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Bazooka Tha Disciple May 01, 2019
PSA! Tomorrow Night at 6:30 PT on my IG LIVE (@bazookathadisciple) I'll be previewing a few songs from my up and coming album alongside my brotha from anotha @ivconerly ... feel free to tap in, ask questions, critique, or even join the live. God bless and I appreciate the support!
Bazooka Tha Disciple Apr 19, 2019
"When friends sent me they answering machine/ you've always been a present help at my time of need/ the Master has decreed, that if I ask I will recieve/ and my afflictions were aborted when disaster was concieved" 📷: @becthechildish #P3 #PraizePsalmsandPianoz #ComingSoon
Bazooka Tha Disciple Apr 15, 2019
Official Tracklisting for the NEW ALBUM P3: Praize, Psalms & Pianoz #ComingSoon Artwork by : @zxmbiac
Bazooka Tha Disciple Dec 17, 2018
All my beautiful people in Moreno Valley and surrounding areas, ima be performing this Wednesday along with a few other talented artist for Remnant of Life's 7th Annual Toy Drive (details on flyer) please bring an unwrapped toy that can be used to bless a family with..
Bazooka Tha Disciple Dec 05, 2018
Bazooka Tha Disciple Nov 25, 2018
In Matthew 22:14 Jesus says "Many are called but few are chosen." I use to think that Scripture meant that God only used certain types of people who had special gifts or a unique calling upon their lives. But I have since come to understand that God will use anybody no matter what background or lifestyle they come from who humbly answer the call to follow Christ and willingly strive to obey His Word. He is not a respecter of person and show absolutely no partiality whatsoever. Praise God for His Love! God is able to pick you up from that broken place you're in if you would just answer the call! Amen.
Bazooka Tha Disciple Oct 17, 2018
The reality of coparenting.... it takes a village Full Video 👉🏽
Bazooka Tha Disciple Oct 16, 2018
New Video Up Now! It's finally here y'all! I'm excited to share this with everyone, especially with this issue being such a repetitive occurrence amongst those who are parents in these modern times as well as our children. This is something that effects all ages groups and generations and I'm just thankful that the Lord would trust me with such a powerful message that not many address. I pray this blesses someone! And causes them to think...
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 18, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "Who Knew" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz)
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 11, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "93 til Infinity" Freestyle
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 08, 2018
It you in the area, me and the bros gonna be out in Visalia, CA. Come be blessed.
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 07, 2018
(New Music) Bazooka Tha Disciple - "The Antidote"
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 07, 2018
Bazooka Tha Disciple
Bazooka Tha Disciple Sep 04, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "Lucid Dreams" Freestyle
Bazooka Tha Disciple Aug 30, 2018
It's coming....
Bazooka Tha Disciple Aug 21, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "Boo'd Up" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz) LIKE & SHARE!
Bazooka Tha Disciple Aug 21, 2018
@bazookathadisciple "Boo'd Up" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz)
Bazooka Tha Disciple Aug 14, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "In My Feelings" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz) Follow on Instagram! Subscribe to YouTube Channel!
Bazooka Tha Disciple Aug 11, 2018
@bazookathadisciple - "Win" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz) Follow on Instagram!
Bazooka Tha Disciple Jul 29, 2018
"I'm Upset" Freestyle (Monday Madnezz) Follow on Instagram @BazookaThaDisciple
Bazooka Tha Disciple Jul 23, 2018
To donate, partner up with us and be apart of the mission that God has me and my brothers on go to
Bazooka Tha Disciple Jul 04, 2018
Never let another person determine how much you value yourself. Too often we make choices or end up in relationships, and "friendships" that we know aren't healthy because were afraid of the feeling of being alone and not being validated. I think whats interesting is that we aren't willing to allow someone that we love, like our children for instance, to be mistreated in a certain type of way because we value and cherish them but will allow OURSELVES to be abused and taken advantage of over and over again, simply because of the fact that we value the temporary satisfaction of whatever void is within us, more than we value US. In Jesus Name, I pray this stops and that we see ourselves as God's son's and daughters and carry ourselves with the proper dignity even if it means being alone. God bless -Bazooka
Bazooka Tha Disciple May 20, 2018
Make sure you go like my barber brand page, if you know anyone in the Inland Empire region looking for a high-quality barber and stylist, share my page with them and/or tag them in the comment section. - Bazooka
Bazooka Tha Disciple May 03, 2018
New Single "Ridin' ft. H.U.R.T" Now Avaiable on iTunes!