat face
Dj CUTMAN May 07, 2019
Just a little diddy i did today with a Novation Bass Station, Roland TR-8S, and my SansAmp!
Dj CUTMAN May 07, 2019
my 808 accidentally got picked up by my piano midi but its kinda cool???
Dj CUTMAN May 03, 2019
Mario & Chill is out, and with it, this massive music video I've been editing for months. I've uploaded over 1000 videos, this may be my best yet.
Dj CUTMAN May 01, 2019
A quick hello from me! Mario & Chill comes out on @gamechops this weekend and I’m so excited!
Dj CUTMAN Apr 22, 2019
Spring colors
Dj CUTMAN Apr 22, 2019
can't wait!!
Dj CUTMAN Apr 19, 2019
Who knew this little guy would be so good at recording chiptune?
Dj CUTMAN Apr 16, 2019
One of my fav plug-in makers, Waves, has a big sale today! made a thread of some of my favorites.
Dj CUTMAN Apr 12, 2019
My harvest!! 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶