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Triple Frontier (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Under the Silver Lake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Disasters for Piano
Cereal Code EP (feat. Spamtron & Disasterpeace)
Hyper Light Drifter
FZ: Side Z (feat. Josh Whelchel, My Boy Elroy, Brent Kennedy, scntfc, Big Giant Circles, Surasshu, Baiyon, James Primate, Tettix, Whitaker Trebella, Bignic, Ben Prunty, Stevie Mac, Chipocrite, Souleye, Disasterpeace, Aivi Tran, Scattle, Joshua Morse & Decktonic)
It Follows (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Gunhouse OST
The Floor is Jelly (Original Game Soundtrack)
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
Cannon Brawl (Original Game Soundtrack)
Krunch (Original Soundtrack)
Shoot Many Robots
Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
Midnight Orphans
Cat Astro Phi
High Strangeness EP
Under the Influence
Limeade Grin
Noon Kids (B-Sides)
Atebite and the Warring Nations
The Chronicles of Jammage the Jam Mage
History of the Vreeland
Disaster Peace Sep 25, 2018
Michael Jackson's words, Chris Cornell's melody, Metallica's song... Please SHARE!!!
Disaster Peace Mar 15, 2018
This is gonna be a lot of fun!! We don't actually book gigs anymore. We play when we are invited so BIG kudos to Alexander Bullitt’s Winery Brewery & Bistro for having the good taste to invite us!!! This is seriously a rarity and we'll probably not play again live for another year or two. Come or miss out my friends.
Disaster Peace Mar 12, 2018
Come out St. Paddy's day! - 9pm to 12am
Disaster Peace Jan 28, 2018
We were going to wait to release this new song on Monday but looks like it's already leaked out so fuck it! Please SHARE with text letting people know what you think of the song and urging them to SHARE as well... please also like the video on the YouTube page because it prompts the algorithm to make it more visible to more people. Thanks all!!! Enjoy!!!
Disaster Peace Nov 26, 2017
Like, Comment and SHARE before it's censored or pulled! 🤐🤬🤯
Disaster Peace Jul 26, 2017
Hey frands!!! If you love Disaster Peace, check out Travis' side project Of Jenny's Creek!!! This song is pretty spectacular and the video is brilliant (watch for the part where he pop's out of his own saxophone for the harmony)!!!! Please like his page and SHARE this video if you dig it!!!!
Disaster Peace Jul 08, 2017
The band all Lexington bands pray you don't find out about....
Disaster Peace Jul 05, 2017
If you want to get your Saturday night started right, you HAVE to start here!!!
Disaster Peace Jul 01, 2017
Shakespeare & Co. July 8th, 7 to 11, Downtown, Lexington KY.
Disaster Peace May 28, 2017
New Instavert!!!
Disaster Peace May 26, 2017
Looking at the youtube analytics for this song, people drop off at the 2:37 mark. That is just tragic considering that the best part of the song kicks in 5 seconds later and it's sick as fuck!!! Time to give a second listen!!!! ;) <3
Disaster Peace May 24, 2017
Let's keep those SHARES going!!!!
Disaster Peace May 23, 2017
The best band never heard! What genre is this?! That outro is awesome!!!!
Disaster Peace Feb 20, 2017
Facebook literally just sent us a warning than this song is too offensive... WHAT?!?! SHARE before they delete this!!!
Disaster Peace Dec 01, 2016
You repeatedly asked for it and here it is, so SHARE the shit out of it!!! Enjoy!!!
Disaster Peace Oct 28, 2016
Anybody down for some original shit?
Disaster Peace Sep 10, 2016
Preparing for War!
Disaster Peace Sep 02, 2016
...Oh yes we did...
Disaster Peace Sep 01, 2016
Disaster Peace Street Team launches tomorrow!!! Comment, like or SHARE this video if you want to be on board!!!
Disaster Peace Aug 22, 2016
Disaster Peace is putting together a Street Team!! Inbox us if you are interested in helping us get the word out and play a lot more! You'll be getting exclusive material, special merchandise offers and a pony!!! Inbox us RIGHT NOW if you want in!!!
Disaster Peace Jul 27, 2016
A day in The Life!
Disaster Peace Jul 20, 2016
This thing is about to hit, so everybody run!
Disaster Peace Jul 12, 2016
When was the last time you saw DP?
Disaster Peace Jun 30, 2016
Z-103 just approached Disaster Peace to enter their battle of the bands for the modest entry fee of $75, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!... A multi-million-dollar radio station NOT ONLY expecting bands to play for "exposure" and questionable prizes but milking bands for pay-to-play!?!? THAT'S what's wrong with music nowadays!!! If you want to know why music sucks today, it's because only rich kids and drug dealers can afford paying to play!!! Needless to say we laughingly declined lol
Disaster Peace Jun 21, 2016
No matter how many bands in the sea, it would be so empty without DP... what's everyone doing Friday night?