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A Way Out
Chain Reaction
Distorted Harmony Dec 08, 2018
Top 100 albums of 2018 by That Drummer Guy. A WAY OUT is #4. Thank you :) For the full list:
Distorted Harmony Dec 06, 2018
Watch our behind the scenes recount - PL Tour (Part 2) Special thanks to Sennheiser Israel (Kilim Electronics Gadi Kilim) for the best wireless monitors IEM G4!
Distorted Harmony Nov 29, 2018
Here's your chance to voice your love! Vote for "A Way Out" in Metal Injection's reader's poll! ⬇
Distorted Harmony Nov 26, 2018
Our first tour, not knowing what to expect, we set out to Poland with our newfound mates from DispersE. We've never had such an experience. Performing in a different town each night, getting to spend time with each other, becoming one with the music and the live show; all that and more is everything we could have hoped for and we are all so thankful for the fans, supporters and the amazing crowd we got to meet and play for. It is quite clear now why bands get addicted to it. See you next time, Poland! Special thanks to our sound engineer Paweł Gorczyca, lights engineer Bartek Gunia, to the bands that joined the tour - Daima & Ayden and Bartosz Wilk who's built this whole tour from scratch and tried to teach us how to pronounce cz, w and other letters and combinations that don't make sense.
Distorted Harmony Nov 23, 2018
Behind the scenes PL tour video part 2 is coming soon. In case you've missed our 1st part freak show, here it is again.
Distorted Harmony Nov 21, 2018
2.22 million streams on Spotify in the past 3 years! We did not expect to reach these numbers (which keep climbing every day) considering all our albums are self-published. Nothing can really convey what it means to us but hopefully this number will show you how much power you have. At the end of a day, it doesn’t really matter how you prefer to consume our music – streaming, downloading, ordering cd’s or coming to see us play live. All of your actions have a direct effect on how much our music is being spread around and exposed to new ears & on our income. Besides the platforms and transactions fees we pay, all of the revenue is reaching us directly. Over the years, this revenue has been basically keeping us alive as a band and allowed us to record new music, print, advertise, play at festivals and even make it to the Polish tour we are currently on. This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped financing things from our own pockets, but it has covered a considerable amount of expenses which otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to pay for and thus wouldn’t have done all the things you’ve seen us do. Even though we are in the middle of a tour, we just had to take a moment and thank you, our followers. You are the fuel that keeps this band moving forward, and we just felt the need to show the love and gratitude we have for all of you. Hugs, Distorted Harmony
Distorted Harmony Nov 19, 2018
The 1st part of our Polish tour with DispersE is done! Watch our behind the scenes recount
Distorted Harmony Nov 18, 2018
📸 by Krzych Miśkiewicz foto
Distorted Harmony Nov 16, 2018
See you tonight at Warsaw!
Distorted Harmony Nov 15, 2018
Thank you so much Lodz for the warm welcome to Poland! 😻 Poznan, see you tonight!
Distorted Harmony Nov 09, 2018
Last rehearsals before the Polish tour with DispersE next week 🤖
Distorted Harmony Nov 06, 2018
💢 Distorted Harmony - Awaken [Live] 2018 💢 Watch on youtube:
Distorted Harmony Oct 30, 2018
New Video! 📣 ROOM 11 - LIVE Israel, 2018 Are you ready to head-bang with our Israeli audience?
Distorted Harmony Oct 29, 2018
Stream, download and get a cd of "A WAY OUT" All the links are here ▶
Distorted Harmony Oct 24, 2018
*Polish tour update* For the past few months, Michael our vocalist has been working tirelessly on his solo album. During this period, we've managed to drag him away from his work to the shows in Romania and Israel. Unfortunately, to this tour which is spread over 2 weeks, he won't be able to join us in order to keep focusing on writing and recording the album. But no worries! We’ll be coming with a fantastic vocalist and human being who has been working with Yoav on his other project ARP ➡ Israel Papa. Israel (otherwise known as Pappi) has been a big fan of DH for some years now and is very excited to get to see you all in Poland and sing for you & with you. Give him a big hug! 📸 by Shelly Brail x Photographer
Distorted Harmony Oct 18, 2018
AWAKEN live Aug 2018, TLV, Israel Watch it 👉 First time playing this piece live. Many of you asked to see it so we hope this video will be able to make you feel as if you were there. Video by Yoni Sherman Heschel
Distorted Harmony Oct 13, 2018
Check out our Spotify playlist and enjoy the best of the Modern Prog Metal out there including: Leprous MONUMENTS VOLA HAKEN MYRATH Twelve Foot Ninja and many more...
Distorted Harmony Oct 07, 2018
Distorted Harmony Sep 21, 2018
Album of the month @ Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji! Read the full review: (Polish)
Distorted Harmony Sep 17, 2018
Can we agree that this one is our "radio friendly" track? 🤡 Although, which radio?....
Distorted Harmony Sep 12, 2018
Polska - przybywamy! 🇵🇱 Zagramy w Polsce trasę z niesamowitym DispersE. Linki do biletów poniżej Poland - we're coming over! We'll be touring Poland with the awesome DispersE. Tickets in links below 🔸 Łódź - 🔸 Poznań - 🔸 Warszawa - 🔸 Lublin - 🔸 Rzeszów - 🔸 Kraków - 🔸 Wrocław -
Distorted Harmony Sep 09, 2018
Will you escape Room 11? 🗝 Yoel explains the lyrics: "Room 11 is a journey to a the darker place and state of mind of human beings; a fear haunting you, a time you want to forget. I started writing the song right after having a very tough time dealing with a lot of pressure and a cold Boston winter"
Distorted Harmony Sep 06, 2018
We've recorded and filmed our album launch show in Israel and plan to release 2 live videos from it for all you guys who couldn't be there. What 2 songs would you choose?
Distorted Harmony Sep 04, 2018
When you feel alone <3
Distorted Harmony Aug 30, 2018
Phew! Finally he likes us...