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Next of Kin
Distant Cousins EP
Distant Cousins Jun 15, 2019
Nothing like a new song to bring in the weekend #teaser #tgif
Distant Cousins Jun 14, 2019
NEW MERCH in the works!!! Available at our next show JULY 13th at @themintla 👊🏼
Distant Cousins Jun 08, 2019
Today was a good day - big announcements coming soon 🙏🏼👍🏼😉#dreamworks #teamwork #tgif #fridayfun #weekendtime
Distant Cousins May 30, 2019
We are beyond grateful for the support coming in for Duvids family! 🇮🇱 🙏🏼❤️ You can donate now by clicking the LINK BELOW:
Distant Cousins May 29, 2019
Thank you all for making Saturday night The Hotel Cafe such an incredible show. We were overwhelmed with gratitude for your support were one family that night 🙏🏼 ❤️ To continue supporting the relief fund for Duvid’s family - click HERE:
Distant Cousins May 24, 2019
UPDATE: This past week, there was a devastating fire in Duvid's hometown, Moshav Mevo Modi'in, in Israel. For tomorrow night's show at The Hotel Cafe , Duvid's bandmate Yehuda Solomon of Moshav will be joining us to play some of their music to kick off the set. (Show Starts at 9:45pm) All the proceeds from the night will go directly to families who have been evacuated from the Moshav.
Distant Cousins May 24, 2019
See you all SATURDAY NIGHT! 9:45pm - Distant Cousins at Hotel
Distant Cousins May 22, 2019
TUESDAY TEASER (Practice makes perfect) - see you all Saturday night at The Hotel Cafe !!! 🤘🏻 #cover #talkingheads #folkpop #tripod #trio
Distant Cousins May 17, 2019
We’re Distant Cousins, and we approve this message: The Hotel Cafe MAY 25th . . . #rachelmaddow #warren #sanders #corybooker #biden #trump #feelthebern #parody #impressions #impersonation
Distant Cousins May 06, 2019
For our latest episode of 'Cousins in the Classroom', we had the honor and privilege of teaming up with Pressman Academy and Islah L.A. These two schools have been working together throughout the year on various projects, and collaborating with them to write a song from scratch in one hour was beyond inspiring. It's important to remember that even in turbulent times, we are all human beings, capable of transcending political, cultural, and religious divisions. We discover that we are more alike than we are different. This video shows just that. Pls SHARE the message :). Filmed by: David Schlussel Edited by: Ami Kozak Temple Beth Am #islah #pangea
Distant Cousins May 02, 2019
#tbt when you could hear a 📍 at our show in #NYC at Rockwood Music Hall Song: “Lights On” Film: @chaseqanderson
Distant Cousins Apr 30, 2019
Staring contest fail ☺️ #tuesdayvibes #strikeapose
Distant Cousins Apr 29, 2019
Nice way to start the week - thanks for the feature Voyagela !
Distant Cousins Apr 15, 2019
COUSINS IN THE CLASSROOM - Ep 1. Watch us co-write a song from scratch in 90 minutes with this talented bunch of high school students from the Shalhevet High School Choir Hawks. We were blown away by their enthusiasm, ideas and voices! Huge thanks to the incomparable David Schlussel for capturing this day on film. In anticipation of Passover, we wrote a song about Miriam and the Exodus from Egypt. Wishing everyone a happy and meaningful holiday. Filmed by: David Schlussel
Distant Cousins Apr 13, 2019
Thank you Starbucks for playing ‘Angelina’ on all your featured #Spotify acoustic playlists! #starbucks #weekendvibes Enjoy going into the weekend with this one 😊👍🏼 ☕️
Distant Cousins Apr 05, 2019
#FBF good times in NYC at Relix #eastcoasttour
Distant Cousins Apr 05, 2019
Cousins in the Classroom - word is spreading :)
Distant Cousins Apr 01, 2019
NICKELBACK - 9pm at The Satellite 🙀Nickelback The World Famous KROQ #aprilfools
Distant Cousins Mar 29, 2019
This week on 'Cousins in the Classroom' - Pressman Academy
Distant Cousins Mar 25, 2019
See you one week from tonight The Satellite #MONDAY #aprilfools But for real, we’re playing
Distant Cousins Mar 21, 2019
#tbt ATLANTA @prizmahcjds #prizmah2019 📷by @robinsubarphotography #atl #throwbackthursday
Distant Cousins Mar 20, 2019
East Coast Highlight! Cellar Sessions: One On One From City Winery New York
Distant Cousins Mar 14, 2019
🙏🏼@prizmah #prizmah2019
Distant Cousins Mar 12, 2019
What an incredible and inspiring experience at Prizmah:CJDS thanks for having us! #cousinsintheclassroom #prizmah2019