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Demons in Our Head
Heartbeat from a Nightmare
Bring Me Your Dream
Disturbed Angel Dec 14, 2018
There's a very good chance a cover of this will be on the next album. https://youtu.be/02QjLszgz5k
Disturbed Angel Dec 13, 2018
I feel I post quite often. Apparently Facebook disagrees, as they keep sending me notifications to post something because people haven't heard from me in a while. Your thoughts?
Disturbed Angel Dec 12, 2018
Disturbed Angel Dec 06, 2018
Well, the job with the blasting company isn't going to pan out. I am currently exploring other options.
Disturbed Angel Dec 03, 2018
Christmas is just around the corner. Get the music lover in your life some Disturbed Angel.
Disturbed Angel Dec 01, 2018
Love the guitar tone on this album. https://youtu.be/H1MEvSJyO_U
Disturbed Angel Nov 27, 2018
Been collecting some cool pics for new album artwork. After the holidays I will start writing new material.
Disturbed Angel Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Disturbed Angel Nov 20, 2018
Doing that work thing tomorrow.
Disturbed Angel Nov 18, 2018
Love this drummer. Met him a few times. Great guy! https://youtu.be/pXfIVcB0kUA
Disturbed Angel Nov 07, 2018
I got the call today about the job I shadowed last week. They are officially hiring me. There is some paperwork to be done, so I don't have a start date yet.
Disturbed Angel Nov 06, 2018
In March, I weighed 280 pounds. As of this morning I am down to 230.
Disturbed Angel Nov 06, 2018
Disturbed Angel Nov 02, 2018
Had a very good day yesterday. Don't want to give out too much information yet.
Disturbed Angel Oct 31, 2018
Disturbed Angel Oct 31, 2018
Disturbed Angel Oct 28, 2018
MP3's or physical CD's? Your choice. Message me on how to get the physical copies.
Disturbed Angel Oct 24, 2018
I wouldn't mind doing a cover of this. https://youtu.be/vbncFS-HavM
Disturbed Angel Oct 21, 2018
Disturbed Angel Oct 19, 2018
Had a job interview with a blasting company today. They want me to come out one day next week and job shadow to see how I like it. What would I be doing? Setting dynamite in the ground and blowing stuff up.
Disturbed Angel Oct 19, 2018
State police clearance, FBI fingerprinting. Oh my, what have I done?!?!?! Fear not, it's for a job I am interviewing today.
Disturbed Angel Oct 17, 2018
Having a very good week! Got some great news with more to come! Will share when everything is finalized.
Disturbed Angel Oct 16, 2018
Not only is he a great musician, but also a great comedian.
Disturbed Angel Oct 15, 2018
Job interview Wednesday morning, and one Friday afternoon.
Disturbed Angel Oct 14, 2018
Been trying to upload some pics, but for some reason it's not working.