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Demons in Our Head
Heartbeat from a Nightmare
Bring Me Your Dream
Disturbed Angel Aug 17, 2019
Found this listening to Hair Nation on Sirius XM radio. https://youtu.be/fRnXHeZFSJw
Disturbed Angel Jul 29, 2019
Doing that work thing so I can bring you more awesome music!
Disturbed Angel Jul 13, 2019
Disturbed Angel Jul 10, 2019
Starting a new job. This means more money which means the possibility of hitting the studio early next year.
Disturbed Angel May 29, 2019
This is what I dealt with today. Plus my car has some minor damage from it.
Disturbed Angel May 13, 2019
Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.
Disturbed Angel May 10, 2019
Working with the studio on changes from my other band, Ancient Wolves. We only did one album about 7 years ago. Having them do some artwork changes and bring up the vocal tracks a bit. It will take some time for the work to be done, sent out to CDBaby and posted to YouTube. If you like doom metal with female vocals, this is for you.
Disturbed Angel May 06, 2019
Never too old to head bang. https://youtu.be/KF_0Jgm7JHg
Disturbed Angel May 03, 2019
Disturbed Angel May 02, 2019
Always loved this band. I've seen them live, and they are just as good, if not better. https://youtu.be/nevmUs1Ykpo
Disturbed Angel May 02, 2019
Disturbed Angel Apr 01, 2019
Disturbed Angel Mar 31, 2019
Disturbed Angel Mar 21, 2019
Disturbed Angel Mar 11, 2019
Disturbed Angel Jan 22, 2019
Alrighty, peeps!! Here's what's going on: I have narrowed down 14 songs for the next album. Although there is no timetable on when recording will begin, I have two teaser song titles for you: Hang From The Rafters Burned His Soul
Disturbed Angel Jan 20, 2019
Got some snow and rain. Now it is frozen over.
Disturbed Angel Jan 16, 2019
As of now, the Weather Channel is calling for 12-18 inches of snow for the Northeast part of the country, with some places possibly seeing 2 feet. I will be watching.
Disturbed Angel Jan 16, 2019
If the weather reports are right, I am in for some wicked snow this weekend. We shall see.....
Disturbed Angel Jan 10, 2019
It counts as writing if I have song titles picked out, right? Asking for a friend....
Disturbed Angel Jan 03, 2019
New year means new music. Been doing some scratch writing. Nothing definitive yet.
Disturbed Angel Jan 01, 2019
2019. So it begins.......
Disturbed Angel Jan 01, 2019
I am going to get a little personal here. On December 20th I went for an ultrasound on my chest as I have had a mild heart murmur for years. I got the call today, and one of my aortic valves is partially calcified. I asked if I should be concerned. Doctor said no, I will not have any issues.
Disturbed Angel Dec 31, 2018
2019 is going to be a busy year for me. Lots of changes. Some big, some small. I am excited and scared at the same time.
Disturbed Angel Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Years Eve!