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Boy In da Corner
Dizzee Rascal! Aug 14, 2019
Check the full video for #Blessed out now 👀
Dizzee Rascal! Aug 13, 2019
This one’s too COLD!!! New Ocean Wisdom featuring your boy 😆 drops tonight??? #blessed you know when we link up it’s mad! 🚨🚨🚨🚨
Dizzee Rascal! Aug 08, 2019
This still goes off every set #TBT
Dizzee Rascal! Aug 07, 2019
☹️ Mate.. sorry to hear about the cancellation of Boardmasters 2019 (Official Event Page) but thanks for all the love and invites to perform private concerts in your bedrooms and kitchens I love you for that 😂. Seriously though I’m looking forward to coming back down your way and we can vibe out proper!!! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🙏🏾😉
Dizzee Rascal! Jul 25, 2019
Big up BBC Radio 6 Music for making ‘Boy in da Corner’ Album of the day 👊🏿
Dizzee Rascal! Jul 24, 2019
No summer bangers this year but I’m gonna be dropping a lot of filth in the next few months I’m not your mate! 😈
Dizzee Rascal! Jul 20, 2019
Wicked interview just posted on #nojumper I gave you my soul on this one tell a friend to tell a friend 👊🏾 big up Adam . Link ⬇️⬇️
Dizzee Rascal! Jul 04, 2019
Do you like Bass ? Do you like Cider ?
Dizzee Rascal! Jun 21, 2019
Video shoot for new Ocean wisdom track Blessed then onto P Money’s show
Dizzee Rascal! Jun 18, 2019
Massive shout to everyone that come to see me last week at Land Beyond Festival . 👊🏿
Dizzee Rascal! Jun 18, 2019
This had to be at least 12 years ago. One of us was dressed for the occasion.
Dizzee Rascal! Jun 04, 2019
Yo Large up the legend Orelsan Officiel for bringing me out at his headline show last night at O2 Forum Kentish Town When we met in LA for the first time he had a song he wanted to play for me I said cool. I didn’t understand it because he was rapping in French (cos he’s French) but I knew he was going off! Anyway the song which is called Zone ft Neklefeu came out on his latest album La fête est finie last year and the album is now 8x platinum in France Go check it out! 👊🏾 Bring me my plaque fammm‼️ 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
Dizzee Rascal! Jun 03, 2019
Wicked vibes at All Points East festival on Saturday. I’ve got childhood memories of #victoriapark there was no way I was coming quiet! Big everyone involved 👊🏾 Song: Quality
Dizzee Rascal! May 31, 2019
Just announced catch me headlining Witcombe Cider Festival Tickets :
Dizzee Rascal! May 28, 2019
👀 #BITC 💉
Dizzee Rascal! May 23, 2019
Random one. I was about 9/10 years old walking down Angel market with my mum and I saw Linda Robson from Birds of a feather I run after her and she gave me her autograph and I’ve still got it. Only now I realise how professional that was of her what a legend! ❤️
Dizzee Rascal! May 02, 2019
Not long until my first festival of the season. Get your tickets..
Dizzee Rascal! Apr 16, 2019
JR 🥊
Dizzee Rascal! Mar 25, 2019
Good to link with D-Double E-Newham and Shy FX at his album launch last week ...
Dizzee Rascal! Mar 05, 2019
Hyped to be headlining Southbeats Festival in Kent this September! Who’s coming? Tickets:
Dizzee Rascal! Mar 04, 2019
Today was going so well kmt. I remember when this video came out and I thought fuck this guy is a lunatic! Then I opened up for the The Prodigy in 2009 at Wembley and he was was one of the nicest people I’ve met and always was every time I met him, the whole band were. When it comes to the stage few people can carry a show like him I’m proud to say I’ve seen it for myself. Iconic and a gentleman Rest in peace Keith Flint 🤘🏾
Dizzee Rascal! Mar 04, 2019
Dizzee Rascal! Feb 27, 2019
June 1st VICTORIA PARK! Back in the bits tickets and info
Dizzee Rascal! Feb 20, 2019
Catch me headlining Sunday of Land Beyond Festival in Brighton this June!
Dizzee Rascal! Feb 17, 2019
This guy is so talented it’s out of order. Anderson .Paak