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DISPATCH Dec 07, 2018
Folks were so excited about the audio from this video that we decided to put it out officially! "Letter to Lady J" (Acoustic) is out now on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all other places you listen to music. Check out the original video below or listen in the comments.
DISPATCH Dec 06, 2018
The Violence Against Women Act is set to expire December 21. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Call 202-225-3121 #VAWA
DISPATCH Dec 04, 2018
"One Word of Lie" is off of Location 13 (Deluxe). It's about the story of a man who’s been running from his past but not really knowing from what. A recent realization makes him question everything he thought to be true and sends his mind spinning.
DISPATCH Dec 03, 2018
We had the honor of playing WeishFest in Chicago the other night on behalf of the Weishar family who lost their son Andrew to cancer 6 years ago... Their charity, Weish4Ever, has been raising $$ to give to families impacted by cancer since his passing, and have allowed their personal loss to grow into a powerful story of paying it forward in their community...
DISPATCH Dec 01, 2018
What do you think: did Brad hit the jumper with a Chad hand in the face? Thanks to the Milwaukee Bucks for having us out for a pre-show warm-up!! 📸: Micah Davis, Mike Smith
DISPATCH Nov 30, 2018
Madison, The Sylvee you were amazing last night! Love having Raye Zaragoza with us for this run. She sat in on “Came For the Fire” last night, check it out - and see you tonight Milwaukee at Turner Hall and WeishFest in Chicago tomorrow!!
DISPATCH Nov 29, 2018
It’s always great to be reunited - this time for some midwest acoustic shows! Kicking it off tomorrow night in Madison, followed by Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit - limited tickets left for each!! See you all soon!
DISPATCH Nov 28, 2018
The acoustic run starts up this week in Madison! Tracked down the setlists from the last time we were at some of these places. What do you wanna hear? Can’t wait to get back out there!
DISPATCH Nov 20, 2018
"Born & Razed" is a new bonus song off of Location 13 (Deluxe)! It's about refugee children that have barely known safety and security. They were born into this world only to be knocked down (razed) - separated from their families, hiding - never knowing where their next meal is or where they’ll lay their heads. Looking for some semblance of normal, they are living the fall out of war and violence. The older one tells a story to the young ones at night so that they don’t give up hope. It’s a story about a horse that can’t walk but when the moon is just right, she grows wings and saves kids who are just like them. She saves children from the ocean, from the cold mountains or from the dry desert and brings them to a place that’s warm and safe.
DISPATCH Nov 20, 2018
Just got word has some of the new Location 13 Deluxe vinyl for Prime free shipping! Copies are available here:
DISPATCH Nov 17, 2018
Chaddo is hitting the road in January for a short run of solo shows first time in over 3 years. Tickets just went on sale and Portsmouth is already sold out: He'll be playing some new solo songs along with some State Radio and Patch songs, too!
DISPATCH Nov 16, 2018
Location 13 (Deluxe Version) is out today, including two new songs "Born & Razed" and "One Word of a Lie" anywhere you listen to music! For all of you that pre-ordered, keep an eye on your mailboxes... Only a few copies of the Deluxe LP are left on the merch store if you still want to pick up a copy:
DISPATCH Nov 16, 2018
Detroit! The Saint Andrew's Hall acoustic show on December 2nd is just a couple of weeks away and we have some fun news. Before the show there's going to be an official fan hang out at their Society Room from 6PM-7PM. It's connected to the venue, so you just show up early! There will be music and even prizes for those that come, including a pair of meet & greet passes for that evening! It's limited to concert attendees only and space is limited to 100 on a first come, first serve basis. Check out more info and RSVP below so we can gauge interest:
DISPATCH Nov 14, 2018
I picked up the bottle and...
DISPATCH Nov 12, 2018
Our volunteers are amazing - and we need your help on our Fall Acoustic Tour! We're looking for 3 volunteers at each of our shows, and we can't wait to personally thank you after the show for helping out. The tour starts in less than 3 weeks... Get deets and apply here: We'll be continuing to support #GenIndigenous leaders on Pine Ridge Reservation with Native Americans in Philanthropy and Calling All Crows for this one. We already raised $15K this past summer and we're excited to keep a good thing going!
DISPATCH Nov 05, 2018
Excited to share we’re playing the first ever Arizona Roots Festival! It’s the weekend of February 9th & 10th and tickets go on sale this Friday at 10AM PT:
DISPATCH Nov 01, 2018
Folks! The midterm elections are on November 6th - less than a week away. Most states have early voting so if you can't wait to make your voice heard or there's no way for you to get to the polls that day, you may even be able to vote right this very second. Visit HeadCount's site for election info:
DISPATCH Nov 01, 2018
NYC - There's a festival taking place this week called Reimagine and Chad and Brad are playing a short acoustic set at the closing finale on Saturday at (le) poisson rouge. Follow the link below to get tickets.
DISPATCH Oct 24, 2018
Our Apple Music Essentials playlist just got updated! Anything missing?
DISPATCH Oct 19, 2018
Woah! The whole Dispatch catalog is now $7.99 or less on iTunes? Yes, even America, Location 12 and the entire 26 song Ain't No Trip to Cleveland Vol. 1. Happy Throwback Thursday.
DISPATCH Oct 18, 2018
Brad just got all of the Location 13 vinyl to sign! Have you reserved your copy?
DISPATCH Oct 11, 2018
Check out "Letter to Lady J" on Stay Wild! Pretty fitting right? Thanks for the love Spotify.
DISPATCH Oct 10, 2018
Lady J around one microphone? We had to do it. It's our very last Location 13 video recorded from the road, and another great one from our session with OurVinyl in Nashville.
DISPATCH Oct 09, 2018
We'd like to recognize Indigenous People's Day today by helping raise money for the Native Americans in Philanthropy's #GenIndigenous Fund. For a $25 donation, you can pick one of these signed prints from Red Rocks in 2017 and support Native American youth leaders! Donate and find more info here:
DISPATCH Oct 03, 2018
So much fun + energy closing out our sets with Lady J and these people all summer long!!