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Reggae Rise Up Reggae Rise Up 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Heber City, UT, US) Find tickets
Reggae Rise Up Utah Reggae Rise Up Utah 2019
Venue: River’s Edge Campground. (Heber City, UT, US) Find tickets
Santa Cruz Mountain Sol Festival Santa Cruz Mountain Sol Festival 2019
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DISPATCH Aug 06, 2019
Cali! We’re coming back for ya on Saturday, September 21st and headlining Santa Cruz Mountain Sol festival alongside Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Chicano Batman, Beats Antique Turkuaz, Billy Strings and more 🏔✌️ Head here for tickets and info:
DISPATCH Aug 05, 2019
Our hearts continue to break and we are tired of it. We stand in solidarity with all who have been affected by the inaction of our lawmakers - especially those affected by the most recent string of mass shootings. Enough is enough. “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” - MLK
DISPATCH Aug 02, 2019
Howdy everybody, Pete Francis back again… this time with a full album! It’s my birthday and I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate. Go check out Belong To The Band everywhere you listen to music and head to my website to get yourself a copy on vinyl. Play it loud, proud, and with the windows down - hope you all love it as much as I do! For those of you who ordered through our pre-sale, we are shipping them out this weekend! THANK YOU!!
DISPATCH Jul 31, 2019
We have the best fans! Thanks for bringing so much energy to our shows - whether your first time or tenth time... and keep tagging us in pics, we love seeing them!
DISPATCH Jul 31, 2019
Summer Stops complete!! Thanks to all who came out to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Wolf Trap, and Thompson's Point. A few more festival shows to go... Beach Road Weekend, Reggae Rise Up Utah, and Sea Hear Now coming up next!
DISPATCH Jul 26, 2019
We are giving away an autographed setlist from each Summer Stops show. Head to our Instagram ( for details!
DISPATCH Jul 23, 2019
Hey Dispatchers! PETE HERE… dropping the heat this month – the pre-order for my new 6 song EP Belong to The Band is live now! And there's more, the single "Belong to the Band" is available everywhere TODAY. Pre-order for vinyl, concert info, my music video to "Belong to the Band," and other tasty treats are also available on my website: Sending lots of love to Bradley Corrigan, Chadwick Stokes, and the entire DISPATCH family – so glad you’re having fun out there this Summer! Peace, Pete Francis
DISPATCH Jul 22, 2019
Glad we were able to sneak in a quick surf while in Portland this past weekend...
DISPATCH Jul 20, 2019
See you tomorrow Thompson's Point!! 📸: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jul 17, 2019
Red Rocks 2059??
DISPATCH Jul 16, 2019
We made a beer! But this one you can actually buy and take home! Say hello to America, Location: Portland. It's our collab New England IPA with Rising Tide Brewing Company, just in time for our last headline show of the summer in Portland, ME at Thompson's Point this Saturday. They went all out for this one and will have it available in their taproom starting today, as well as in cans to take home. Also scope it out around Portland, ME, too! It'll be in some stores. Rising Tide is hosting the official pre-show fan party from 11:30AM-5PM on Saturday. If you're heading to shows, stop by before hand to celebrate the release of our new beer with 'patch tunes and food trucks on their patio. RSVP link below. Cheers!
DISPATCH Jul 12, 2019
Some throwback Thursday to a little Braddigan and a junior JR.
DISPATCH Jul 08, 2019
Summerfest!! Thanks to all who came out!! Portland, ME is up next on the 20th at Thompson's Point... our last big headline show of the summer.
DISPATCH Jul 06, 2019
High Sierra Music Festival is in the books... coming for Milwaukee next with Summerfest tomorrow night. 📸: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jul 04, 2019
“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Happy independence day! We are deeply grateful and indebted to all who have sacrificed to keep America free, safe, and available as a refuge for all! Let’s celebrate our freedom, desire for liberty, and justice for all...
DISPATCH Jul 04, 2019
Two days away from our headlining set at High Sierra Music Festival. We take the stage on Friday at 10pm, following sets from Dawes + St. Paul and The Broken Bones. See you soon!! 📸: Mike Smith from Wolf Trap
DISPATCH Jul 02, 2019
❌ No soap and toothbrushes ❌ Crowded into unsafe conditions ❌ Child deaths in gov’t custody ❌ Cruel treatment that leads to lasting trauma It’s going to take all of us to close the camps - find a protest today! Some are happening right now or later this afternoon:
DISPATCH Jul 01, 2019
Invited out Anderson East and his horns to cover some Van Morrison (Official) "Domino" at Wolf Trap on Saturday. Thanks to these awesome musicians for joining us and everyone who came out to our second Summer Stop. We knew DC would bring it! 🔥 Next up High Sierra Music Festival on Friday. 🎥: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jun 28, 2019
We're stoked to share we'll be throwing a FREE pre-show fan party at Rising Tide Brewing Company before our final Summer Stop at Thompson's Point in Portland, Maine on Saturday, July 20th. RSVP below so we can gauge interest! The week-of the show, Rising Tide will be releasing our collab New England IPA: America, Location: Portland and will have it on draft, for purchase as cans, and be making it available at the concert that night, too. The event runs from 11:30AM - 5PM and will have food trucks, 'patch tunes, giveaway merch items, a raffle for a meet & greet at the show, and more. It's free to attend, but the beer & food are for purchase. If you're making the trip up or local, we hope you can stop by.
DISPATCH Jun 27, 2019
Our new live record, Live 18, is one month old! We decided to put the whole thing up for free, in-full for your listening convenience on YouTube. What's your favorite song off of it?
DISPATCH Jun 26, 2019
We thought it would be fun to bring the stage into the crowd at Red Rocks for "Elias"... We recorded it, and now we're bringing the crowd to everyone. For all the folks who couldn't make it out to Red Rocks, this one's for you... Next up is Wolf Trap THIS Saturday in Virginia, and our Thompson's Point show in Portland is less than a month away! Who's coming? 🎥: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jun 25, 2019
📸: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jun 21, 2019
Covering Rage Against The Machine requires a lot of practice... 🎥: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jun 20, 2019
Thanks to our 75 volunteers who joined us at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre! Calling All Crows helped organize three sessions of #HereForTheMusic training, brought in Conscious Alliance and we prepaired over 2,500 meals for those in need at Pine Ridge, and worked with March For Our Lives to present a VR experience and take action against gun violence. We have a few more spots open before our Wolf Trap show next weekend where we’ll work again with March for Our Lives and Calling All Crows, as well as Bridges to Independence. Sign up link in the comments. See you soon! 🎥: Mike Smith
DISPATCH Jun 19, 2019
We made a beer, put on some 'Patch tunes, and invited anyone that could come to kick off our Summer Stops in Denver at Park Burger - RiNo the day before Red Rocks. Of course we had to come and play one song... with a 🍌 Thanks for making our first fan party such a blast. Who made it out? 🎥: Mike Smith